How Much Does It Cost to Develop Dating App like Badoo?

How Much Does It Cost to Develop Dating App like Badoo?

How Much Does It Cost to Develop Badoo-Like Dating-focused Social Network?

Estimated Cost Of Badoo-like Dating App Development

“Marriages are made in heaven”, is a fact but an old quote. But, in this digital space, we must say “Relationships can be made online”. Yes. Badoo mobile app is the best example of this statement.

Badoo is one of the world’s largest online dating and social networking apps that connects people with similar preferences and interests. Badoo was incorporated in November 2006 and launched its online services in Spain.

It has approximately 100 million users and captured 5% of the global online dating market share value. This popular London-based dating app is a tough competitor global leading online dating services provider, Tinder.

As of October 2022, Badoo has acquired 63% of brand awareness and 29% of active dating app users in the UK. Currently, the app is available in 44 languages across 191 countries.

On the revenues front, Badoo-like the top online dating apps are earning huge as low as $1,269 per minute or about $88,153 per hour.

Such massive growth, quick brand expansion, and millions of downloads not just happened in one day. Its user-friendly features, robust performance, secure connections (verified profiles), and all took it off to many countries and continents. Currently, the app is available in 44 languages across 191 countries.

Since online dating app has become popular, Badoo-like mobile app development will help you grab millions of users across USA, UK, India, and Dubai-like markets.

This article will list the best feast for organizations who are looking ahead to invest in Badoo-like dating app development.

Herein, we have comprised a piece of information about the features of Badoo-like the most popular dating app in the UK and USA. You can also get the cost information to develop a dating app Like Badoo.

Cost to Develop Dating App like Badoo

Top Features Of Badoo-like Trending Dating App UK

Being one of the top dating mobile app development companies in the USA and with proven experience in the design and development of dating apps for Android and iPhone, we believe that features and functionalities of a mobile application play an essential role in hitting the competition in the app development industry.

Here is the list of must-have features in dating apps like Badoo.

Must-have Android/iPhone dating app development features for Users 

  • Quick registration and login: To ensure ease of login and app access
  • Social media login: To allow users login the app through their Gmail or Facebook accounts
  • FaceID or Fingerprint Authentication: Trending dating app development like Badoo must provide high-level security
  • User profile: It allows users to manage personal information and have control over all connections and followers. Let your users upload or edit their profile pictures as they like for optimizing app experiences
  • Match, Swipe & Meet: It allows users to meet people with the same preferences and start a bond on mutual interests
  • Instant Chat & Video Calling Facility: It is pro-feature in dating apps like Badoo. Users can start chatting with their connection online and even call them right from the app
  • Right or Left swipe to like a profile and connect seamlessly
  • Geo-location updates: This is a truly amazing feature where users will get notifications on nearby Badoo app users who match their preferences.
  • Customized filters: To make users search faster and easier
  • Push notifications: To send notifications on perfect matches or friend request invites

Accordingly, integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based chatbot feature in dating apps will further make your application unique among other clone apps. Being the best custom mobile app development company in the USA, our app developers are experts in integrating AI features into dating apps like Badoo.

Our top app developers USA, with vast experience in the design and development of dating software, also make use of advanced ML techniques to provide more personalized content to the app users. Based on the user preferences, ML-based dating apps will recommend exact profiles that match the user favorites to connect.

Further, FuGenX’s (the best iPhone app development company in the USA and India) Android and iOS developers will integrate AR/VR capabilities in dating apps for better organizing virtual meetings and taking the application to new heights.

Now, let’s check what features will make your admin panel more collaborative and secure:

Must-Have Features To Develop Admin Panel 

Top mobile app developers must focus on developing the admin panel that interconnects the user panel and analyze their interaction with the app 24*7. Admin panel needs to be designed and developed with a list of specific features that provide great visibility into application performance and control over user movements.

Here is the list of the best features to develop an admin panel for a mobile dating application like Badoo.

  • Admin login and account
  • User profile management
  • Fake profile identifying and removing
  • User Location tracking and location-based content notifications
  • Push notifications management
  • Application performance management
  • Subscriptions management
  • Dashboard view for viewing reports and analytics 

Estimated Cost Of Badoo-like Dating App Development

The cost of Badoo clone app development will fall from as low as $25,000 to $50,000 with basic features on a single app platform. If you are looking to develop a cross-platform dating app or hybrid app, then the development costs of a Badoo-like dating application will reach $100,000 and beyond.

However, the actual cost of dating app development can be calculated by multiplying the development hours with the hourly price of the mobile app development companies you hire.

On the other hand, top software development companies USA will also consider factors like app features, design complexity, development platform, support & maintenance, and app type to conclude its price.

Final Words 

Besides online dating services, Badoo-like trending mobile apps are also popularizing with their social networking features. Badoo app development is an amazing decision to grab market attention, generate online revenues, and extend brand value with ease.

Let’s connect with FuGenX, the best mobile app development agency that creates stunning Android and iOS applications.

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