How much does it cost to maintain an app?

Are you relaxing after mobile application development?

If so, don’t do so. The task yet to complete.

Because the mobile app is a source that profits your users to engross with your business for years to come and hence stay trustworthy to your brand.

For our sake, technology is not going to stop sprouting and not even security because it will remain the main concern among mobile apps, and hence, they need to be upgraded with appropriate security measures at regular intervals.

Everything that is updated or added to the existing mobile app considered as the app maintenance.

Do not forget that; it is a long term and continue the process, and it will continue until the app exists in the app stores.

What does it cost to maintain an app?

Shall I keep paying even after my app is published?

These are the various hot question that requires an answer, and most of them are eagerly waiting for it.

Don’t worry, just read this article you gone get the answer. Along the way, you will figure out why we need to invest in it and how to pay less for maintaining the mobile app.

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Reason for maintaining an app?

You put your 100% efforts to develop and deploy the application in the Google play store & App store. Once you publish on the app store, the users can download your app, and it brings you the profit.

Do you think it is a happy conclusion for your app development story?

Most of you feel so, but the truth is Nope. It is just an end of the chapter.

The real fight for the user’s attention starts now. How can we find out what to do and what steps you should avoid?

For that, look at the losers and do not replicate their mistakes. Now, our focus shifts to find out the reasons why apps fail.

Quite many reasons. Don’t worry; there will be a solution to every problem. In the same way, there is a process called App maintenance by which we can solve most of these problems

As everything starts at the beginning, it means you have to develop your app in such a way that it ensures easy maintenance.

The benefits of app maintenance

The are several advantages with the long-term app maintenance. They are:

  • Minimizes uninstalls

The above image is clearly showing 71% of users will uninstall an app within the first three months.

The mobile apps that have bothersome bugs often can drive users away faster then you can say uninstall.

In the same manner, if an app stops providing users with value after a while, they will not find a single reason to continue with your app.

Maintaining your app over the long-term means you should continuously work to fix every issue that comes into your way.

For every app, their customers are the most critical assets, and holding them should be your top priority.

Make sure your app is working smoothly, and make sure your customers are happy. Upgrading with the latest trends and user habits can minimize uninstalls and significantly increases your customer retention rates.

  • Maintains a positive brand image

If you are not showing much interest in the maintenance of the app, it means you are risking your’s brand image.

Unhappy customers won’t take much time to criticize your brand. There is a possibility of leaving negative reviews by them on social media platforms and app stores, which moves potential users away.

  • Keep up with the competition

There are millions of apps in the app store, which are competing between themselves to get installed in customer smartphones everywhere. The interesting fact is that the customers don’t have that much time to use all the apps installed on their mobile phones.

If you want to stand out and beat your competitors, you need to upgrade your app regularly. The instant you stop improving or maintaining your app, in the same manner, customers look out for better options.

So maintain your app to keep ahead of your competitors.

  • Deliver better user experiences

Make your app in such a way that users fall in love with it.

You may get a doubt that, why?

Because developing long-term and healthy relationships with your users is key to your app success & growth. To create such relations, you need to provide them with amazing experiences they won’t be able to forget.

Monitoring your app regularly gives you key insights into how your users feel about your app. Keeping track of customer response and market trends helps you stay updated with varying customer problems, preferences, and habits.

Continually updating your app based on this information helps you to deliver better user experiences. It builds stronger relationships between your app and your customers.

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What does the mobile app maintenance consist of?

Now, we are going to know about the things that are included in the app maintenance.

  1. Publish new content

Just having a mobile app and getting it published is not enough to keep running your drive behind having a mobile app.

You might need to update:

  • App images
  • App content
  • App banners
  • News
  • Videos
  • Offers/Deals

And many more.

The above things may be vary based on user needs for engagement with your mobile app. But, there are the other needs to be updated on your mobile app.

You can update simple things from the admin end. But, some technical changes to the homepage of your mobile app, you need to contact your mobile app maintenance team.

  1. Bug Fixing

Will my app contains bugs after publishing?

Actually, no, but yes.

Your app is not being available with bugs.

But, there is a possibility that a few functionalities do not work out properly on a few devices.

When we don’t like using an app with bugs, how can we afford to have bugs in our mobile app?

It is quite common to get complaints about the bugs after your mobile app gets published. As they are technical bugs, not necessarily you have the expertise to resolve them.

