How To Do App Store Optimization?

An In-Depth Guide to App Store Optimization (ASO)

App Store Optimization (ASO) Tips & Tricks for 2022

No doubt the current cellular market is among the fastest growing markets in the world, particularly app market. Like other markets, app market is also not exception of chain-circled methodology. There is a close link between each and every element of app methodology. If it is explained removing the chain links: for mobile, operating platform is vital, likewise for mobile app, marketing platform is crucial. Without initial recognition, it is hardly difficult for any product to get recognized. Likewise app. App store is the most prominent platform for an app to show its presence, whereas App Store Optimization (ASO) is inevitable for the same app to get recognized.

How SEO is for a website, ASO is for app. ASO is equally important as mobile app development in app’s success. In definition, App Store Optimization is the process of making the app visible for search results in the app stores like Google Play, App Store, Windows Store, and BlackBerry World, etc. Let’s see how to optimize app store to drive more mobile app downloads:

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Major App Store Optimization Techniques

Here we are categorizing App Store Optimization mainly into 4 parts, such as:

1. Keyword Optimization (KWO): Keyword optimization includes naming the app with the appropriate keywords that should be related to app nature, features and functionalities. It is not imperative, but adding it is an added advantage. Another place where you can place keyword is app description, here you can add as much as possible keywords among the mobile app features, specifications, and other text elements, but that should be natural to read.

2. Asset Optimization (ASO): Here your more work with visual elements. Try to create as attractive as possible app icon which should portray app’s core feature or functionality, as well as engaging preview video, and informative and attractive screenshots. Though it doesn’t directly affect keyword ranking, it affects app downloads considerably. It is true, more downloaded apps generally achieve good ranking.

3. App Review Management: It is of utmost importance. App review management refers maintaining the positive reviews to avoid visitors from ignoring your app. It is not completely in your hand, though you can manage it, by instantly replying to reviews, which should include response to negative reviews in an apologizing manner, and encouraging manner or grateful manner for positive reviews. It plays a very very important role in your app downloads.

Another important parameter is rating or stars, which they consider when they are comparing your app with similar apps. You also need to look towards app downloads, on which you can’t have any control, but if your app quality and your approach towards app users is great, your app downloads will definitely increase.

4. App Localization: It is additional, though you can consider it if you want to reach users in the nook and corner of the country and the world. Translate your app store elements to local and global languages that you need, why because all people mayn’t understand your app store elements in English. If it is in their language, that triggers them quickly. You can check with our previous post how to do app localization.

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Last But Not Least, But Very Important:You can optimize app store your own or with the help of ASO expert, that doesn’t matter if your app is not ASO friendly. Proper mobile app development is like effective on-page optimization for ASO like how proper website development acts as effective on-page optimization for SEO. Proper app development is very crucial for achieving higher ranking in app stores. Get your app developed by skillful mobile app developers and put it on the top of the app store ladder.

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