Cost to Develop an App Like VLC player or MX Player

How Much Does It Cost to Develop An Audio/Video Streaming App Like MX Player?

Video streaming apps are offering hours of premium video content in 11 native languages to the users. The world’s best video player apps like MX Player, and VLC Media Player apps allow users to play multimedia files and stream video content faster.

Moreover, these feature-packed video streaming or audio-playing applications are easy to download and free-to-use. On the other side, VLC player and MX player-like trending streaming apps are developed with the Chromecast feature. Hence, they support multiple devices and play any kind of audio and video files with high-resolution and crystal-clear sounds.

With increasing habits of music listening or video playing activities, cross-platform or native on-demand video streaming apps will help brands to reach a million users without putting much effort.

In this article, we would like to guide you about the development cost of MX Player India’s most popular OTT app in India.

If you have plans to create an audio or video streaming app like the VLC Player app or MX Player, this article will help you in estimating the development cost of MX Player one of the most popular video and music streaming apps in India.

mx player app development costFeatures and functionalities of a powerful video and music player app like MX Player

MX Player app is enjoying an increasing number of users count every year. The app has over 280 million users globally and out of them 150 million active users are from India.

Driven by the list of features, the app has become the best and the most user-friendly music streaming application in India. It has more additional and advanced features over other top video streaming apps in India like VLC Player, Gaana, Spotify, Netflix, etc.

Here are the top features of MX player-like the best audio and video streaming app in India.

  • High-quality Content

MX Player, the most popular #video player apps for Android, offers 150,000 hours of high-quality content. Users can watch or listen to unlimited movies, TV shows, web series, and music.

  • Gesture Controlled Video Player

MX Player is a gesture-based audio/video player app. This trending video-on-demand platform offers gesture controls to manage volume, and brightness, scroll up/ down, and move to the next video.

Gesture Controlled Video Player

  • Gentle Zoom In & Out

MX Player is been recognized as one of the biggest music streaming apps in India. It has occupied 4.4-star rating from nearly 12 million users.

MX Player app offers another best feature that users can Zoom in or Zoom out to increase or decrease the size of the screen or text. This feature allows users to move across the mobile screen without any hassle.

  • Double Tap Facility

Here is another user-friendly feature that enriches the user experiences of video streaming or music player apps like MX Player software.

This feature is primarily designed and developed to improve the user’s convenience while watching their favorite movie, TV shows, web series, or sports. Double Tap feature allows users to pause or play the video or audio files by clicking the button twice.

  • Text Editing

MX Player is a great addition to the Indian Video Streaming apps industry. It has very unique features like text editing. Users can edit the color and font style of the text.

text editing

  • Subtitles Feature

Adding a subtitle feature to the MX Player clone app development will increase user convenience. Videos on YouTube like trending streaming apps come with English subtitles. You might have experienced this many times.

Watching a video or listening to music with subtitles has become common and a general feature. But, when you give your audience the flexibility to choose their subtitle’s language, it’s truly an amazing thought. Users can enjoy their favorite shows in their preferred language.

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    Moreover, the MX Player app is also featured with customized subtitle feature to help users in changing the appearance of the subtitle’s color or size.

    • Go Ad-free

    If you want to take your app monetization models to the next level, add this premium feature to MX Player like India’s top video & music player apps (Android/iPhone). On subscribing to the app’s premium features like Go Ad-free users can enjoy an ad-free viewing experience.

    • Language Preferences

    As we discussed, India’s biggest video streaming app for Android and iOS like the MX Player application allows users to choose their preferred language to login into the application.

    • Push Notifications

    This feature of MX Player is engaged in sending push notifications about new video content or music files to the users. It improves user personalization and application reliability.

    • Kids Mode

    It’s one of the crazy features that make your application kid-friendly. MX Player like popular music streaming app in India enables content for users under teenage (0-13 years old) by just toggling the Kids mode. Based on the age entered by the users, the app displays the video and music files.

    • Custom Search

    This feature makes users search faster. App users can find trending movies, web shows, short films, music, or live TV shows with ease and save a lot of time just browsing through the app.

    • Microphone Facility

    By enabling microphone permissions, users can find their favorite music and video files through their voice. It will save search time and increase the application’s accessibility.

    • Quick Sign Me Up

    MX Player app allows users to login in with simple steps. Users can instantly log in using their social media accounts or mobile number.

    • Offline Watching

    It is a must-have feature to consider while video streaming app development like MX Player App. Users can download videos and music files that they love and watch anytime, anywhere without connecting to a network.     

    • Play, Browse, and Watch At Once

    This is an advanced feature that allows users to browse content while playing music files in the background. Integration of this feature MX Player clone application will increase the app’s uniqueness.

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    • User Profile

    This is where users can view their video library, saved audio/video files, subscriptions, Payment details, and invite friends like elements.

    • In-app Payments

    Integrating secure payment integrations will help users to pay their subscription plans in convenient and flexible payment ways. 

    • AR and VR Support 

    This is truly an amazing addition to MX Player like a top video streaming application. It allows users to experience 3-D viewing experiences. It allows users in watching their favorite music or video content in 360 degrees. 

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    What Technology Is Best For Video Streaming Application Development?

    • Programming languages for native Android App Development: Java and Kotlin
    • Programming languages for native iOS app development: Swift and Objective C
    • Programming languages for cross-platform video streaming app development: Flutter
    • Streaming Protocols: Microsoft Smooth Streaming and Apple HTTP Live Streaming
    • Push notifications: Twilio
    • Location Tracking: Google Maps API and Apple Mapkit
    • Cloud Storage: AWS, and Google Cloud
    • Analytics and Insights: Google Analytics
    • Tools: Android SDK (for Android app development) and Xcode for iPhone app development


    How Much Does It Make To Make A Video Streaming App Like MX Player/VLC Player Apps?

    How much does it cost to develop a video streaming app?

    vlc player app development costIf you are in plans to invest in video streaming or music streaming app development, you might be thinking of its cost.

    Being an award-winning mobile app developer in India, we estimate that the cost of MX Player like popular software development will be around $25,000 to $35,000 on a single platform with moderate complexity.

    However, the best music streaming application development and entertainment app development will depend on many factors, such as requirements, UI/UX design complexity, evaluation of MVP plan, technologies used, testing methods, application development platform, app type, and maintenance & support, etc.

    Further, the location and team size of the mobile app development company you hire will also impact the final cost of a video streaming application.

    Considering all the above factors, the final cost of video or music streaming application development like MX Player will reach $45,000+.

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