Top 9 Healthcare Chatbot Use Cases You Need to Know

Top 9 Healthcare Chatbot Use Cases You Need to Know

Healthcare is one of the major industries that is continuously adopting newly emerging technologies to deliver personalized and more optimized care services to their patients. In particular, the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Speech Recognition, and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies into healthcare applications, systems, and devices is automating the process of service delivery and improving patient outcomes.

Next-generation digital technologies make healthcare processes easier, faster, and more convenient. AI-powered Chabot application is one such invention that is transforming the healthcare industry in many ways. Today, we would like to talk about how the healthcare sector is benefiting by adopting the AI Chatbot feature.

Firstly, we will look at what is a chatbot. 

The Definition Of AI Chatbot 

A Chatbot is a software application that is developed using the power of AI and NLP technologies. Leveraging the capabilities of voice-enabled technology, a Chatbot application will act as a virtual sales executive or digital personal assistant that interprets user commands and sends accurate responses instantly.

The uses of Chatbots are going beyond general conversations and customer support services. These days, AI Chatbots are also increasingly integrating into applications for automatic lead qualifications and improving sales conversions.

On the other side, using the evolutionary voice-interpreting and search pattern algorithms, a few AI Chatbots are also more capable to analyze user preferences and offer them more personalized recommendations online. These kinds of Chatbots are primarily used in the e-commerce sector.

Like these, global organizations are adopting Chatbots for many purposes. In this article, we have discussed a few significant use cases of AI chatbots in the healthcare industry.

Use Cases Of AI Chatbot In The Healthcare Sector 

Here are the benefits of using AI healthcare chatbots. 

  • Use Case 1: For Quick Physician Appointments

It is one of the best healthcare chatbot use cases. AI-based conversational chatbots are assisting people in booking online doctor consultations smoothly. Based on the user needs and appropriate doctor availability, AI digital assistants books slots for patients. It will eradicate the process of standing in a queue or calling too many times for hospital receptionists for taking appointments. Hence, AI chatbots in healthcare will reduce the waiting times of patients and let them interact with doctors at the right time.

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    • Use Case 2: AI Healthcare Chatbots For Accessing Medical Records

    The adoption of AI healthcare chatbots for accessing medical records is increasing all over the world. Artificial Intelligence technology can automate and streamline the entire healthcare process. The Electronic Healthcare Records Management System is one of the best examples of AI innovation in the Healthcare field.

    Integrated with AI chatbot functionalities and features, these EHR systems will actively be involved in accessing the patient’s medical information as it was instructed by their respective Physicians. This process will let doctors be better aware of their patient’s condition and deliver the right diagnosis at the right time.

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    • Use Case 3: AI In Healthcare For Tracking Symptoms 

    When we are talking about healthcare chatbot use cases, we should not ignore this application. Tracking symptoms is one of the prior steps to identifying the disease type and getting the best medications and treatments on time. AI apps are best useful in these scenarios.

    In particular, in this COVID situation, AI-powered symptom-tracking mobile apps with in-app Chatbot functionality are helping people to identify the infection type and get medical advice online. Leveraging the power of Machine Learning (ML) Big data, and predictive analytics, AI chatbots are better at analyzing the symptoms and identifying the disease type.

    AI Chatbot integrated healthcare apps for this application have gained popularity during the COVID season. Symptom-tracking Chatbots have assisted people in tracking the infection level with the information that they have entered. This virtual symptom checking Healthcare chatbot advises health rips and has contributed to improving the patient’s health condition.

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    • Use Case 4: AI Healthcare Chatbot For Reminding Drug Intakes and Managing Refills

    It is one of the best applications of AI Healthcare apps that are dedicatedly designed and developed for better managing medications and prescription refills. As scheduled by the app users, these types of healthcare mobile applications notify the users about their medication intake.

    Further, besides functioning as medication reminders, the best healthcare apps for Android and iPhone with chatbot facilities will help users to better manage their prescription refills.

    Pharmacy Delivery Apps are the best examples of this scenario. Users can schedule and easily order prescriptions from nearby pharmacies right from their mobile. Such automation and intelligence in managing refills will prevent clinic visits and save time.

    • Use Case 5: AI Healthcare Chatbot For Insurance Claiming

    Custom healthcare mobile app development companies are integrating chatbot features in AI-based healthcare apps. The need for chatbots in healthcare industry for creating collaborative mobile apps is high.

    Healthcare service providers and connected insurance companies are increasingly deploying AI-based insurance claiming apps with Chatbot facilities.

    The use of AI healthcare chatbots for insurance is increasing for streaming the end-to-end process of insurance claiming. They will act as an interactive and collaborative medium between insurers, healthcare companies, and customers. AI-based insurance apps will build an encrypted channel to communicate online with the respective insurer.

    Hence, AI healthcare chatbots will smoothen the insurance claiming process, verify the coverage online, disburse the amount on time, and reduce the burden of high medical costs.

    • Use Case 6: AI Chatbots For Online Invoicing and Billing

    Here is another significant and notable use case of AI healthcare Chatbot. AI chatbots for online invoicing help hospital admins digitize billing processes. AI chatbots for billing automate the billing process and saves time of resources.

    Using the power of ML algorithms and deep analytics, the healthcare apps will analyze the medical data stored in EHRs, analyze the care service types that the hospital provides, and create automatic invoicing to initiate a hassle-free and smooth billing process.


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    • Use Case 7: For Delivering 24*7 Customer Support Services

    It is one of the use cases of chatbots in healthcare sector. The ultimate goal of any business is to achieve the satisfaction level of its customers or audience. AI chatbot applications will help brands stay in touch with their customers 24*7.

    AI-powered virtual assistance apps provide instant care services and responses to patient queries at any time. It will improve service quality and increase brand value in the market.

    • Use Case 8: AI Chatbots In Healthcare For Optimizing The Utilization Of Productive Hours 

    Artificial Intelligence-based virtual assistants are also increasingly used for managing admin tasks more efficiently. By deploying AI chatbots in place, healthcare organizations can offline and online registrations for consultations efficiently.

    Practo is one such application that allows users to find the best doctors with the desired specialist and confirm online appointments for video consultations. This popular healthcare app also allows users to view feedback and reviews given by other patients and book an appointment with simple clicks. This online process will reduce the burden on admins and let them better utilize their productive hours in managing the offline Ops.

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    • Use Case 9: AI Chatbot For Operational Efficiency

    Nowadays, Healthcare CRM applications to integrating with Chatbot features. Right from uploading patients’ health data and interacting with various departments and collaborative channels to viewing reports and analytics of revenues, AI-powered CRM tools and apps for healthcare plays a key role in optimizing service quality and improving operations management.

    Custom healthcare CRM software with in-built AI Chatbot functionality will help organizations in many ways. They include:

    • Task automation
    • A centralized communication platform
    • Accelerating Telemedicine Services on demand
    • Improved workflows
    • Better patient management
    • Sending automated notifications for regular checkups and lab tests
    • Optimizes sales and marketing operations

    These are a few use cases of chatbots in healthcare. The benefits of chatbots in healthcare are unbelievable. Informative, Prescriptive, and Conversational like various types of AI chatbots are delivering seamless digital experiences to people and also the service providers.

    Wrapping Up

    According to market research reports, the size of intelligent healthcare AI chatbots is anticipated to reach approximately $70 billion in the next five years. Intends to reduce operational costs and deliver top-notch digital patient experiences, health operators are investing and offering AI chatbot integrated digital services.

    The demand for AI chatbots for billing, AI healthcare chatbots for accessing medical records, and AI healthcare chatbot for insurance is high in the market and the future would be promising.

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