Top Applications Of RPA In Healthcare Industry

Top Applications Of RPA In Healthcare Industry

 The Role Of RPA In Healthcare Industry

The implementation of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in the healthcare industry has created approximately USD 3.0 billion market value in 2022 and is anticipated to double in the next coming five years. RPA was already deployed in approximately 35% of global healthcare organizations to streamline healthcare processes and increase efficiency.

Investments in RPA healthcare solutions will assist healthcare companies in automating their operations, starting from front desk operations to complex C-sections. A lot of resources and time would be saved and quality of care is also improved by deploying RPA healthcare applications.

In this article, we would like to give a brief information on top use cases of RPA in healthcare industry. Firstly, let’s take a look at the definition and functionality of RPA.

What Is RPA?

The healthcare industry is one of the most significant sectors which involves higher operational costs and complex procedures. Not all the time, sometimes manual healthcare operations like data entry might lead to errors. But, intelligent RPA solutions in the healthcare industry will automate such regular and repetitive automate processes and ensure faster performance.

RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is a sub-technology of next-generation Artificial Intelligence (AI). Its automation capabilities will automate a range of healthcare operations, enables work efficiencies, and finally, augment the care level. Here are the top applications of using RPA in the healthcare industry.

Top RPA Use Cases In Healthcare

Here are the top applications of RPA In healthcare industry.

  1. Front Desk Automation

Recording and maintenance of outpatient data could be one of the significant tasks. RPA-enabled bots or virtual assistants can automate all front-desk operations, from patient details entry and scheduling appointments to invoice management with zero errors.     

  1. Auto Appointment Bookings 

Here is another top use case of RPA in healthcare industry. The use of RPA apps in the healthcare sector is taking a prominent role in automatically booking doctor appointments.

Automatic doctor appointment booking is one of the best use cases of RPA in the healthcare industry. Trained RPA solutions can track doctors’ calendars and schedule appointments based on patient-requested dates. Hence, RPA-based healthcare apps or software solutions can identify doctors’ availability and makes appointment scheduling faster.

  1. Notifications On High-Priority Cases

The benefit of using RPA in the healthcare industry is improving care level. By streamlining in-patient data, starting from admission and treatment to discharge, RPA apps for healthcare would easily prioritize cases and sends alerts regarding discharge date and other bill details.

  1. Electronic Records Maintenance 

RPA in the healthcare sector is also being used for electronic patient records management functions. RPA-powered electronic record maintenance apps will play an essential role in secure patient data management.

Further, RPA-powered apps, using the power of AI’s predictive analytics can ensure secure data transfer between hospitals and doctors. It will also help healthcare organizations to prevent illegal access to the patient data. Since the healthcare sector is highly prone to cyber-attacks, proper maintenance of confidential patient health information is a vital task stood in front of service providers.

  1. RPA In Healthcare for Auto Invoice Preparation 

Digital payments of lab tests, treatments, medicines, and service costs, every process can be streamlined on deploying RPA solutions. RPA mobile apps in healthcare will assist front desk employees in automatically scanning bar codes and preparing invoices faster and more accurately.

  1. RPA In Healthcare Sector For Automating health claims

It is one of the best use cases of RPA in healthcare industry. RPA applications are the best platforms for insurers and healthcare companies. RPA bots are widely applied for streamlining insurance processes. Document verification, insurance eligibility check, and healthcare records processing are all can be done by intelligent RPA software.

  1. RPA In Robotic Surgery

Robotic Process Automation technology has already shown its significance in robotic surgery. The trend of RPA-based surgical operations is a buzz across the global markets, especially in the USA like developed countries.

Using the capabilities of Machine Learning, deep learning, and NLP technologies, AI healthcare robots or surgical robots, can easily interpret surgeon’s rules and can seamlessly perform minimally invasive surgeries.

Hence, RPA-enabled healthcare apps are the most useful assets for providing remote assistance when the surgeon is not available. It improves care quality and patient experiences.

  1. Audit Report Management

It is one of the top RPA use cases in the healthcare industry. The intelligent RPA mobile apps (Android/iOS) by accessing required information from various data resources, make the auditing process faster and compliant to the rules and regulations.

  1. RPA Mobile Apps For Post-Op Assistance

RPA-powered personal assistants are great replacements for human caretakers. With a blend of AI and RPA, innovative RPA robot systems will help patients after enduring surgery.

Intelligent pre-defined AI and RPA robots deliver outstanding virtual nursing services to get patients and automatically record health recovery updates of patients to EHR for further assistance. Hence, healthcare service providers can provide high-quality and personalized post-operation mobility services to their patients.

Like these, RPA offers incredible opportunities that help healthcare companies streamline their operations and enhance the business productivity.

Now, let’s take a look at how these applications are delivering benefits to the service providers and improving care levels. 

Top Benefits Of RPA In Healthcare Industry 

  • Using the power of intelligent AI and Machine Learning capabilities, enterprise-centric RPA solution will encrypt entire data processing and accessing operations
  • Streamlines operations and ensures operational excellence
  • Automates routine tasks and optimizes employee productivity
  • RPA-enabled mobility solutions allow physicians to monitor patients’ health conditions 24*7
  • The role of RPA applications in healthcare boosting telemedicine services

The significance of RPA mobility solutions for healthcare is extremely high in this digital space. For operational management, cost management, and audit functions management, RPA-powered apps are the best solutions for healthcare organizations.

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