How Much Does It Cost For Facial Recognition Apps Development?


How Much Does It Cost For Facial Recognition Apps Development?

Facial recognition technology is now a trend across the global software development industry. Banking, Healthcare, E-commerce, Security & Surveillance, IT, and Manufacturing industries are all integrating facial recognition or image recognition capabilities in their software solutions for making applications or systems more secure.

Further, the education sector is also one of the sectors which are standing on the front line to adopt facial recognition technology for attendance monitoring and other security functions.

Moreover, the adoption of facial technology is gaining momentum in the design and development of apps that notify the abnormal movements of people captured by smart cameras. These types of facial recognition applications are increasingly being used in home automation, manufacturing, and federal agencies.

On top of all other industries, the retail and e-commerce industry is going to widely adopt facial recognition-enabled apps or software systems. By detecting the facial expression of the in-store customers, the retail industry can provide better services to their customers and increase their experiences.

Accordingly, nowadays, most e-commerce mobile apps and websites are offering image recognition-based search facilities. Users can upload product images and make their search faster. It will save the users time searching for the product manually and enrich their app experiences.

Like these, modern facial recognition software applications are offering manifold benefits to companies and end-users.

Market Demand For Facial Recognition Technology

The market research companies are also estimating that the market value of facial recognition technology is expected to reach $9 billion by 2025 from approximately $5.4 billion in 2022.  The growing importance of the surveillance industry across the world would be a major driver for facial recognition technology.

As discussed, both private and public organizations will increasingly adopt facial recognition to provide high-level security by identifying facial features of individuals.

So, it is the right time to invest in facial recognition app development. Herein we have given a guide on the cost of image recognition apps in 2023.

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What Is A Facial Recognition App? 

A facial recognition or image recognition software app, using the power of pattern recognition and Artificial Intelligence capabilities identify the features of human faces or objects.

By extracting facial features or object dimensions, the facial recognition-enabled mobile apps or systems can match the image or face in its database in seconds and provides access.

The trending AI-powered facial recognition apps with QR code facilities can also identify objects located at a particular distance whenever they are scanned.  

Cost Of Developing Facial Recognition App

Key Stages Of Facial Recognition App Development 

Here are the core stages involved in the facial recognition mobile application development process:

  1. Requirements Gathering

It is the first phase of mobile app development. This phase allows custom app developers to have deep knowledge of the application’s objective and vision & mission. Further, proper analysis of requirements will also help Android/iOS app development companies to estimate the scope of their project.

In this initial app development phase, app developers need to focus on the target audience, platform type (Android, iPhone, & Web), and must-have features of the facial recognition application.   

  1. Features Confirmation

This is the heart of the entire application development process. Shortlist the core set of features and launch an MVP for reducing the development time and costs as well.

  1. Select Technology Stack

Based on the client’s project requirement select the right set of technologies and tools for the development of robust, flawless, and customized facial recognition apps that meet your business vision.

  1. Deploy The Team

Instead of hiring an in-house team for the development of facial recognition mobile apps, outsourcing your project to leading mobile app developers is a money-saving and stress-removing idea.

Hire an app development agency with a team of highly experienced app developers, creative UX/UI designers, and testing & quality analysts. Let’s talk!

  1. Design and Development

This phase involves the building use case structure, prototypes, and the design of User Experiences/ User Interfaces. Later, the team of top facial recognition app developers will commence the development of features/ or app elements as per the project requirements.

  1. Testing, Maintenance, and Support

App testing is one of the crucial steps where the application will be thoroughly tested for ensuring its quality and effectiveness. Further, app maintenance and support is another phase where a team continuously monitors the application performance, and user feedback, and updates the app as per the desired OS’s guidelines.


What Is The Cost Of Developing A Facial Recognition App?

Estimating the exact price of a features-rich facial recognition app for Android and iPhone is typical as the mobile app development cost will depend on various factors.

Application type, development platform, features, and technologies will all impacts the final cost of facial recognition or image recognition app.

Moreover, the hourly rate of mobile app developers, number of development hours, and team size will also impact the actual cost of facial recognition mobile app development.

Further, the cost of developing a robust facial recognition application will also depend on the complexity of the design and density of connected IoT-powered hardware devices.

The software development lifecycle and the development model you choose will influence the final cost of facial recognition application development.

On the technology front, facial recognition apps make use of AI and Machine learning technologies for accurately categorizing and identifying objects or faces, or images. So, the cost of facial recognition mobile apps will highly depend on the technologies and tools used in the app development process.

Based on all these factors, we estimate that the development cost of facial recognition mobile apps will range from $50,000 to $150,000. Since facial recognition mobile apps deal with pattern recognition, IoT, AI, and neural networks, the final cost of image recognition software solutions can also go beyond $200,000.

But, if you create a futuristic facial recognition app with a core set of features and functionalities, you can reduce the burden of extra budget. It will save you money as well as reduce the time taken to launch the application into the market.

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Final Words

The facial recognition app development is the best option to ensure high-level security and optimize the service quality of businesses across various industries. These intelligent apps can be in entertainment purposes (Eg: Faceapp), security purposes (Eg: Face2Gene), and custom online search purposes (Eg: Cam Find or Google Lens).

If you are looking for the best facial recognition app development company, FuGenX is the top app developer with vast practical experience in the design and development of smart AI apps. Being one of the best mobile app development companies in India, we create the most advanced, user-friendly, and enterprise-centric mobile apps for android and iOS.

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