Things to Consider BEFORE Building Your 1st IOS App

iOS games are one of most profitable app categories in the App Store. But developing an iOS game is not easy because of Apple’s strict app store guidelines and wealthy iOS users’ expectation. You may have a great game idea, but the idea can become worthless if you don’t have ideas on how to develop it well. Here are 3 best iOS game development practices that help you start off the things well.


Consider multiple screen sizes

Few years back, you didn’t need to think about the device screen size when building for iOS, as there was only one prevalent size, 480 x 320. With the introduction of iPhone 5, iPad and iPad Mini, the things changed. Never lock the screen size with hard code if you want to make your app compatible for upcoming devices also. Gamers, particularly iPad users want to play the game in landscape mode. So power up your game with this common capability as well.

Avoid extra, focus on storyline

Cool graphics, animations and music, all these are essential elements for an exciting gaming experience. But you shouldn’t overdo it. Maintain a right balance between speed and visual elements. Your more focus should be towards storyline, and then enrichments.

Game monetization

First you should decide you will offer game for free or as paid. If you believe your game could be worth for what users pay for it, you can make it a paid game. In case your game fails to satisfy gamers, there is a risk that your game would be badly hit by negative reviews and low ratings. It will directly affect app ranking and app downloads. On the other hand, you can offer game free for a certain time period or only its basic features. If your game is able to engage them, they will definitely go for subscription. For detailed game monetization techniques, check with How to Make Money from Free Mobile Game?

Cross platform mobile game development

Cross platform mobile game development is the latest trend in game development world. It is cost-effective and quicker time-to-market. Unity3D allows to develop fine quality 3D games for multiple platforms. But cross platform mobile game development is not rich as a game developed for dedicated platforms. So if you are in hurry to introduce your game to the market and lacking sufficient budget, you can go with cross platform. Or if you want to develop an excitement filled game that can offer an incredible gaming experience, you must develop dedicated game for each platform.

Equal focus for code and content

If you are building multiple levels’ game, distinguish each level content from game mechanics. It should be modelled in the game’s code. If your game is action kind, keep core actions like running, jumping, and hitting in the code and keep the rest separate. This helps you keep the things lean and avoid having duplicate code.

Bottom Line

Successful game is not just about creating high quality game. It is more than quality, you have to focus on all game aspects, such as device compatibility, game monetization, and app store guidelines. So collaborate with adroit iOS game developers who can help you develop a high quality game exceeding your expectation and according to App Store guidelines.


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