Enterprise App Development Challenges & Best Practices


The demand for enterprise apps is growing exponentially. Many business professionals are aware that the implementation of enterprise apps can make companies more prosperous and successful.

According to the survey, 79% of USA companies have given a large part of the credit of their organization’s success to mobile enterprise solutions.

According to the survey report, 23% of respondents said apps increased productivity, 30% said apps improved business process, and 20% said apps have them a competitive advantage.

Enterprise mobile application development is altering the way enterprises work by bringing upheavals to the traditional process that has been in place.

Although software can make the enterprise more productive, along with that, you may also face several challenges during the development procedure.

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In this article, we are going to deliver the information related to the challenges that you are going to face in the development process and best practices to overcome them.


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Enterprise mobile app development challenges

1 . Modifying business requirements

It’s common to make frequent changes in dynamic business environments. It is the main challenge for the development team to head on and adapt to deliver an enterprise mobile solution in a lively atmosphere.


2 . Handling Big Data

Every enterprise will consist of the colossal amount of wealthy data. It is challenging to manage Big Data effectively in a mobile application that is constrained to a specific limited size.

Enterprises must take advantage of tools, techniques, and technologies to ensure data is safe and effective.


3 . Bad user experience

It is the only possible method to make sure that users are not going to abandon your enterprise solutions after the first of use.

According to the research report, 21% of users abandon an after a single-use.

User experience plays a crucial role in enterprise mobile app development. Like all apps, mobile enterprise solutions need to be intuitive and easy to use by keeping the app as valued as possible.

Develop an app that can resist and even take advantage of these constraints.

So, it is better to hire qualified developers to develop an application that will be convenient and valuable for your users.


4 . Security

The security that you will frequently hear in the mobile app development environment. Enterprises need to be regularly secure and vigilant in their systems with cyber-attacks and threats happening daily.

At present, enterprises follow one of two models when it comes to implementing internal apps into their mobile strategy. Enterprises can tell their employees to bring your own device (BYOD) or issue mobile devices to employees to access explicit apps.

Based on the report, it is estimated that by 2022, 75% of smartphones used within the enterprises are BYOD. If this is the case, new challenges and concerns will continue to arise.

Companies that are using a BYOD program and have a plan to have employee-facing enterprise apps accessed on those devices need to implement managed mobility services (MMS) or Mobile device management (MDS) strategy.

Enterprises that issue devices to employees will have more control over security than enterprises that prefers the BYOD model.

SSL encryption, certificate underpinning, Data encryption, and active authentication measures improve both approaches and typically are part of MMS or MDS solutions.

As it is the biggest challenge, we need to protect sensitive data and prevent breaches by applying a robust security layer while developing mobile applications.


5 . Mobile Resources & Expertise

As enterprise mobile app development is a relatively new concept in the market, it is difficult to find resources and expertise professionals. Sometimes, some of the companies want to move their desktop app to a mobile application, and it is not much easy as you think because it requires a team of skilled professionals.

Often, companies deploy apps that do not provide the right solution for their business problems. So, it gives the utmost importance to involve end-users in the design process to make sure the mobile enterprise app helps alleviate their pain points.


6 . Choosing an appropriate API strategy

While you develop enterprise application solutions, it is vital to create a robust API strategy. You require specific APIs for your enterprise application to enable particular features of the solution.

It requires businesses to take an in-depth look at their existing APIs and analyze whether they are going to fulfill every requirement of the future enterprise solution.

If the current APIs don’t fit, you should modify them or even develop a new one.

There it’s good to consult with the business analysts.

Best practices for Enterprise Mobile Application Development


7. Defining application size

Defining the application scale and size is fundamental to properly plan the efforts & resources that will be invested to complete the project. While developing mobile enterprise applications, it is essential to minimize the additional capacity to deliver a streamlined and lightweight solution that focuses on fundamental functions without interruptions.


8. Offering powerful content

Your enterprise app must solely be designed to handle and satisfy the identical requirements that prompted the development of the app. make sure your app must be straightforward to resolve a specific problem without any distraction.

A crisp and clean mobile application will provide a focused environment where users can concentrate on the content and core functionalities, rather than being sidetracked with too many features.


9 . Developing & providing comprehensive training

Every organization is different, and there are different levels of knowledge in terms of specific technical skills.

One thing you must preserve in mind is that not all employees are equally equipped with knowledge. It is the reason to develop a comprehensive training program for existing employees and accelerate their progress.

A company will succeed when they hire the right talent and nurture.


10 . Using smart sensors

As technology moving at top rated speed, companies must include relevant technologies into the app design.


11 . Securing the application

An enterprise mobile application includes sensitive corporate information that cannot be shared with the outside world. Within the app, the enterprise users should be able to take benefit of security functionalities like authentication, security, encryption, management of confidential information to protect data even as it is being used throughout copious isolated localities.

12 . Iterative design

You should not be surprised as developers are moving towards a more agile development process. One of the top benefits with the enterprise mobility apps is the ability to continuously update the app depending on the user feedback in a limited period.

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Final words

Until a few years ago, mobile enterprise apps were still low-priority for organizations, receiving minimal investment and resources. With the latest revolution in the economy and industry, mobile enterprise apps should no longer stay in the back burner of a company’s policy.

Nowadays, it is impossible to imagine an enterprise without mobile applications that enable process management. Mobile apps are becoming a central part of the modern enterprise.

Above are the essential factors that an enterprise app developer should keep in mind to develop a successful mobile application. While leveraging the proper tools and advanced technologies, they should also take care of security, usability, and other factors of the application.

It becomes critical for developers to stay up-to-date and provide the best solutions to the clients based on a present-day scenario.

If you are an enterprise and planning to create a mobile application solution, do not hesitate to reach us.

FuGenX Technologies is a leading enterprise mobile app development company in India & USA, delivers high-quality mobility services across the globe.

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