Top 10 FinTech Mobile Apps In Markets Across Middle East

Top 10 FinTech Mobile Apps In Markets Across Middle East

The Middle East has become central to rapid developments and advancements in mobile technologies. Driven by the availability of uninterrupted internet services and growing smartphone usage, the mobile app development industry is witnessing rapid progress and making the country a leader on the global scale.

In particular, the FinTech industry in the Middle East is molding to a completely new state of acceptance. Banking customers or seasoned investors are downloading FinTech apps and enjoying the convenience of digital apps. Especially, companies across UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Kuwait are highly investing in FinTech applications to offer best-in-class digital services to their audience.

If you are into the Banking and Financial services industry and looking ahead for FinTech app development here is the list of top Fintech apps that you can create a clone for grabbing the user’s attention and taking your FinTech services to the next level.

Here we go!

1. myFawry – A top online payment application in the Middle East

myFawry app costThe myFawry app is the Number #1 FinTech app in Egypt. This leading digital payment application is available on Google Play and iPhone App Stores to download for free.

This trending online payment platform has reported over 3.5 million app downloads from app stores and made nearly $293.4 million in revenues as of 3Q2022 with a YoY change of 13.6%.

Why myFawry crowned with a Top FinTech mobile App in the Middle East? 

  • The quick and secure login process
  • High-level fingerprint or face authentication enablement
  • Facilitate multiple bill and utility payments
  • Users can book bus tickets instantly
  • Bill reminders are the best feature of myFawry that keeps users on top of their bills
  • On-time notifications about dues
  • Easy to link visa or master cards

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2. Al Ansari Exchange Mobile App- The Best Fintech App in the UAE

Al Ansari Exchange Mobile App Cost

Al Ansari Exchange Mobile app is the second-largest FinTech app in the UAE, Middle East. With over 1,000,000 downloads and 900,000 active users, the Al Ansari exchange application is recognized as the most-downloaded Fintech mobile application in UAE.

What features are popularizing Al Ansari app and promoting it as the largest Fintech Solution in the UAE? 

  • Simple User Interface
  • The AI-based fingerprint authentication process
  • Instant money transfer services
  • Advanced currency calculator for supporting multiple currency exchanges
  • Users can pay credit and other bills through multiple payment options: debit cards, credit cards, and PayPlus card
  • Users can track their transactions
  • Users can set bill payment reminders
  • Push notifications on money transfers and online payments done through the app
  • In-app maps for locating nearby banks in real-time

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3. Al Mulla Exchange App- A Popular Money Exchange App In Kuwait

AI Mulla Exchange App costAI Mulla Exchange App is another best and most well-known instant money transfer app in Kuwait, Middle East. According to the company’s new reports, currently, the application was been downloaded by nearly 340,000 times from Android, iPhone, and Huawei app stores. The company also states that their Al Mulla Exchange mobile Fintech solution has transferred over $1 billion securely yet.

What features made this app unique and user-friendly in Kuwait’s Fintech Industry? 

  • Easy-to-use UI design with all service offerings
  • Easy to add contacts and send money instantly
  • Transaction history details
  • Currency exchange calculator for sending money at the best rate
  • Application availability in seven languages improves app personalization.

4. MyFatoorah- A Flexible Invoicing and Payment Solution in Kuwait

MyFatoorah App costWith 160,000 app downloads and 40,000 active app users, MyFatoorah is now one of the largest payment applications in Kuwait. The app made 20 KD worth of transactions in 2017 and is now reached billions.

The app is the most-useful solution for businesses and offers a seamless online payment solution that facilitates hassle-free invoicing and payments at stalls, PoS, shopping malls etc.

MyFatoorah FinTech App Enhanced Features List 

  • The number one payment solution for businesses in Kuwait
  • MyFatoorah instant deposit feature for receiving payments
  • Digital scanning and online invoicing
  • Interactive dashboard view and sales report analytics
  • Instant payment link sending facility to customers for quick payments
  • Tracking of paid and unpaid invoices with ease using dashboards
  • Push notifications
  • Instant customer support

5. vaLU- Top Buy-Now-Pay-Later FinTech App

vaLUEstablished in 2017, vaLU has been recognized as one of the top FinTech apps in the Middle East by Forbes recently. This crazy Fintech solution with Buy-Now Pay-Later (BNPL) business model has stood as the most-trusted digital solution in Egypt for payments.

