Top 10 Best AI Chatbot Apps Ideas For Your Business

Top 10 Best AI Chatbot Apps for Android and iOS to Grow your Business Instantly

A 30-Sec Summary

  • Chatbot is a fun and modern way to enhance the customer experience and develop business brands. These AI-powered chatbots entered the world of technology in 2016 as a surprising trend and have grown rapidly and massively since then.
  • Chatbot apps have gained a huge number of admirers for businesses across the globe. They seem to become the new type of chatbot applications that are easier, problem-solving and more convenient in use.
  • AI Chatbots can do wonders that other software couldn’t even imagine. It gives 99%customer engagement in just a minute, improving conversation by 240% overnight or shortening sales cycle by three times.
  • The conversational bots market size is expected to increase from 2.6 billion dollars in 2019 to 9.4 billion dollars by 2024 at a 29.7% CAGR.
  • 56% of organizations report that chat bots are disrupting their field, while 43% report that their competitor companies are already adopting this advanced technology.

Chatbot popularity

Due to the latest significant advances in AI technology, natural language processing, deep learning, and machine learning, the general behavior towards the improvement of chatbot technology and mobile applications is becoming decisive. As the customer service industry and hospitality shifted to AI-powered solutions, these virtual assistants like chatbot applications have began to use artificial intelligence (AI) technology to transform the customer experience.

Whether it’s a stand-alone chatbot app or messaging app integrated into the social network, many of these smart assistants utilize AI technology to address clients’ queries, perform important tasks, managing our schedules and finances, ordering services, or seeking advice on health care issues.

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In this blog, we would list the best and most trusted AI chatbot apps. But before moving to those, let’s know what chatbot app really mean.

What is a Chatbot App?

Chatbot is a texting application that communicates with customers in the form of answers programmed depending on the user input. AI chatbot is another kind of chatbot, which uses AI and ML to analyze the users’ data and answers to client questions according to their real intentions. This focus on customers and the speed with which they understand customer needs will greatly enhance the customer support or user experience.

Ai chatbot usecases

Top 10 Chatbots Ideas for your Business

#1. Mona

Mona is one of the best personal shopping AI chatbot and is developed by a former employee of Amazon. Mona could answer anything virtually. With its innovative feature named ‘Missions’, Mona identifies the ones that fit your input standards by running an extra mile to do an in-depth research through the products available in online retail stores.

In addition, it showcases the top 20 best discounts and promotions to choose from on a daily basis, which will help you save money. More than 300 retailers are already partnered with this AI chatbots application and are showing more interest.

#2. Mitsuku

Mitsuku is also known as the most human-like chatbot. Mitsuku is an 18 years old female robot that has won the Leobner Prize five times. It has created by Steve Worswick using the term Artificial Intelligence Markup Language (AIML), which gives fun and entertainment to humans by talking with them.

Some of its human characteristics will understand your language and mood and well answers to your questions. Its advanced machine learning capability makes communication clean and uncluttered by sending new and latest information to the human administrator. You do not feel lonely as it can talk with 24 hours a day in a variety of applications such as Kick, Telegram, and Facebook Messenger.

#3. Digit 

Digit is a Piggy bank bot app that help users save a small amount of money in achieving their big goals. This platform automatically transfers funds every few days from checking bank accounts to savings. This amount will be determined by algorithms, which will calculate how much money you can afford.

You can save for vacations, credit cards, student loans, and emergency funds. Digit app takes a small amount every week, so you do not need to keep active tabs as you are automatically saving for your future dreams. The Digit team requests users to communicate with the bot and type like ‘What is my balance’.

#4. Lark

Lark is one of the best and critically acclaimed chatbot apps which can prevent diseases. The intention behind the AI chatbot is very meaningful. Google has recognized it as the best and popular AI of the year 2016. The major offerings of Lark are disease management, lifestyle coaching, and prevention programs.

Chatbot is designed for people suffering from any chronic illness. It is hyper-personalized, which provides a positive experience, thanks to the cutting-edge technology behind it.

It monitors the whole data from your mobile devices, makes readings easy to understand, provides 13 analytics and journals, and is also great for integrating with any AI system. It shows the attention and concern of a person suffering from chronic diseases.

#5. Andy English Bot

As the real name of the chatbot itself tells, Andy English chatbot uses its AI technology to assist humans in learning most useful languages, English. Humans can learn and practice new and latest English words, pronunciation, grammar and phrases while you chat. This tool is available to download in both iOS and Android platforms, and if you don’t want to download the app, you can also use it from Messenger.

In addition, Andy has audios of the conversations, so learners can also practice on their pronunciation and listening skills too. It can discuss several interesting topics in the English language, such as films, travel, history, etc.

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#6. Amy (

Amy is also referred to as ‘’ which is an autonomous personal office assistant bot powered by AI. Businesses should use this AI chatbot for quicker and better performance. It amazing helps in scheduling events and meetings for you and focusing you on more complex and productive tasks.

As Amy is not a chat app extension or standalone app, it is not like other standard PA chatbots. To get its service, you need to put Amy in CC (using when you send the file or email draft to the conference guest.

This Amy will then connect to your monthly calendar and then schedule meetings depending on your pre-set locations and preferences. Once approved, the AI chatbot will send automatic confirmation emails to participating guests.

#7. Hello Hipmunk

Hello Hipmank bot app was created by Hipmank, an online travel company based in San Francisco. The company continues to keep changing trends in the mobile application development domain and has embraced AI-powered solutions such as Hello Hipmank, a personal travel assistant. You can also access this AI chatbot app through Skype, Slack, and Messenger designed to help you with hotel and flight and hotel bookings for travel purpose.

Additionally, it syncs with your calendar and email thread to improve your booking experience and launch a collaborative approach to travel planning. Customers who often see travel planning and booking as an annoying process will be stressed out with Hello Hipmank and Bask, which will also save you time and money.

#8. Chatterbot

Chatterbot is the best application that gives automated responses to the customers’ inputs. It has a Python library that allows app development professionals to develop their original AI-powered chatbot apps. AI-based chatbot applications that affect the power of the chatterbox are independent of language, making it a viable option to build a chatbot that understand and speak any language.

Chatterbot is very clear, and it grows naturally through self-learning with no need for coding or repair. The Chatter board guide is transparent, user-friendly so that and it works just like humans.

#9. Woebot

Woebot is an AI-powered chatbot and is very supportive and friendly self-care expert. It received a Google Play Award for the ‘Stand out well-being Apps’ in the year 2019. It helps you in knowing about yourself and your mood with intelligent mood-tracking‌ and will support you through tough times from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Woebot promises to give you a chance to speak about your worries, and in return, it will empathize with you and offer some counseling. You can find out how to deal with problems, stress, and misery in your life and how to control anxiety and be happy.

#10. Replika

If you want a chatbot which is just like your best friend, Replika chatbot is the best out there and hence is part of this list of top 10 AI chatbot apps. You can speak happily with this application for hours without getting tired and bored. In this application, humans can make a virtual personality of the bot and communicate with. Replika app is available on both iOS and Android to download without cost.

Sometimes everyone needs someone who listens to all our sorrows and secrets. Replika is your safest place in such situation to share your thoughts and feelings with no fear of being scolded and judged. You can really have good fun and time pass while talking with this chatbot.

Final Words

The future of AI chatbot applications is brightening with the readiness of mobile app development specialists like FuGenx Technologies to integrate AI technology into an active element for app users. Most of the businesses are showing keen interest in trying out AI-powered mobile apps and can automate many of their day-to-day tasks.

I hope you satisfied with the above mentioned top 10 AI Chatbot apps powered by FuGenX

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