Why Startups Need Mobile Apps?


Why Startups Need Mobile Apps?

A few decades back when the computer came, most organizations branded themselves as we are ‘computerized’, now everybody, even newly born startups, is on the mission of becoming ‘mobilized’.

Interestingly, like multi-national organizations, startups are also investing in mobile app development and digitizing their services. With an app-only concept app development for startups is optimizing business efficacies and boosting them to give tough competition to the mid-level and MNCs. Hence, apps are no longer considered simply a “branding exercise” for small businesses in this digital era.

However, not only startups, organizations too heavily investing today and every business owner is well aware of the transformational benefits that mobile apps can bring. From simplifying online purchases to providing easy-to-access information, the benefits of custom mobile app development for startups, enterprises, and organizations are incredible.

In particular, mobile app development for startups would help in better engaging customers, gaining market attention, and increasing business scalability faster. Herein, we would like to discuss a few top benefits of custom mobile app development for startups and how are startups benefiting from apps.

Being the largest mobile app development company, we give you a guide in the design and development of the best apps for startup businesses. Firstly, let’s have a deep brief on the role of mobile apps for startups.

Why small businesses must develop apps?

Are you a newly born business and in a dilemma in emerging into this digital world?

Build your mobile app startup now. Mobile app development for a startup business is an illuminating way to build brand value.

Yes. In previous years, the increasing cost of mobile app developers kept business owners away from mobile app development. But the recent growth of software development and the availability of thousands of mobile app development companies has made mobile application development more affordable than ever.

As it streamlines the app development process, today app developers are well capable to develop quality apps at an affordable cost for startups. Startups believed that mobile app development for startup business is important, in coupled with affordable application development cost and speed to the market facility are all encouraging small businesses to build apps.

Here are a few reasons why small businesses must develop apps.

How are startups benefiting from apps?

  1. Quick Market Reach

Like the proverb “those who are visible always are preferred when required”, today people show interest in businesses that have visibility, i.e. branding. So not just brands, startups should also grab market attention for executing a profitable business. Hence, the role of mobile apps for startups is farfetched. Customized mobile app development on Android or iPhone platforms will help newly born companies to grab market attention and emerge faster in this extremely competitive digital world.

  1. Customer Loyalty

Mobile apps offer a simple and convenient option for smartphone users to communicate and interact with brands. Such instant, hassle-free, and online communications will lead to better customer engagement and improve customer loyalty.

  1. Optimizes Service Quality

Online shopping app development is a profitable app development for startups. Yes, the development of eCommerce mobile app for startups is a profitable decision as the move for such apps across the global markets is marvelous.

Hence, the benefits of custom mobile app development for startups would help companies in providing qualitative on-demand services to their audience and enrich brand loyalty.

  1. Improve Marketing Operations

Digital Marketing of your brand is a must to stay on top of the competition. Being a startup it’s a little bit challenging and touches to create a buzz for your brand name through manual force.

But, mobile app development for startup businesses will help them to speed up marketing activities and let their brand approach as many audience as possible sooner.

  1. Customer Behavior Monitoring

The best apps for startup businesses developed using Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Predictive analytics like next-generation technologies would assist startups in monitoring customer behavior and building strategies to provide them with more personalized services.

Like these, developing a mobile app for startups will ensure huge benefits. But, the thing that companies should focus on creating profitable app development for startups.

What types of small businesses are preferring apps?

According to an analysis in 2015, around 40,402 apps created, businesses such as restaurants and gyms had the highest percentage, followed by golf courses, hotels, politicians and plumbers. Why these businesses showed an ultimate interest to develop apps? When asked, it was revealed that their main intention was bookings and in-app payments that could help them reduce costings as they could be able to cut the amount of time their staff requires to spend serving orders, taking payments or completing bookings.

How Are Startups Benefiting From Apps?

A survey reveals that 62% of the businesses already have their mobile apps or are in the development process. Of those, 30% use the apps for revenue generation 50% apps for customer support and engagement, and the remaining 20% use apps just for branding.

On the other side, an average of people spend 174 minutes on mobile devices a day. 85% of the population is ordering home essentials, medicines, and other on-demand needs right from their mobile apps.

Hence, today mobile apps are not just for commerce businesses such as those who sell consumer goods online. Apps can be used for any purpose, such as providing information, teaching, and showing videos. With a push notification system, you can put your brand name directly on your customers’ devices.

For example, if you’re a pet food supplier, you can develop an app that allows people to buy pet care products and food items right from your application. It will save their time and also increase sales compared to the in-store sales. Like this, the role of mobile apps for startups cannot be explainable.

Startup companies can witness outstanding reach into the market and build a profitable business by investing in mobile application development. FuGenX is the best partner for mobile app development services. We offer high-quality and cost-effective Android app development, iPhone app development, and web app development services for startups, mid-level enterprises, and multinational organizations.

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The app market holds staggering projections. Social media apps, chatting apps, video streaming apps, and mobile gaming apps are the best ways for startups to generate a million downloads. The competitive business environment and growing app market have already made the mobile app a necessity for B2C and B2B businesses.

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