Reduce The Complexities Across the Supply Chain Using AI Apps

Reduce The Complexities Across the Supply Chain Using AI Apps

The supply chain is one of the significant sectors of organizations. Better visibility is needed to better monitor the supply chain, logistics, and distribution of goods to the destinations. But, it can be a dreadful task to track the fleet all the time if you still using traditional and human-based processes.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet-of-Things (IoT) powered software solutions will mitigate the risks and all the complexities across supply chain operations and increase operational efficiencies. Along with monitoring your fleet, AI+IoT apps monitor the environmental conditions and send alerts on climate conditions.

This is why many organizations are looking to deploy advanced supply chain management software and reap its full potential.

Today, in this article, we would like to discuss the significance of AI supply chain software applications and How AI in the supply chain will help you monitor and handle the value chain of supply chain operations remotely.

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Top Features Of AI In Supply Chain Software Applications 

  1. Real Time Tracking

It is one of the top use cases of AI supply chain management applications. The use of AI and IoT in supply chain solutions will allow organizations to track and monitor their vehicles 24*7 in real-time.

IoT and AI supply chain apps will assist companies in getting real-time notifications about the travel complexities like climate conditions and let organizations pre-organize their distribution operations and reduce the impact of climatic disasters.

  1. Predicts Demand

It is another advanced feature of AI-based supply chain management apps. By feeding historic production and sales data, AI-enabled supply chain software solutions will assist the organization in predicting demand in the future.

Hence, advanced AI mobile apps for supply chains will reduce the risks of supply and demand interruptions and help organizations to stay on top of customers’ demands.

  1. Valuable Insights

The design and development of supply chain management software for your business is the best decision to be competitive in the market.

Use of AI in supply chain mobile apps will help organizations to derive patterns from the previous sales information and let organizations make an immediate business decisions towards optimizing the sales strategies.

  1. Automatic Order Management

A few AI-powered supply chain management software applications will transform the order-taking and status-uploading process. AI apps will automate the process of recording new order data with zero errors. It will save the time of manual power and ensure efficient automatic responses to customers.

  1. Inventory Management

This feature of AI supply chain management software will efficiently track inventory levels in real-time and assist companies to maintain required quantities as per the market demand. So, AI-based supply chain mobile apps will shorten the difficulties of supply-demand imbalance.

  1. Customer Retention

AI-powered supply chain apps for either manufacturing, retail, or any other products-based company would be used to improve customer retention rate.

Being an intelligent, automated, and collaborative platform, AI mobile apps helps companies respond to customers’ orders and other issues instantly. Such responses will optimize the service quality and makes customer-to-brand relationships healthy and long lasting.

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Best Examples Of AI In Supply Chain & Logistics

Dell, Walmart, Cisco, and Echo Global Logistics like global leading retail brands, software companies, and transportation & supply chain management services providers have been adopted intelligent AI to streamline and digitize their supply chain operations.

Here are a few best examples that are integrating AI in supply chain apps that make the operations smarter than earlier.

  • Coupa

Based In: Location: San Mateo, California

A leading San Mateo, California-based technology services and solutions provider. It has developed an AI-powered supply chain solution that assists companies in analyzing market conditions and smartly predicting the results.

The company’s AI solution would also allow companies to take a faster decisions towards environmental events while transporting goods and hence, environmental risks can be overcome.

  • Echo Global Logistics

Based In: Location: Chicago, Illinois

Eco Global Logistics is another company that is using AI for offering streamlined supply chain operations to customers. Its innovative AI-powered software helps companies to get increased visibility into their fleet and offers better management of supply data.

  • Infor

Based In: Location: New York, New York

Infor is a leading Enterprise software development company headquartered in New York City. Since its establishment in 2016, Infor’s AI software is being used by approximately 58 million users. The company has 90K clients in 200 countries yet. It is utilizing AI for the development of AI and Machine Learning (ML) based supply chain solutions.

  • C3 AI

Based In: Santa Ana, California

C3 AI’s AI-powered inventory optimization software allows companies to better organize their inventories and track their levels in real time without any hassle. This innovative AI supply chain software was integrated with ML’s self-learning abilities.

Hence, this solution automatically learns from previous sales, production, orders, and delivery information and explores valuable insights that help companies better manage their inventories.

  • USM Business Systems

Based In Ashburn, VA, USA

Leveraging the power of revolutionizing mobile technologies like AI, ML, and predictive capabilities, a team of professional mobile app development experts will create result-driven AI apps for streamlining supply chain management operations of manufacturing, retail, real estate, and many more sectors.

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  • Symbotic

Based In: Wilmington, Massachusetts

Symbotic offers a proprietary AI self-organizing robot that better utilizes the space and efficiently organizes inventories across rows and columns.

Like these top software development companies are rushing to develop creative, innovative, intelligent, and advanced supply chain management solutions for enterprises. Walmart like retailer stores and consumer goods delivery companies is utilizing AI-powered solutions to mitigate the risks of supply chain & logistics operations.


Final Words

Supply chain operations are challenging and prone to many disturbances. Improper management of production, warehouse management, logistics, and distribution networks might lead to huge losses to organizations. Implementation of AI solutions will streamline end-to-end supply chain operations and reduces operational costs.

Are you looking to invest in an AI-powered supply chain management app?

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