It allows users to buy their essentials from stores located across Cairo, Alexandria, Giza, and Hurghada and pay for a pack within six months with flexible payment options. The app processed over 196,000 transactions worth $60 million in 2020. As of August 2021, it had been downloaded more than 655,000 times.

The core functionalities of the Best buy-now-pay-later app like valU 

  • Shop now and pay later in 6-60 months period
  • 1000s of products from leading and popular brands
  • Customized search facility with filters will make the user’s search easier
  • Instant push notifications and personalized purchase recommendations
  • Invite and grab cashback coupons or exclusive offers
  • User orders history

6. MoneyFellows- An advanced digital money-circles mobile application

MoneyFellowsMoneyFellows is a secure and reliable Fintech solution that is trusted by over 4 million trusted users. This modern and user-friendly mobile application makes money circles friendlier and supports users in need.

MoneyFellows application provides credit on-demand and users can repay it with flexible payment options. The application with its Rotating Credit and Savings Association model is helping people in meeting their money needs.   

How Does It Work? 

  • Simple and easy installation, registration, and sign-in process
  • Users can request credit or save in secure money circles.
  • 0% interest on loans and assured returns on investments
  • Customizes loan repayment facility for user convenience
  • Custom search feature to find a secure money circle and join
  • Multiple payment facilities, such as Fawry Plus, Credit/Debit Cards, Bank Transfers, Direct salary debit, or Cash.
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7. eFAWATEERcom – A Famous App for Digital Payments

eFAWATEERcomeFAWATEERcom is one of the popular bill payment apps in Jordan. Approximately 90% of service providers across Jordan are accessing payments through the eFAWATEERcom payment platform.

Are you looking to invest in eFAWATEERcom clone app development? 

Then you must integrate a set of unique and user-friendly features to grab the attention of people in Jordan. Here are features of this trending and most-used bill payment app:   

Top Features of online payment apps like eFAWATEERcom 

  • Simple app access
  • Pay in seconds through secured payment gateways
  • Pay utility and credit bills, prepaid and postpaid mobile recharge, etc.
  • Bill reminders to pay bills before due dates and stay away from chargers
  • Instant invoice-sharing facility
  • Payment history
  • Push notifications

8. Tabby- Most-Used payment solution in the Middle East 

tabby app costTabby is also a popular FinTech app in the Middle East that is offering convenient buy-now-pay-later services. This innovative and user-friendly Fintech solution is being supported by many biggest brands in the region. Tabby payments at PoS and checkouts are now seen everywhere in stores and malls in the UAE.

Tabby Fintech’s solution is offering unlimited benefits to its users. A few are as follows:

  • Four interest-free payments
  • 20% on cashback on their purchases
  • Easy search and shop from brands like AliExpress and Shein
  • Alerts on due bills
  • Notifications of offers and discounts

9. AMAN- Best Solution To Pay Bills On-the-spot 


This is the best application to transfer money, pay bills, and recharge mobile directly from smartphones. AMAN-like a top online payment and Fintech solution in Egypt. This app is downloaded by over 1,000,000 times.

Here are the features of the AMAN mobile app:

  • Buy now and pay on installments concept
  • AMAN mobile application allows users to pay bills online
  • Users can manage and pay installments without any burden
  • In-app location tracking features to find nearby stores that accepts payments through this app
  • Push notifications on payments and installments dues

10. LuLu Money- Top Egyptian Money Remittance Software

lulu money app costLuLu Money is the largest money remittance app in the UAE, and Middle East. App users can send money to their contacts or bank accounts. The LuLu Money like a well-recognized app reported 1,000,000 downloads yet.

Top features of money transfer and payment service apps like LuLu Money 

  • Transfer money to 100+ banks
  • Buy and exchange currency at the best rates
  • Best platform for foreign currency trade
  • Transactions history or payments history
  • Forex rates tracking facility
  • AI chatbot assistant- YAMIE to serve customers 24/7
  • Best for payroll management and wage and salary administration
  • Push notification
  • Attractive User interface

Are you running a banking or finance business in the Middle East?

Since downloads of Fintech applications are touching the sky limit, this is the right time to launch your digital solution.

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