How Much Does It Cost to Develop Fitness App?

How Much Does It Cost To Develop Fitness Apps?

Why Fitness Apps Or Activity Trackers Are In Momentum?

Our eating habits will surely affect our health. Changing food habits and food choices are creating various health issues like overweight and diabetes-like chronic diseases. It needs to do workouts and be healthy and fit. This is the primary reason behind the growth of overwhelming demand for fitness apps worldwide.

People switch to workout apps, nutrition tracking apps, diet apps, and activity/fitness tracking mobile apps are increasing day by day. User-friendly workout training apps will assist users in balancing healthy meals in their busy lives and following certain diet-related behaviors to reach health goals.

If you wish to create a buzz in this ever-evolving digital space with mobile apps, then go for fitness-tracking app development. According to Statista, paid fitness apps have generated nearly USD 15.49 billion in revenues in 2022 and are anticipated to reach USD 33.04 billion by 2027.

People’s craze for virtual training platforms to achieve their fitness goals is the primary reason behind the number of fitness app downloads and such massive market value. Hence, the scope for fitness apps or workout training apps development is high in these changing aspects.

Now, let’s look at the top brands enjoying millions of user count and creating solid revenues year over year. The below figure shows the top fitness apps that are making a buzz in the online workout training app development industry.

Strava, Fitbit, FitCoach, and Sweatcoin-like activity tracking and steps counter apps have been on top of the list of best fitness apps worldwide. These apps have grabbed the attention of millions of global users. If you develop clone apps to these trending fitness apps or diet apps, you can excel in your brand reach just like how other competitors are outspreading their online business.

Well, are you looking to work out training app development?

Herein, we have given a complete guide on must-have features of workout training apps and the cost to build fitness app development sessions.

Must-Have Features Of A Workout Training App or Fitness App Features

Here are a few significant features you must add to your workout training apps to improve user experiences and retention.

  • Maintain perfect app size to ensure quick download speed
  • Create simple registration and log in pages for better accessibility
  • Social media integration allows users to login through social media accounts
  • The user profile feature will help app users manage their account information
  • Customizable exercise chart based on users’ fitness concerns
  • Set Goals feature will help users to set their fitness targets
  • Training Log helps to view all workouts and analyze the progress
  • Sleep monitoring feature helps to track the quality of sleep
  • Geolocation or GPS tracking facility helps users to share their real-time location and improves the app’s uniqueness
  • The push notifications feature is the best way to create a communication platform between app users and trainers. Accordingly, this feature will also help in sending notifications to the users.
  • Device or app synchronization feature will help users to connect external compatible devices and live-stream the workout sessions on their device


How Much It Cost For Fitness App Development?

The cost of fitness app development will range from $20,000 to $50,000. However, mobile app development companies will decide the actual price of Fitness application development based on features, application complexity, development platform and many other factors. Hence, fitness app development costs could not be stick to the price that we estimated above.

Here are significant factors that impacts the overall cost of diet apps or nutritional apps or activity trackers.

Cost Impacting Factors Of Workout Training App Development

Mobile app development companies will consider many factors to measure the cost of fitness apps. Here are a few factors that decide the final cost of workout training apps.

  • App Development Platform

Are you looking to invest in Android App Development or iPhone App Development?

Organizations must ask themselves when they are going to invest in mobile app development. Because the platform you choose will impact on the cost of your software application development.

Depending on certain constraints, the cost of Android app development will vary from the cost of iPhone app development. Being a top mobile app development company in India, we suggest organizations select the app development platform based on their targeted audience for “n” number of downloads within a short span.

  • UX/UI Design Complexity

Here is another cost-impacting factor that draws a major difference between the estimated costs of Fitness app development and its final price. Contrasting to the marketplace or e-commerce like mobile applications, workout training apps must have eye-catchy User Interfaces (UIs) to make their access simple to the users.

But, a noticeable thing is the cost of fitness apps will increase along with the complexity of the UI/UX designs you create. We, as a #Top app developers near you in India, creates perfect and user-friendly UI design at the best price.  

  • Application Type

Native, hybrid, and cross-platform are three major types of mobile application development. Before you hire a top mobile app development company for Fitness app development, make sure the application type for analyzing its price.

Because, the cost of native app development, hybrid app development, and cross-platform app development varies from each other type. It might be because of its nature, features, development time, and complexities in code development.

FuGenX, the best fitness app development company in India, suggests you go for cost-effective multi-platform compatible app development (cross-platform app development). By developing a single code base, organizations can execute applications on multiple platforms and target more number of audiences.

Besides low price benefit, driven by code reusability and compilation portability, cross-platform or hybrid apps ensures faster development and quick launch to market.

  • App Size To Ensure Speed

Add a set of the best and most useful features to build a fitness app in perfect size. The size of your application will directly impact on application’s speed and performance. However, integrations of many features will reduce the app’s robustness as well as ensure poor downloading speed. Hence, make sure to develop required modules and build the app with the best size.

  • App Developers Location

The location of mobile app development companies will impact the overall price of software development. The hourly software development cost of mobile app developers in India or top app developers in the USA will be different.

For instance, top mobile app development companies in USA will charge around $90-$120 per hour, whereas, the hourly rate of top app developers in India will be around $45 to $80. However, the hourly rate of application development will also depend on the industry experience of app developers.

These are a few significant factors that impact the cost of Fitness apps. The best mobile app development agencies in India like FuGenX will create budget-friendly mobile apps for businesses across diversified industries. Our team of expert mobile app developers will create flawless fitness or workout training apps like Fitbit.

Let us know your application requirements and get a free app quote!


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