Top FinTech App Development Companies In India 2023

Top FinTech App Development Companies In India 2023

Mobile apps are playing a significant role in reaching an extensive audience base. Irrespective of business size and industry, mobile apps benefits companies in creating revenues and enabling them to offer top-notch digital services to their targeted customers. Android or iPhone mobile apps also encourage companies to generate additional revenues through implementing app monetization strategies.

On the other side, people are also more addicted to mobile apps and fulfilling their needs on the go. Moreover, high data confidentiality, security, quickly accessible features, and money-saving coupons and discounts are creating a positive impact on mobile apps in the audience.

FuGenX, being the best mobile app development company in Bangalore, India, advise companies to invest in mobile apps development and make brand available for customers at their fingertips.

FinTech apps are one in this category. Fintech applications help banks and financial institutions offer digital banking services to their customers.

If you are a financial services provider and looking forward to investing in finance apps development, this article would help you in hiring a leading Financial Services Mobile App Development Company from the given list of the top FinTech mobile app developers in India. The listed mobile application developers have immense experience in developing intelligent finance and online payment solutions for finance companies.

al-ansari-technology-bgList Of Top Financial App Developers In India

#1. TatvaSoft

TatvaSoft is a leading custom mobile app development company in India and has a strong footprint in the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia. This CMMi Level 3 certified company offers custom software development or mobile apps development services to entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies. The company also engaged in offering revolutionizing web app development services.

With over 18 years of experience in app development, the company is offering value-added tech solutions for clients located across 36 countries worldwide. To date, it served nearly 800+ global customers and successfully delivered over 1800 software projects.

With a dedicated team of FinTech app developers who are experts in implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Blockchain, TatvaSoft develops best-in-class FinTech apps for its clients. Hence, this Fintech app development company helps banks and financial organizations remain competitive in the evolving financial tech space.

The company’s FinTech solutions include consumer finance solutions, FOREX solutions, apps for pension fund management, insurance solutions for financial advisors, e-wallet apps development, and many more.

#2. USM Business Systems

USM Business Systems is a top mobile app development company. It is one of the best full-service app development partners that eradicated complexities in client businesses through application development. It offers Android app development, iOS apps Development Company, AI development, IoT development, and cloud migration services and solutions.

It has delivered thousands of apps for brands like Bank of America, Walmart+, Al Ansari Exchange Company, and Federal Home Loan Banks, etc. Being the best banking and Finance App Development Company, USM develops highly-secured AI-powered money transfer apps, investment and insurance apps, digital wallet apps, and customized auditing apps for banks and finance companies.

#3.   MedRec Technologies

MedRec Technologies is another top software and mobile apps development company in India with operating locations in the United States and the UK. The company strives to deliver digital solutions to bring innovation to today’s businesses.

Leveraging AI, ML, Blockchain, Internet-of-Things (IoT), and Natural Language Processing (NLP) like advanced technologies, the company is offering cost-effective and well-performing software, web, and mobile applications.

From automation and robotics to healthcare and education and manufacturing to finance and insurance, the company’s dedicated team of mobile app developers, designers, QA team involved delivering efficient and robust software solutions that fuel their business growth.

Being a leading Fintech app development company, MedRec is well-versed in finance software development technologies. Their client-specific approaches help in the development of user-friendly and easy-to-understand finance apps on android and iPhone/iOS platforms.

#4. Kellton Tech

Kellton Tech Solutions Ltd. is one of the leading software development companies in India with offices in the USA and Europe. The company is engaged in offering full information technology and revolutionizing digital solutions for businesses across various industries.

It offers agile software development, technology consulting, e-commerce development, modernizing existing platforms, and testing and automation services. The company builds enterprise-centric tech solutions using advanced AI, ML, data science, AR/VR, IoT, and Robotic process automation capabilities to accelerate digital transformation in its client’s environments.

Further, Kellton Tech is a reliable Banking & Financial Software Development Company engaged in creating solutions that improve operational efficiency and encourage automation in banking processes. It has a brand mark in India as the best cloud-based Fintech software solutions provider.

