How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App like Ola

Comprehensive and Complete Analysis of the Cost of Developing a Taxi App:


If you are living in metropolitan cities, then you will have an idea of how much traffic will be there. It is very tough to reach offices daily in that traffic in our car or bike.

Even though you dare to travel in a car or bike for your convenience, the next problem is parking. As the population growing at a faster rate in cities, it is challenging to park your vehicle when you out for a ride to the town.

It’s better to opt for taxi apps rather than your own vehicle. It is the predominant reason to love taxi apps.

I think many of you said thanks to the cabs like Ola and Uber. Now if you want to travel somewhere in the city, you can use the taxi booking app through your mobile app according to your convenience.

Ola cabs app India and Ola cab USA are giving the best experience of a personal car. By considering the demand for taxi apps, many large companies and business owners are entering into on-demand Carpooling services like Ola by developing a new taxi app. If you see the statistics, you can get how much is the demand for apps like Ola cab.

Daily in the market, Mobile app development companies getting a large number of requests to build an app like Ola.

Here we are going to give you an idea of how does Taxi-ordering app work? How to set up a company like Ola? How much does taxi mobile application development like Ola cost?

Before that, let us have a look at how Ola cabs started?

Ola is a top cab booking service in India. Headquartered in Bangalore, Ola is one of the fastest growing startup ventures in India. It has a presence in over 85 cities with 200,000+ cars and approximately 7000 employees. In addition to car rental services, Ola also offers auto services that can be booked through the same mobile app used to book cars.

Today, the company is worth more than $ 5 billion. Ola also received the Startup Awards 2015 at the Economic Times Startup Awards. Being an iconic business venture in India, Ola is the inspiration for many startup ventures in India. Subsequently, the demand for Ola like App Development increased.

FuGenX is a Top Ola like Taxi app development companies in India, USA, UAE and Europe that helps startup ventures develop Ola like app with innovative and highly advanced features using cutting-edge technologies. We have expert transportation app developers’ team to create on demand transportation app like Ola that help public use a taxi booking app development like Ola on a large scale.

History of Ola Cab:

It is the world’s one of the leading cab hailing Services Company started in 2011, headquartered in Bangalore. Founders of Ola cabs mobile app are Ankit Bhati and Bhavish Aggarwal.

Apart from on-demand taxi services or car rental services, Ola also provides auto services that we can book through the same mobile app used to book cars.

The company bagged the Startup of the year award in Economic Times Startup Awards 2015. In 2016, Ola introduced Ola play. It has partnered with Apple Music, Microsoft, and Sony liv to give topmost experience to its users. The company valuation is around $6 Million.

Ola has two separate applications for one operation; one is for a passenger to choose a ride, and another is for drivers to accept the requested ride. Once the ride is chosen by a passenger from his/her location, drivers nearby would get intimation on their app.

The driver who accepts ride pick passenger up from his location and at the end of the ride, the passenger pays for the ride through cash or cashless options. Ola supports both cash and cashless payment options with Ola money, credit and debit cards.

Let’s have a look the below statistics to know the worldwide market share of Ola Cab.

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global market share of ola cab

Ola app development cost

How does Ola Cab Service App work?

Ride-Sharing and Taxi booking Application like Ola follows some simple steps:

  • To book a cab, taxi app intended for the user. First, install the Ola app. If you are an Android user, go to play store install Android Ola app.
  • A user will request the cab depending on his requirements and car’s availability. You will have different cabs such as Mini, Micro, Share, Prime Sedan, Auto, Rentals, and Outstation.
  • It gives Ola estimated price based on distance, car, and the number of persons travelling.
  • Ola website in India will provide you with the fare based on the Ola cab charges calculator. The driver confirms the ride with the help of Ola operator app. The driver should download Ola operator app for IOS if he has an Android device.
  • After the ride is confirmed, the details will go to the nearest driver.
  • The driver may accept or decline the ride based on his convenience. If he rejects the trip, it will automatically give the lead to another operator.
  • If he accepts the trip, it will provide you with the approximate time of arrival. We can also check where the car is.
  • After completing the ride, you can pay the fare through cash or cashless options. You can pay the fare while you book the cab itself.
  • After completing the ride, the Ola cabs support team will ask you to rate the travelling experience with the particular driver or cab owner.

When you are planning to develop an app like Ola taxi apps in India, please note this app will have two separate apps for the driver/operator and user.

 3Driver app:

  • Personalization of driver information.
  • Visibility on the app. (Depends on the driver choice).
  • Accept/reject the ride.
  • He can view the details of the passenger like Name, location of pickup, and phone number.
  • Driver Earns through Ola money and cash.
  • The driver can manage his business by viewing detailed reports on every month.

3Customer App:

  • Signing up
  • Book a cab.
  • Estimation of fare.
  • Tracking
  • Rating
  • Ola cab apps update.

