Artificial Intelligence for Automotive Industry

Artificial Intelligence - A Game-Changer for the Automotive Industry!

Artificial Intelligence A Game Changer In The Automotive Industry

The best answer for how Artificial Intelligence is reshaping the automotive industry is automation. The automotive industry is among the early adopters of trending AI, not just for autonomous driving, but a wide range of other personalization needs. AI in the automotive industry is gaining popularity for increasing automation levels and designing connective vehicles.

Toyota, the world’s second-largest automotive manufacturer behind the German Volkswagen Group, unveiled ‘Yui’, the AI agent for a car, at the Consumer Electronics Show held in the US in the first week of this year.

Yui won’t just (expected to be operative by 2020) understand driving habits and the roads that the car has run, it also acts like a Jarvis-like assistant (similar to a concept in the Iron Man movies), providing you information and insights about the drive.

On the other hand, according to the market intelligence firm Tractica, automotive artificial intelligence sales are expected to hit $14 billion by 2025, from the current $400 million (approximately). This will include the sales of artificial intelligence (AI) hardware, software, and services. As I mentioned in the first line, AI’s applications won’t just be limited to autonomous driving, in fact, it might enable personalized services, predictive maintenance, localization and mapping, and numerous other automotive use cases.

Further, take Chris as an example. Chris, developed by a Berlin-based technology startup, German Autolabs, is a digital assistant that listens and talks to you like a friend. The company calls it as the world’s first digital co-driver. This circle-shaped device has built with an aluminum case with a display, microphones, and sensors. It can recognize voice, and gestures, and talk to you if there are any new navigation updates, messages, emails, and calls on your phone without having to turn your head or look down for your phone.

Likewise, the role of AI in the automotive industry is extremely stunning. Artificial Intelligence is reshaping the automotive industry and will create a bunch of opportunities for automotive manufacturers in the years ahead.

Today, we would like to walk you through the top 3 benefits of AI for automotive industry and how is AI impacting the automotive industry. Let’s see more practical yet transformational benefits that AI can bring to your automotive business.

Top 3 Benefits of AI for Automotive Industry

1. Driverless cars

Driverless cars

It is one of the top most and significant Artificial Intelligence for automotive applications. We have listed it in the top 3 benefits of AI for automotive industry as it is a trending concept across the industry.

We all know more or less about the driverless cars being developed by Waymo (formerly Google self-driving car project, now an independent company), Tesla, Audi, and other leading car manufacturers. Indeed, AI is a driving force behind all driverless cars being developed today.

Here AI is applied to train cars on human behavior and to understand how to react to driving conditions like sensing how other cars behave and how to gauge weather conditions, road issues, and other driving and environmental changes and behaviors.

2. Assisted Features

AI in the automotive industry is gaining popularity for delivering instant and virtual assistance for users. Leading vehicle manufacturers are increasingly ardent to adopt AI to help people avoid those human errors that cause accidents, like safety features that make the automatic braking system more sensible, and enable alert systems about safety, more particularly collision prevention systems.

Accordingly, there are a few artificial Intelligence for automotive applications that help users claim insurance and other services with ease. Here we can more deeply understand the benefits of Chris and similar devices that work as an assistant to the human driver.

3. Cognitive Predictive Maintenance

Cognitive predictive maintenance can bring tangible benefits to manufacturers and consumers. Primarily, AI-powered mobile apps analyze vehicle data and provide actionable insights into performance. These insights assist companies in predicting vehicle maintenance and preventing sudden breakdowns.

For instance, after selling vehicles, manufacturers can harness AI to identify patterns in performance data that expose potentially dangerous situations. If AI is trained to understand that a particular part or feature fails after a certain period (depending on environmental and road conditions), manufacturers can proactively intimate customers about the same and ensure consumers remain safe and the company stays at the forefront in enriching the customer experience and stays profitable too.

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