Leading Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in UAE, Dubai and Abu Dhabi


Leading Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in UAE, Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Mobile applications are becoming a vital ingredient for almost all the businesses. It has reached to that extend that without mobile apps, the chance of success for any business is very less. This increasing demand for mobile applications has also resulted in the raise in the demand for various mobile app development companies.

Of the various cities which welcome the latest technologies innovations, UAE stands in the first row. As the business demands is on raise, the requisites for it are also on high demand. One of the most important technological requisite is the mobile application for the business. Mobile apps are becoming more demanding for their top notch performance and implementation. This is what making various businesses to make a move towards the adoption of mobile applications for their businesses.

For developing a mobile app, it is important to hire a mobile app development company, but the main question which mobile app development company to choose. Here is the solution for that. Following is the list of top 10 Mobile app development companies in UAE, Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

1-FuGenX Technologies

fugenx new logoFuGenX Technologies, is the world’s leading Mobile app development company. It also provides best technical support for artificial intelligence, data science, automations, machine learning, game designing and game development. It is known for meeting the all the client requirements, covering risks and opportunities. This top notch performance of this company has made it win many premier awards for leading product launches in the digital arena.

This is proving to raise the business of various sizes with its amazing long term and short term changes. It has got a track record of 450+ web apps, 750+ mobile apps, 100+ IT projects, and many more. FuGenX is one of the best destination for various technical solutions for various sized businesses. The highly expertise team of designers and developers are committed to deliver the best mobile apps on various platforms like Android, iOS, Windows and other popular platforms.

2-Hyperlink Infosystem


Since its inception in 2011, it has been proving itself in delivering the best mobile applications for various business needs. The various best features of this company are perfect in meeting the client’s requirement, delivering apps on time, updating the latest technologies, best quality management systems, best management of their committed employees.

Hyperlink Infosystem provides best apps for iOS, Android and Windows operating systems as per the client requirement. They are specialized in Mobile app development, web development, Unity 2D/3D game development, Enterprises development.


Apphitect-mobile-app-development-companyThis has got the record of making many successful apps in app stores. This company is known to develop various unique apps that help businesses to have best coding measures thus best mobile apps. This is a perfect company which can give perfect shape to the dreams of the client. They are specialized in various AR based apps for retail and advertising industry.

They work on popular OS like iOS and Android. They are known for Ecommerce development, Mobile app development and Mobile app marketing.


DeviceBee-app-development-companyDeviceBee has got various developers, engineers, tech geeks and analysts for working of developing various innovative apps, business plans and websites in UAE specially. This company is proven to be best at satisfying the client’s need to the best. All the projects are handled by various skilled and experienced designers and developers. The best part of this company is that they handle their clients in a very supporting manner.




    Intellectsoft-mobile-app-development-company-uaeIt is well known for having various experienced and skilled developers, testers, and designes. It develops both mobile apps and web apps. It meets various business demands like rising startups and establishing businesses. It has got the record of serving about 300+ clients since its inception from 2007. Various effective strategies developed by their expert team are the main assets of this company. It works on iOS and Android platforms and works for CMS development, Mobile app development, Ecommerce development, and custom software development.



    Approxen is finding its place in the top best mobile app development companies by its various customizable solutions for various business needs of the clients serving best for raising the revenue of the client. As the needs of the client are changing, the respective technical support and solutions also need to change, which can be done through Approxen. Apporxen is known to serve the client best starting the app making till its execution thus making it advantage to the end users.


    Mautilus is known to develop mobile apps for various OS and Devices. This company is serving various clients all over the globe and serves best in satisfying all the client requirements. Various programmers who are working in this company are committed to deliver the best services to the client. It is also making a view on IoT, SmartHome, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.Mautilus is known to develop mobile apps for various OS and Devices. This company is serving various clients all over the globe and serves best in satisfying all the client requirements. Various programmers who are working in this company are committed to deliver the best services to the client. It is also making a view on IoT, SmartHome, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

    It serves for Ecommerce Development, Apple watch app development, Mobile app development, UI/UX designs. It develops apps on both iOS and Android.

    8-Dow Apps


    It is serving in mobile app development since 2011. It has got the record of meeting the various business demands of about 1500+ clients. Various skilled mobile app developers are known for their dynamic and effective technologies strategies. The developers update themselves with the latest technologies to meet the latest demands of their clients. Also, the employees in this company are known for their effective communication, unique strategies, smart products and cost effective service.



    iChanical is well known for the development of mobile apps which can fit perfect to the various business needs of the clients. Also, the best part is that they can develop apps in any platform, native or web based, etc as per the client requirement. They have their office at India, UAE and Australia with a team of experienced and skilled developers working on the creating unique and innovative apps for their clients. They work on mobile platforms like Hybrid, Android and iOS. They serve for Branding, Web design, mobile app development, big data analysis, Web app development.



    Traffic is a wide company with its offices at 4 places with 90+ staff. It is best at delivering various professional and different online business solutions to their clients. Thus emphasizing more on developing the apps creatively which fits best to the client requirement. They serve for various advertising channels, search channels, mobiles, social contents, web contents. The highly talents technologists and marketers work globally for various world’s big brand companies.


    Besides all the big names that go behind the development of apps and games, there are many companies that are emerging as leaders in the app development domain. But here the listed top 10 mobile app development companies in Duabi UAE are deserved for these positions due to their effective services and clients reviews.

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