Significance Of Data Quality & Security Management Solutions

Significance Of Data Quality & Security Management Solutions In This Digital World

Data security has become a stiff challenge for every organization that connected their information systems to the internet/cloud. Improper management and storage of confidential and valuable information lead to a severe issue called, Data Theft. Entire enterprise data-driven functions would be in danger as a result of Data theft.

Accordingly, Data Quality Management is also a significant challenge stood in front of digital businesses. Unless and until the use of proper data quality solutions, keeping the data on top of compliance risks is not imaginable for organizations.

In this article, we would like to discuss:

  • How the information can be protected from attacks?
  • Best ways to retain quality and protect data from hackers


How the information can be protected from attacks? 

Connected Devices Need Added Security 

Technology developments, high internet connectivity and accessibility, and cloud services are like opportunities for intruders to do more infectious hacking acts. Many companies have realized the situation and implementing data management solutions before information systems/network gets attacked.

Cisco Systems, a technology conglomerate forecasted that IP traffic of the global data center is anticipated to grow three-fold in 2023 and will reach 20.6 Zettabytes (ZB) by 2021. In particular, cloud IP traffic itself will account for 95% of the total data center traffic.

Accordingly, a new wave of IoT (the Internet-Of-Things) and increasing use of content accessible through a mobile app are also expected to contribute to high data traffic in the years ahead.

But, evolving digitization needs high-quality and advanced data protection and privacy solutions for keeping data secure and safe from hackers. The enterprises have to deploy potential security and data integrity tools and techniques to protect their information systems from the risk of data theft/loss.

Now, we will have a small discussion on how data attacks can be resolved through Artificial Intelligence-enabled data management solutions.

Data Integrity & Data Handling Solutions Get Rid Of Attacks 

Data Integrity is a primary focus of enterprises for the efficient maintenance of data. Data integrity tools promise consistency and accuracy of the information stored in a database. Organizations can benefit from integrity techniques to ensure high security throughout the data lifecycle (from data generation through storage to transmission).

However, due by detecting the loopholes in network infrastructure, intruders are easily accessing modifying data rather than stealing. This will greatly impact business operations.

Yes, the ability of hackers is going beyond expectations. They are accessing data-networking hotspots and manipulating them for their gains. For instance, once imagine the impact of data modification in the stock market. Even a single-digit modification could decrease the value of shares and witness huge financial losses for investors.

Accordingly, e-commerce also plays a vital role in the international trade center. Mostly, hackers target modifying electronic trade documents. Just assume, that the attacker retrieves/manipulates the details of orders. Shipments get displaced and huge money would be lost, right? Not only e-commerce, but every internet-connected business is also in threat in this digitalizing environment.

Best Ways To Retain Quality And Protect Data From Hackers 

  1. Installing Data Quality Products 

To conduct data analysis, make efficient data-driven decisions, and to craft business strategies enterprise data quality products play a significant role. Accessing and retrieving specific data is easy when we use clearly defined data quality products. These products help the organization maintain quality data and thus meet business objectives smoothly.

Moreover, fraud prevention apps and data quality assurance solutions are designed with a focus on frequently changing international privacy regulations. AI data protection solutions will keep your data compliant safety, make audit processes smooth, and help you stay away from hefty fines. 

  1. Implementation Of Higher Security or Encryption Solutions

It’s essential to implement the best security solutions on both the user side and the server sides. Two-factor authentication applications should be used to grant access only to authorized users. Defining every business data element with unique characters would add value to the layer of security.

  1. Deploying Data Encryption Techniques 

It is one of the significant data security approaches utilizing by multiple IT organizations. Data Encryption mobile apps protect data stored in enterprise systems. In addition, information passing through enterprise networks would also be shielded using ML-powered encryption applications.

  1. DLP and IAM Solutions Prevents Data Thefts 

The use of Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and Identity and Access Management (IAM) applications are on rise with its high-level information security features and functionalities.

Through conducting continuous data inspection and background checks, DLP solutions will robustly monitor the entire network and provide great visibility of data to the information security team. On the other hand, IAM Solutions prevent illegal access to confidential information and protect information from hackers.

Final Words

In this digital space, organizations should be aware of where their sensitive data has resided and how its quality is maintained. If you run an online business and deal with vast amounts of user data, you must adopt data quality and security solutions.

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