Best Tips to Handle Negative Reviews of Your Mobile App

Best Tips to Handle Negative Reviews of Your Mobile App

Best Tips To Handle Negative Reviews and Feedback Given To Your Mobile App

Till now, our blog page has been filled with versatile information about mobile application development. We have published many articles about the cost of mobile apps with different domains and provided a sort of useful information related to mobile app development trends, benefits, and future scope.

Well. Today, we would like to put an interesting topic in front of you through this article. Herein, we will discuss how to turn negative reviews into attention-grabbing opportunities.

Why Reviews and Ratings Are Important For Good Progress and App Success?

Firstly, we will look into a few stats that reflect the significance of reviews and ratings.

  • 85% of smartphone users go through star ratings and reviews given by the app users to decide whether to download the app or not
  • 55% of users are considering Mobile apps on Google Play Store and Apple App Store with one, two, and three stars are poor in performance. It is greatly impacting the brand.
  • 60% of smartphone users cross-check the reviews and ratings if they receive any app update notifications.
  • 75% of users read reviews and feedback before making in-app purchases.

So, before downloading, before updating, and before purchasing premium features, people are directly going to reviews, ratings, and feedback. Once imagine that you have developed a mobile application and launched it in respective app stores, but your application has failed to grab the attention of new users. The bounce rates of app installation or downloads are high.

Did you ever think of what’s pulling your app back? Negative feedback or reviews will hamper downloads and user retention.

The significance of positive reviews is high to attain the users’ trust in respective app stores. A positive review or feedback given by users will play a vital role in attracting new users and will be the reason for more app downloads.

Positive reviews will give a brief guide to new users on the performance and functionalities of your application. Moreover, a single line of positive feedback will always reflect the app’s quality and makes new users feel good about your application. It will increase the application’s credibility and let new users make a quick decision about application download and installation.

But, negative feedback will drain out all your hard work and app investments. They drag down the quality of your application and destroy the application downloads.

Don’t panic if your application receives a negative review. Our expert mobile app development consultants and analysts teams have analyzed the pain points behind the negative reviews and addressed solutions for spinning such negative app reviews into quick-witted factors for delivering better mobile experiences to the users.

Top Tips For Dealing Negative Reviews or Feedback Smartly

  1. Give The Same Priority To Both Positive & Negative User Reviews

A review, either positive or negative, will assist companies in understanding what the users are thinking about their application. If your business app got more positive reviews then it is well and good in performance.

On the other side, if your application is receiving continuous negative feedback, then you must pay attention to better understand the user issues. Such equal priority will be helpful for businesses to protect the app from being uninstallation.

  1. Never Try To Shield Negative Feedback Instead Find A Solution

Yes. Resolving customer issues that they are facing with your app is an essential task for being a responsible app developer or app owner.

Read the reviews twice, thrice, or as many times as you want. But, in the end, understand the customer’s pain points and try to modify your application with new features and functionalities that they are expecting from your application. So, never defend negative app reviews, you cannot protect a low-quality app for longer.

  1. Respond To Negative Reviews Politely

Appreciating positive reviews and thanking them is well and good. At the same time, giving proper responses to the users who submitted their issues with the app is also an important task for app owners.

Value every app user irrespective of the review they dropped on app stores. Convey your thoughts or any plans that you have towards app upgradation politely. Because the tone of your voice matters a lot in dealing with a reviewer.

As soon as a negative app review hit the app stores, understand their issues, apologize to them for their inconvenience, and communicate with them smoothly. It will work out to increase the trust in your brand and help you convert user arguments into charming talk.

  1. Correct App Flaws & Make It Useful

Negative commands give opportunities to companies for better improving user and app experiences. If a number of app users are giving negative feedback on a particular app feature or any functionality, try to examine the flaws of your application. Integrate more user-friendly features and re-test or re-check the performance and functionality.

Hence, top mobile app development companies or organizations should focus on the design and development of mobile applications that derive surprising results and outstanding performance on user devices. Of course, adding new features will cost you a little bit more, but it is worth it.

  1. Find Out Fake Reviews

Dropping fake reviews and starting controversy has become a crazy habit of a few people. They will just drop a negative review and have fun with the conversation that they had with the company or admin. Hence, fake review detection and account blocking are major tasks for admins.

Artificial Intelligence technologies have such power and potential of identifying fake accounts. Using AI-based review tracking software like Fakespot or ReviewTrackers, companies can identify fake reviews and remove fake accounts from the database to protect your app’s credibility.

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  1. Notify The Users On Updates

If your audience has issues with the app’s version or with its rustic features, upgrade it and send personalized notifications to users. It is one of the best tips for transforming negative reviewers into fully-satisfied customers. Moreover, personalized responses will enhance user retention rate.

Why Is Your Mobile App Unable To Get Five Stars?

Here are the top reasons why your mobile app is not crossing the two or three-star benchmark.

  • The design of your mobile app is that much attractive and simple
  • The features are complex and unable to access
  • Your app is crashing too often
  • It doesn’t have features that your users are expecting
  • Your application is failed to better engage the audience with desired functionalities

These are the top reasons that will hinder the star rating of mobile apps. Even sometimes mobile app size also frustrates the users and leads to a negative review.

Custom mobile app developers and their clients must follow a few tips for getting positive reviews with a five-star rating as a high score attracts more users.     

How To Win Five-Star Positive App Reviews?

Mobile apps with four or five stars will download the most. Of course, users will use custom filters to make their search for five-star rating mobile apps easier. So, being a leading and award-winning mobile application development company in Bangalore, India, we would like to share a few tips for winning the hearts of your audience.

  • Make your application simple and user-friendly
  • Add the most useful and domain-centric features
  • Create easy-to-understand home page UI and make page navigations easier
  • Be transparent with your reviewers and give an honest response
  • Track user sentiments in feedback and be genuine to your audience feedback
  • Personalize brand-to-customer conversations and engagements
  • Increase application visibility on digital mediums to attract more user base and ratings
  • Frequently update your mobile application.

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Final Words

Negative comments will impact user experiences. Because new app users rely on feedback and reviews given to the application. But, on top of it, companies have to realize one thing negative comments will come when your application has more flaws and is delivering poor performance. In the end, the user bounce rate will increase gradually.

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Our seasoned app developers create user-friendly apps using the trendiest AI and ML like technologies. Hence, along with outstanding application delivery, your admins can monitor, validate, and find fake reviews without any hassle.

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