Top Healthcare App Development Trends to Watch Out In 2023

Top Healthcare App Development Trends To Watch Out In 2023

What Are The Must-Have Advanced Requirements Of A Healthcare App?

The healthcare industry is one of the sectors which is open to adopting new technology trends for optimizing the level of care services. The Healthcare sector is emerging forward sectors in adopting advanced technology-powered solutions to optimize care services.

Especially, COVID-19 has encouraged the healthcare industry to deploy digital solutions and transform the ways to connect patients in need. Digital healthcare apps have benefitted both patients and physicians on such tough days.

For identifying symptoms, finding nearby lab centers, booking at-home COVID tests, getting advice on improving health outcomes, online sharing/accessing medical records, finding nearby pharma centers, and so on healthcare apps have played a significant role in COVID season. In simple words, healthcare apps are ensuring immediate access to diagnosis and overall enhance patient care levels.

Moreover, along with digitizing care services, mobile healthcare apps have opened new ways and great opportunities for startups and mid-level healthcare companies in business expansion and increase brand value.

Blockchain For HealthcareTop Healthcare App Development Trends To Watch Out In 2023 

If you were in plans to put investments in a mobile healthcare app development, you must watch out for the listed Healthcare App Development Trends to keep your application on top of the digital race. So, before you commence the mHealth app development process, consider these trends and step forward to create a fully advanced and most-useful healthcare software solution.

  1. The Role Of Artificial Intelligence To Surge In Healthcare App Development

If you are a techie, the name Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not a new one to you. Because AI has been a trend in many industries and the healthcare sector is not an exemption. The potentiality and intelligent automation capabilities of AI technology are reshaping the healthcare industry.

This modern technology, including the capabilities of Natural Language Processing (NLP), Robotic Processing Automation (RPA), and Machine Learning (ML) technologies, is ensuring incredible automation and intelligent benefits to healthcare service providers. Here is the list of top benefits of using AI for healthcare app development:

  • AI-powered healthcare mobile apps or solutions help doctors accurately analyze the patient’s medical data and provide the best and instant treatments
  • Next-generation AI technology will play a key role in Telemedicine apps development
  • Automatic and accurate analysis of radio images
  • The advanced AI solutions automate appointment scheduling, invoice preparing, and discharge summary generation like regular functions, thus improving productivity
  • AI-powered chatbots help in tracking patient symptoms, scheduling online appointments, providing instant support services, etc.
  • AI+RPA-enabled surgical robots are the future of the healthcare industry to perform remote surgeries and improve patient outcomes
  • AI technology boosts online video consultation booking services and augments care level.
  1. Blockchain Technology in Healthcare Industry Enriches Security Level

Here is another revolutionary technology that is creating extremely high-level security across the healthcare chain. Yes, Blockchain technology is one of the most trending technologies that is playing a significant role in the design and development of healthcare apps.

Here are the top benefits of using Blockchain technology in mobile healthcare application development:

  • Helps in maintaining immutable healthcare records of patients
  • Blockchain-powered healthcare solutions store patient data with the utmost encryption
  • Helps medical research and drug development companies in maintaining the confidentiality of clinical trials and auditable information
  • The use of Blockchain technology in the healthcare industry makes online transactions secure and unchangeable
  • The use and implementation of decentralized blockchain-enabled healthcare solutions are best for storing invoices, bills, and payment data.
  1. The IoT Technology To Encourage Smart and Connected Healthcare Services

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the emerging trends in healthcare app development. By incorporating IoT-enabled software solutions or hardware equipment, healthcare organizations can achieve greater visibility into their assets.

A part of better management of devices, using IoT in healthcare apps to remotely monitor the healthcare conditions of patients. IoT sensors store vital information over a secured cloud platform and it can be accessed by authorized people.

Hence, IoT healthcare application development (Android/iOS) helps hospitals to stay connected with their assets, resources, and patients seamlessly. Here are other top benefits of using IoT in healthcare app development:

  • Remote Patient Monitoring: IoT-powered healthcare solutions help staff to remotely monitor patient health information and take immediate decisions for improving their conditions
  • Using data analytics, AI+IoT-powered healthcare apps generate accurate insights into patients’ health conditions and help physicians deliver precise treatments for fast recovery
  • IoT-powered solutions perform real-time data analysis and ensure better healthcare supervision
  • IoT-based patient-centric healthcare solutions play a vital role in ensuring 24/7 care services to patients in remote locations
  • Accessible and cost-effective IoT apps in healthcare offer real-time monitoring and ensure on-time treatment
  • IoT-enabled wearable devices offer personalized healthcare/fitness services
  1. Telemedicine for Video or phone appointments

Telemedicine is one of the most significant trends in healthcare application development. It is the most useful solution that helps people in remote areas get treatments at the right time. Telemedicine apps allow people to connect with a physician online through audio or video modes as per their convenience and get their illnesses diagnosed in no time. Here are the top benefits of telemedicine software development:

  • Telemedicine apps enable remote patient monitoring and diagnosis services
  • Telemedicine offers convenient online video conferencing-based consultations
  • Physicians access patient health records and can prescribe medicines online (E-prescription generation), thus productivity of physicians can be optimized and care level is improved
  1. Incorporation of Cloud-enabled Healthcare solutions

Integration of cloud technology is one of the most important Healthcare App Development Requirements for seamlessly storing and sharing patients’ health records 24*7. Intelligent Electronic Health Record (EHR) software is one of the most popular applications of AI and cloud technology in the healthcare sector.

These types of apps are in traction in the global healthcare industry to accelerate automation in accessing patients’ health records 24*7. Medical practitioners or any other authorized healthcare service providers can share and access patients’ data over a secured cloud platform.

Accordingly, part of AI, IoT, Blockchain, and cloud technologies, predictive analytics, augmented reality, and virtual reality-like technologies will also be the future of healthcare solutions.


Final Words!

These are a few top trends that you must remember during healthcare software development. Also, remember, the development of HIPPA-compliant safety healthcare apps with user-friendly design and high-level encryption protocols is a core requirement of healthcare app development.

Moreover, the development of a healthcare solution that matches the privacy and security regulations of the respective market is also one of the key requirements of a healthcare application.

If you have plans to develop a healthcare app, FuGenX is the right mobile app development partner for you. Our top mobile app developers develop compliant-safety healthcare apps using the latest technologies potentialities.

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