If you want to earn extra income from your vehicle, you can contact Ola cabs, marketing team. They will guide you on how to invest in Ola Cabs.

There are two ways. The first one is to attach your car to the company, and you will be the driver. You can earn as much as you want.

The next possible way is giving the car to Ola Cabs, based on their business model, the company will pay you the money.

You may get a doubt that how Ola cab earns money?

It earns and surviving by collecting service fees from the drivers.

Features that Determine the Cost of taxi booking app like Ola:

 Is creating an Ola like clone app cost expensive? This is the first questions that rise on business owners mind when they look to make an Ola like app.

Well, the actual cost to build an app like Ola will depend on the various app features and functionalities of the app. Now, let’s look at the following important features:

3Sign-up & profile update:

If you plan to develop a taxi clone app, better to opt for pre-sign-up. It can be done using various methods like mobile number and social media platform, Facebook.

After sign up, it is necessary to update user profile by providing the address, Gmail id, and many more.

To integrate this feature, it will take around 25-30 hours.

3Maps Integration:

It is essential if you are planning to create an app like Ola. It helps both the user and driver for easy navigation process in real-time.

It is easy to book an app, but behind the scenes, the cost and time (190-200 hours) will be high. As it takes much time to include this feature, Ola like app development cost will be a little high.

3Notifications & communication:

Push notifications used to provide regular updates to the users about their security and privacy. Email and SMS communication for the users are available for a better understanding of their rides.

Estimated Cost: 90 hours

3App Design:

A good design will play a vital role in the success of your app. The cost to develop an app like Ola also depends on the Ola alternative app design.  A great design costs high amount compared to basic design.

It useful UI attracts more users with ease of interaction. It will take around 100 hours to design user interface, wireframes, and user experience.

3Payment gateway:

We can make the payment by cash or cashless (wallets) to the driver. You may think about how Ola charges?

It depends on kilometers, minimum fare, cost per minute, and waiting time. It takes 90 hours for gateway integration and fare estimator.

Taxi app development cost will depend on Geographical location. We are the developers who will quote very less compare to others.

It is an estimated cost based on Ola Cabs taxi app.

If you are planning to add more features for your taxi app, the cost will be variable.

If you are expecting the exact price for your app, feel free to contact us, if you have any doubts.

Our experienced Cab Booking App Developers will help you in developing the taxi app effortlessly.

9 types of vehicles to choose from – Mini, Micro, Share, Sedan, Prime, Auto, Rentals, Outstation, and Lux

Your Rides, which shows the history of the rides taken before

Rate Card, which shows an estimated rate for rides

Ola Money, a wallet integrated into the app

Refer and Earn, which allows sharing app with others.



Key Features of ola App
Real development cost of Taxi booking app like Ola

When anybody intends to develop an Ola like app, the first thing that comes to his mind is how much it costs to develop an Ola like app. The cost of Ola like app depends on the following factors:

App Platform (Android, iPhone, or Windows etc.):

The development cost of a cab aggregator web app like Ola depends on the app platform you want to develop app for. Ola app development cost for Android and Ola app development cost for iOS is not same. The cost of Ola like app development cost for Android is higher than app development for iOS.

App Design:

An attractive and simple app design is requisite in Ola like app to grab the attention of users. Complex app design relatively costs higher, but FuGenX has proven expertise in designing an eye-catching app at an affordable cost.

App size:

App size means the total number of features and functionalities that an app would have. The average cost to make an app like Ola will estimate based on the total features and functionalities.

App developers:

The software development cost of cab booking app  or cost to develop taxi app or best taxi booking app development cost like Ola also depends on the developers’ geographic location and developer team size. For example, if you develop the same app from developers based in the US, you might have to spend significantly a bigger amount than developing the same app from Indian developers.

If the mobile app developers’ team is big with project managers, developers, quality analyst, app tester, team leader, etc, the app development cost would be high compared to a team with less number of employees. The quality remains the same, but the cost goes high.

Mobile wallet:

By integrating a mobile wallet into the main app, you can eliminate many payment hassles and enrich customer experience.

Driver App:

Driver app would have features and functionalities like signup, and the access to the name and photo of the rider who requested rides, and distance, pick-up, and drop-off points for the requested ride.

cost to make an app like Ola
features of ola

Features and Functionalities that Decide the Cost of Taxi-hailing App like Ola

The cost to develop an Ola like app or the cost of any online travel booking or trip-booking app is estimated on the following basic and advanced features along with the factors mentioned above.

Ola app Features
app features of ola

How much FuGenX charges to develop an Ola like app?

To get an instant quote for Ola like app or to know the average/exact cost to make a travel app like Ola/Uber, from best mobile app development company in Bangalore, FuGenX, please reach us at

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