10 Best Uses Of Voice Recognition Mobile Apps

10 Best Uses Of Voice Recognition Mobile Apps

Voice search has become very popular and ensures a convenient app experience for smartphone users. Voice-recognition-enabled mobile apps are giving the flexibility to search for the desired app content through their voice commands. It means voice recognition apps enable users to talk to built-in AI virtual assistants and get instant responses for their search queries.

The use of voice recognition technology in mobile apps development has gained momentum in the industry. People switching from traditional search methods to voice-enabled search is the primary reason behind the popularity of voice recognition apps.

In this article, we would like to talk about what are voice recognition apps and the benefits of AI-based mobile app development in 2022.

What Is A Voice Recognition App?

Voice recognition mobile apps have embedded with speech-to-tech and text-to-speech conversion technologies. These technologies will empower the mobile app to interpret user voice commands and respond with accurate content that they are searching for.

Amazon’s Alexa and Apple Siri are the two most popular voice recognition apps. Speech interactions with these virtual digital assistants will let users perform tasks instantly without touching the keypad or smartphone.

The capability in understanding user voice commands and efficiency in delivering 100% accurate content are the two growth factors of voice recognition apps demand.

A part of the convenience of use, such voice recognition mobile app development has also benefited the users who cannot type and search. Realizing this aspect, Mobile app development companies are addressing an AI solution to assist people with vision problems and illiterates.

Best Uses Of Voice Recognition Mobile AppsBenefits Of AI-based Voice Recognition Mobile App  

Since voice recognition apps have many advantages, we have compiled a few significant benefits of AI mobile apps that recognize the human voice and respond in seconds.

  1. Organizations can deliver enriched mobile app experiences to their audience.
  2. The best voice recognition technology powered AI mobile apps for Android and iOS assist BPOs in recoding caller credentials automatically
  3. Popular voice-enabled mobile apps for iPhone or Android enhance the consumer experience by minimizing the time in getting their services.
  4. The most outstanding benefit of voice recognition technology in mobile apps is its dictation feature for recoding notes quickly.
  5. Voice recognition apps are profitable for retail and e-commerce businesses to significantly enhance customers’ experience by making their online search smooth and quick.
  6. Voice-assisted software applications development help travel agencies deliver next-level of advanced ticket booking services to travelers. The popular online cab booking apps like Uber and Ola were also allowing users to use a microphone for searching their desired destinations. This will remove the burden of typing and improve the mobile app experience.
  7. Voice recognition mobile apps development will assist media channels in recording interviews in real-time and in making live sessions more interactive.
  8. Thanks to AI-powered voice conversations. AI-enabled speech-to-text and text-to-speech mobile software help in creating foreign language learning apps. Voice recognition apps assist learners in learning the pronunciation of new words with ease.
  9. AI-based voice recognition app development companies like FuGenX have done wonders in mobile app development by integrating potential conversational AI capabilities on-demand
  10. AI-powered voice apps while ensuring security and privacy, also offer convenience to us. Voice-enabled mobile banking apps help banks and financial institutions in delivering hassle-free customer support services instantly.


These are a few uses of voice recognition apps. Driven by these features, the demand for voice recognition mobile application development (Android and iPhone) is on the rise and has bright scope. 

How AI Voice Recognition Apps Have Occupied Space In The Mobile App Development Industry?

Speech-to-text converting software has modified the way users communicate with their mobile devices and brands. Since the introduction of Siri, a virtual digital mobile voice assistant for iOS, the way people interact with mobile apps has changed.

For searching google, opening messages, reading emails, and accessing mobile app features, smartphone users are using voice-enabled applications to make their search easier and faster. The below figure depicts how people are voice recognition mobile apps have been used worldwide.

How-AI-Voice-Recognition-AppWould you like to augment your mobile app services with voice recognition features? Here is brief information on the advantages of integrating voice recognition features and functionalities into your existing mobile app.


Advantages Of Integrating Voice Recognition Technology into Mobile Apps (Android/iPhone)

Top mobile app development companies in India and other nations have realized the significance of modern AI features to improve app experience and personalization. The best mobile app developers believe that Android/iPhone app development with speech recognition technology will grab the user’s attention and increase the service quality of brands.

If you have already a mobile app and looking ahead to the voice support feature, you must first know how it will be useful for your business. Here are a few advantages of adding voice recognition features to your mobile application.

Fast Delivery

Integration of voice technology into mobile apps assist organizations in providing 24*7 non-stop and continuous digital services to their audience. By interpreting user voice commands and giving back-to-back replies voice-enabled AI assistants ensure high-level service quality in just minutes.  It saves customers time at the same time enhances brand loyalty.

Multilingual Support

Top mobile app developers localize your existing mobile apps by enabling multilingual support features. The best mobile app development service providers will create AI apps with multilingual voice technology. This would help businesses in providing more localized content to the audience. Consequently, speech recognition with multilingual support encourages audiences across different localities. 

Promises Customer Satisfaction

No doubt. When you hire iPhone app developers for integrating voice search features, your mobile app users can benefit significantly from this functionality. Adding voice search will provide many fold benefits to your users.

Voice search will be the best way for enterprises to provide convenience and increase the satisfaction level of end-users. Nowadays, over 40% of smartphone users use voice search. It means users don’t need to type product names when they are searching. They can simply use their voice and get accurate results in seconds. Such an automated process ensures high customer satisfaction.


Companies who plan to hire Android app developers or iOS app developers for integration of the voice search feature in mobile apps can click here.


How much does it cost to develop voice recognition apps for Android or iPhone?

How much does a mobile app with advanced voice recognition features will cost?

This question might be drilling your mind if you are looking ahead to an AI app development.

Being one of the top AI app development companies, FuGenX can estimate the development cost of a speech recognition app to nearly $80,000-$200,000. This estimated AI app development cost might vary based on the app platform, features added, and the hourly rate of AI mobile app developers you hire.

Know the cost to develop the apps like


How to develop home decor and furniture shopping mobile app cost of developing an photo editing app like retrica

Wrapping Up

Voice technology in mobile apps development has a tremendous growth in 2022 and the years ahead. In particular, with the emergence of IoT-enabled smart devices and applications, the use of voice technology in mobile apps is reaching its peak level.

This increased demand is not a trend, it’s an essential feature in a mobile application that your audience will expect from your app services. Hence, voice recognition app development for Android/iOS will be the future of AI technology. If you like to engage your targeted audience and deliver top-notch services through mobile apps, don’t forget to develop an app with voice recognition features.

FuGenX is a leading mobile application development company in Bangalore, India. Our highly skilled AI app developers are familiar with all digital AI technologies. They are experts in using machine learning, natural language processing, text-to-speech, speech-to-text, and many more advanced technologies.

With such an app development team with deep knowledge of trending mobile app development technologies and programming languages, FuGenX promises to provide end-to-end mobile app development services on-demand for enterprises across various industries.

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