The professionals fix the technical bugs that help to improve the overall functionalities and have to test them on different platforms again. It may take hours to days based on the bug complexity.

Hence, the team of developers who developed the app is the right choice of people to look to maintain your mobile app.

  1. Keep an eye on Licenses

Most apps are developed using licensed technology. It is good to do some homework beforehand and find out if any of your certifications or licenses need to be renewed.

One positive thing is, this aspect of pf maintenance is relatively predictable. If you do your research during the development and know what you signed up for, chances are you won’t be unexpectedly hit with the high renewal expenses.

  1. Advanced Push notifications

Sending push notifications is an easy and straightforward task using the admin panel. But, when you require advanced functionalities for your push notifications, you need to connect with your app maintenance team to upgrade them.

You may get a doubt, why would you need advanced features of push notifications?

For businesses like E-commerce, push notifications to become very complicated. It needs to be defined based on various aspects:

  • New arrivals
  • New announcements
  • At the time of sale
  • Latest discounts, and so on.

Such push notifications need to be personalized based on the business needs to engross the app users and promote the business.

It could be a one-time task for the app maintenance team to personalize it, and you are done with the similar until and unless there are new techy things in the industry.

  1. Latest technology upgrade

To be clear, I want to say that this is not wholly a part of app maintenance.

The reason for clarification is I don’t want you to have any muddle while reading this section.

The term ‘Technology’ used in a broader sense, and it could be anything:

  • A simple upgrading to the existing ones to enhance the performance, UX/UI, and many more.
  • Introducing the new technologies or tools to improve the customer experience and outperform the competition like AI, ML, VR, AR, and many more.
  • Removing outdated technologies or tools.

If the technology upgrade is under #1 and #3, then it comes under the app maintenance. For this, you don’t have to pay any extra penny for the app development company because it includes in the mobile app development.

But, if you want to inherit the #2 feature, then you need to discuss with the development company and plan the entire strategy on how you want these technologies to be incorporated in your apps and even on how to market it.

Here, the cost of app maintenance depends on what feature you want to implement.

  1. Data Backup

Data backup is the most essential and unavoidable task in-app maintenance.

You may be aware or not due to the ransomware attack, many businesses had seen huge losses, and it’s not going to stop in the future also.

So, if you own an app, ask your maintenance team to take regular backups manually or schedule it by setting up some timestamp. I prefer regular backup rather than scheduling backups.

The reason for backup is, in case of any cyber attack, the team can restore the latest version of the app.

Your app maintenance team does not charge you extra dollars, until and unless for any cloud storage provider asks for.

  1. Scheduled system maintenance

Scheduling regular system upkeep is an excellent way to avoid bugs. It also ensures your app is always is up to date and works effortlessly over time.

It is good to inform users beforehand about the scheduled maintenance sets expectations between you both. It is essential if you don’t want to unexpectedly hit your customers with a system “shut down for maintenance” message, which can be quite irritating.

Are you interested to know how much does it cost to make an iPhone app?

Get in touch with us.

What is the cost of maintaining your app?

As of now, we have taken a glance at the things that are included in your mobile app maintenance. Now, its time to understand what is the approximate cost that your app maintenance team will charge.

Currently, the standard market rate is around 15% to 25% of the total cost at which your mobile app is developed.

To be more precise, let’s have a look at the simple example.

Imagine your app development cost is US$ 1 Lack, then your app maintenance costs you around US$15K to US$25K.


The price or percentage is not fixed.  Because it will vary based on the complexity of your app.

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How to decrease the cost of maintaining an app?

There are some modest ways to decrease maintenance costs. They are:

  • Choose the right platform
  • Make sure your app can be effortlessly scaled
  • Keep your ear to the ground
  • Stick with the development team

Final words

As of now, you got a clear idea about the costs of maintenance, and also you know what to do to pay less for maintenance.

Application maintenance is the procedure that preserves your app alive and improving it.  You know a mobile app is like an amusement park, where you have to keep attractions from time to time.

If not, people will get bored and won’t come back again to your mobile app.

I hope now you know better, so don’t overlook it.

If you are an app owner and looking out for maintaining your mobile app, then reach out to us.

FuGenX Technologies is one of the top mobile app development companies in the USA and India, and we have proven expertise in maintaining mobile apps.

Want to get a quick estimation for your mobile app maintenance, get in touch with us.






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