Developing E-commerce App in 2023: Features & Cost

Developing E-commerce App in 2023: Features & Cost

Most people like to browse products right on their handheld screens. An overwhelming number of people also prefer to get their products right at their doorsteps. While buying online we no longer like to wait for the web page to load. We just click on the app from the Home Screen and find what we need. This is why e-commerce apps are more popular than traditional web stores.

E-commerce AppRetail businesses are already trying to build their own e-commerce apps rich in customer-centric features and attributes ensuring a sophisticated shopping experience. Even the so-called B2B enterprises are also finding e-commerce app development very crucial for steady business conversion and competitive positioning.

Do you want to develop e-commerce mobile app for your business? Do you want to shape your business aspirations with a mobile app allowing retail transactions? Well, you are just having the right approach to turn your business into a successful digital solution.

What are the key features that you as an e-commerce app developer need to consider for an e-commerce app? What is the cost of developing an e-commerce app? Let’s explain these aspects.

Primary e-commerce app features

Some of the key features that define the shopping experience of e-commerce apps include the following.

  • Smooth login & registration: Make the process of logging into the app by users through simple registration forms and allow them to do this quickly by using their email address or by using external social credentials such as that of Facebook or Google.
  • User-friendly product page: Make sure the product page comes equipped with all kinds of filtering options. Also, provide detailed product descriptions along with high-quality product images and video to convince users easily.
  • Shopping cart: The shopping cart should be Created to reduce efforts and steps involved in the buying process. Make sure that the purchase is completed with as little input and effort as possible.
  • Shipping options: When users need to fill in the shipping address and contact details, allow the auto-fill option to use the saved details by their operating system or the device. Allow them to save multiple addresses and delete or replace them as per their preference.
  • Order summary: Before taking the customers to the payment screen, show them a summary of the orders made by them. This will Make sure that the orders are not placed by mistake.
  • Secure and easy payments: In-app payment options provided through integrated mobile app or eWallet apps become a standard feature for processing payments and allowing transactions with ease. If your e-commerce app can integrate multiple wallet apps, it would be great to cover most buyers.
  • Push notifications: Push notifications always represent a key feature to drive the sales and business conversion for the e-commerce app. Push notifications also help in sending reminders to people regarding product launch or delivery or any new offer.
  • Google Analytics: When you have your e-commerce app up and running with regular visits from customers and movement of products, you need to track the sales, customer interactions, purchase times, and sessions. For all these data tracking and monitoring needs, Google Analytics comes as a great app feature.
  • Rating and feedback: Another common and widely referred feature of mobile e-commerce app is the integrated customer feedback, reviews, and rating options. Through feedback, ratings, and reviews you can create a customer-friendly brand image and can keep a close tap on customer grievances.
  • Wishlist button: It is extremely important to allow customers to save some products fir future purchases or just as a reference even if they do not make the purchase. This is what is done by the wishlist button. This will also help a customer return to the searched product as and when they wish.


Cost of developing an e-commerce app

Obviously, the cost of developing an eCommerce app depends upon a multitude of factors. But the internet is full of a variety of cost estimations. Very few estimates are really credible enough and this is why we are here to guide you to make a realistic estimate concerning the cost of development.

It is always helpful to take note of what the leading websites covering many development companies say on app development cost. According to GoodFirm’s research, the average cost of developing any simple app can vary widely between $38,000 to $91,000. So, it is not totally different in the case of e-commerce app.

If you want to build a very simple and straightforward e-commerce app focusing on a limited number of products and purchasing options, the complexity of the app and corresponding cost is likely to be less. A complex app that works as a robust marketplace of huge numbers of products and brands, can involve a big development cost. It is always beneficial to start with Few and as simple as possible and thereafter add more value resulting in higher complexity and development cost.

In this respect, we must advise you to build an e-commerce app following the Minimum Viable App (MVP) approach. Build a very basic app with the core features that define your e-commerce app and then add value and bring changes based upon the customer and user feedback. This will bring down the cost of development while allowing you to add value as per market feedback.

Know the cost to develop the apps like

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Every single business is jumping on the e-commerce app bandwagon to stay competitive or to outshine its competition. As most people now spend the bulk of their digital time with apps instead of the internet, for the digital presence of your brand you cannot have a better option than mobile apps. Apart from the elementary features we mentioned here, you can bring in intelligent chatbots for support and augmented and virtual reality for the immersive shopping experience.


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