The company offers customized banking software development services, mobile banking application development services, interactive e-billing or online payment apps development, investment management application development, loan management apps development, crowdfunding-like P2P platform development services, etc.

#5. Net Solutions

Net Solutions is another biggest web and mobile app development agency in India. With a team of creative UI/UX designers, full-stack developers, and a QA team, Net Solutions assist global businesses in regenerating their brand’s value in this digital space by providing custom software development services.

Being the best financial software development services provider in India, the company develops and delivers cost-effective and reliable digital solutions for the baking and FinTech industry.

banking and finance-dubai#6. FuGenX Technologies

FuGenX Technologies is one of the top mobile app development companies in Bangalore, India. Adopting innovation as a core business strategy, the company continues to twist its business shape in line with the revolutionizing mobile technologies.

This web and mobile apps development company is specialized in the design and development of interactive and innovative native android and iPhone apps. With a team of highly skilled app developers, the company provides end-to-end custom app development services, from design and development to app submission, maintenance, and support services.

It has immense experience in the development of scalable mobile FinTech solutions for banks and financial organizations. Its reliability and transparency in delivering services and proven development processes, making FuGenX a top mobile app development services provider in India.   

#7. InfinitiCube

InfinitiCube is a leading software and mobile app development company in India, the UK, Ireland, and Italy. The company is helping FinTech companies boost operational efficiency and business outcomes.

It offers web development, mobile apps development, finance software development, e-commerce or CMS development, and digital marketing services to brands and enterprises of any scale.

#8. Cabot Solutions

Cabot Solutions is one of the top-rated FinTech app development companies in India. Since its inception in 2006, Cabot has focused on creating high-quality digital solutions using cutting-edge technologies. With a deep knowledge of swift, objective C, flutter, ionic, react native, the company develops futuristic native and cross-platform mobile apps.

Cabot Solutions is engaged in offering FinTech app consulting and development services, enterprise mobility services, IT consulting services, web app development services, and app monetization services.

#9. is the best mobile app developer in India. Though it’s an American app development company, Hyena stood in the list of our top Fintech mobile apps development companies In India in 2021 with its reliable app development services in India.

It is the best Android mobile app development company in developing next-generation android apps for Smartphones, Android TV, Tablets, and Wearables using the right set of the technology stack. is also top-rated as the top iOS app developer in Bangalore, India, and USA.

Further, Blockchain development and AI development as growth areas, Hyena offers high-quality app development services for banking and financial companies. Its FinTech solutions assist financial organizations or banks in engaging their customers digitally and enhancing service quality.

Are you looking to know how much FuGenX-like largest app development companies in India will charge for Finance app development?

Here we go!

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Fintech App?

The average development cost of FinTech mobile app for android or iOS will range from $35,000 to $200,000.

The development cost of a Fintech mobile app with basic features on a single platform will float anywhere from $20,000 to $45,000. The cost of a finance app with medium-level complexity and UI for a single platform (either Android/iPhone) will be around $50,000 to $110,000, while an app with ultra-modern features can cost $150,000-$200,000 or more.

So, no one can guess the final development cost of mobile apps until it is developed and delivered. The final cost of Android/iPhone app development will depend on many factors, such as app features, app type, and app platform.

And, the cost of the app also varies from one country to another. For instance, the hourly rate for finance and banking app developers in the USA will be $100 to $150, but, in India-like countries, it will be $70 to $80 per hour.

Get a detailed price quote for finance app development right now!

Know the cost to develop the apps like

Cost to develop app like Instagramcost to develop an app like Zomato


The demand for banking and finance apps is on the rise. People are increasingly downloading and installing finance or mobile banking applications for instantly sending or receiving money, checking account balance, applying for loans & uploading documents online, trading and investment, online credit bill payments, and many more.

At, FuGenX, a top mobile app development agency in Bangalore, India, we focus on creating an app that meets your desired business requirements, improves user experience, and enlarges your brand credibility in the rapidly evolving FinTech industry.

Let us know your Fintech app project idea and get a free app quote!


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