How Much Does it Cost to Build an AI App like Siri?

How Much Does it Cost to Build an AI App like Siri?

Mobile devices are not only for calling and messaging. We are using mobile for various other purposes such as for attending office meetings, online shopping, and listening to music. Smartphones can also help us control smart home devices from remote locations and so on.

These are possible through intelligent applications that are integrated into your smartphone. Yes. The best android and iOS Mobile applications meet your various needs instantly.

Moreover, voice-activated intelligent assistants like Siri enable iOS users to perform hands-free mobile operations by activating it using voice commands. This digital personal assistant application checks whether, sends a text, checks emails, and many more with the authorized user command.

No wonder, Siri-like AI assistants have been popularizing since their introduction into the Apple app store. Such popularity is attracting many organizations and entrepreneurs to develop Artificial Intelligence (AI) voice assistants for Android and iOS devices.

They believe that creating the best AI mobile applications like Siri for businesses ensures immense benefits in terms of high-level performance, fewer development costs, and increased app download rates, and much more.

Here a guide on how much it will cost to develop an AI-powered digital voice assistant like Siri.

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About Siri

Siri is an AI-powered personal voice assistant integrating on Apple operating system devices (iPhone/iOS mobiles).

With the power of natural language processing and speed recognition technologies, Siri-like applications can understand the human language and perform the tasks accordingly.

Thus, Siri-like AI assistants ensure a hands-free experience to users through their voice recognition capabilities. It assists users in giving local news or weather updates, reminders and also performs searches.

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    How Can Siri-like apps help us?

    The best iOS voice assistants like Siri comprise a list of efficient features. By interpreting the user’s voice, Siri performs-

    • Calls and send/read messages (for instance: Hey Siri, call Jhon on speaker)
    • For setting alarms (for instance: Hey Siri, wake me up at 5 AM)
    • Notifies reminders (for instance: Hey Siri, remind me to pick my package when I leave from home)
    • Search for Music that you love ( for instance: Hey Siri, play the latest songs of Arijit Singh)
    • Quickly performs calculations (for instance: Hey Siri, please split INR1080 bill amount into ways)
    • Siri is a language translator. It helps users to translate a word or phrase with ease. For instance, Hey Siri, How do we say Congratulations in Spanish?
    • Siri helps you do more powerful tasks such as booking tickets, searching photos from galleries and portals, and so on. For instance: Hey Siri, search Pinterest for Diya photos. This command helps Siri to search and give Diya designs for users.
    • By leveraging the power of machine learning, Siri-like apps can be more personalized to make the assistants more helpful.
    • Guides turn-by-turn direction while you drive. Siri-like virtual assistants navigate you to the destination in a traffic-free road direction.
    • Banking and Payments: Siri also assists users in sending money to vendors through interpreting voice-enabled commands. For instance, Hey Siri, send $500 with Paypal wallet.

    These are a few significant functionalities of AI assistant. On top of all, Siri-like AI apps ensure ease of use, efficiency at operation, speed of work, and high-level personalization.

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    ai powered Chatbot

    Why should a business create apps like Siri?

    Yes, building AI-enabled voice assistants are beneficial for businesses in this current smartphone trend.

    If you still in dilemma to create an app like Siri, let’s move on to a few statistics below. These statistics help you guide the market craze towards virtual assistants like Siri.

    • 80% of users are attracted to apps like Siri with its quick responding feature.
    • Over 50% of users like Siri for getting useful information while they do online shopping
    • Moreover, 75% of users like to use Siri for completing their daily tasks.

    If you really intend to create your own Siri-like clone application, pay attention to what users are expecting from your new digital voice assistant. This app development strategy helps you build an efficient AI app and ensure long-term value in the market.

    Now, we will look at the development cost of the apps similar to Siri.

    How much will it cost to Develop A Voice Assistant like Siri?

    Since we acquired vast industry experience in developing futuristic mobile apps for Android and iOS, FuGenX can estimate the AI app development cost roughly to $30,000 to $50,000.

    However, the development cost of customizable AI apps for iOS and Android might vary based on the below factors.

    Factors That Impact the Development Costs of AI Assistants like Siri:

    1. Features List

    The development cost of a virtual assistant like Siri varies based on the advanced features that you implemented. If you want to build your application within budget, you have to minimize the features list.

    However, these AI applications are complex and need a stack of advanced digital technologies for achieving an improved user experience.

    1. Design Complexity

    The design of virtual assistants like Siri is the second most significant factor that decides the cost parameter. The development of the best clone app for Siri needs a friendly user interface. It improves user app experience by its usage rates.

    FuGenX, a leading iOS app developer in India, has expert UX/UI designers. Let’s discuss your mobile app and give us an opportunity to bring it to life with a more attractive design and efficient performance.

    1. Technology Stack

    Developing voice assistants like Siri for iOS needs pretty attractive technologies. They are-

    • Speech-to-Text engine for converting user’s voice commands to text
    • Text-to-Speech engine to convert text to speech for assisting users in a specific language
    • Voice biometrics for authenticating user’s voice and responding quickly to queries
    • Noise reduction engine helps in eliminating noise around the user while interacting with the app
    • Voice recognition technology for understanding users speech

    A powerful technology stack might increase the app development cost, but worth it.

    1. Industry experience

    The development cost of personal digital assistant apps for iOS/Android also depends on the industry experience of the mobile app developers.

    I mean to say that the best mobile application developer with dedicated resources can create a bug-free feature application within the timeframe. Your application will be developed faster and launched across app stores soon. It helps businesses reduce development costs and also get brand value quicker.

    Hence, if you are in plan to develop an own virtual assistant for your business, choose the best mobile app developer.

    1. Development Location

    Many virtual assistant application development companies are located across the world. The development costs vary based on the location of the mobile app developer.

    FuGenX, an Indian mobile app development company offers a reasonable quote for your dream project.

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    The trend of integrating AI in mobile applications is increasing ever like before. Moreover, AI-enabled voice assistants like Siri have been popularized among other digital voice assistants like Cortana and Google Assistant.

    We hope this article has given useful information for building apps like Siri. Make your application better with FuGenX.


    About FuGenX:

    FuGenX is a leading mobile app and AI development company.  We have a team of potential AI developers who acquired incredible command of emerging technologies like AI, machine learning, natural language processing, robotic process automation, and so on.

    Our virtual app development services and solutions help enterprises realize their AI project.

    Let’s discuss your project!



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