How To Make Your App To Be Displayed On First Page of App Stores?

How To Make Your App To Be Displayed On First Page of App Stores?

Google Play Store and Apple App Store are the two biggest smartphone applications where people can download various mobile apps for their desired needs. App stores have been loaded with millions of the latest Android apps and iPhone apps across various categories, such as entertainment apps, gaming apps, music apps, video streaming apps, travel booking apps, e-Pharmacy apps, and online e-books, etc. People can download any app at any time from anywhere on mobile devices.

Downloads of mobile apps through Google Play and Apple App stores are touching the sky limit because of the increasing use of smartphones. Moreover, users switch to Android/ IOS apps to get services done instantly and comfortably by sitting at home.

It is the primary reason behind the flood across the app stores. Every organization is developing a mobile application delivering online services in this digital sphere. They also believe that mobile apps development is a significant way for extending brand value and remaining a top player. So, organizations aim to introduce their application and get it featured in the iOS and Android app stores.

This trend is leaving a challenge to mobile app development companies to create the best user-friendly apps and get featured on app stores. An Android or iOS mobile app development company needs to develop a simple yet powerful application to grab the users’ hearts, get a million downloads, and list on the top mobile apps category.

But, here is another challenge for mobile app developers. Smartphone brands continue to upgrade the versions of operating systems to deliver more advanced functionalities and ensure better user experiences.

For instance, if you aim to launch an Android app on Google Play Store, it should be compatible with the current Android version to deliver high performance. It is one of the crucial factors to remember being the best mobile app developers (India, USA).

However, Google and Apple often release new SDKs (Software Development Kits) for supporting mobile app developers to create custom mobile apps. Yes, custom mobile apps development is the future-proof decision of organizations to do amendments to the app without any hassle whenever the smartphone version will be upgraded.

Our mobile app development team has compiled a list of points that help businesses to know how to get their app featured in the App Stores quickly. 

Tips To Give A Big Hit To Your Mobile App

Here are a few tips to create the best mobile application for your target audience. This article would also help your application get more downloads and grab the user’s attention.

#1. Simple UI/UX: Just imagine, you launched a mobile app with a highly complex User Interface (UI). People are downloading and installing it, but in a short period, they are uninstalling the app from their devices.

Can you guess the reason behind such app removals from their devices?

The complexity of app UI. Yes, if you design your mobile app with a highly complex interface, it will be removed soon from the user’s devices.

Android/iOS mobile app developers should focus on creating simple and easy-to-understand User Interface (UI) and interacting User Experience (UX) design for better engaging users. Further, application developers should also focus on using pleasant color themes for making the UI more attractive and eye-pleasant.

#2. Bugs-free Apps: 

Just think, you raised a huge amount for mobile apps development, developed your dream application on desired app platform, passed across various amendments as per app store requirements, and deployed on app stores successfully.

Now, if you got an email that informing you that your application was removed from the app store due to certain reasons, your all efforts will be drained out.

Make sure your app is bugs-free to avoid app crashes. Error-free Android apps or iOS apps will rank first positions across the app stores. Mobile apps that ensure flawless performance for a longer period without app crashes or functionality errors will improve app installation rates.

On the other side, Apple or Google might remove your apps from their app store permanently or be suspended for a few days based on low app ratings, functional errors, or if it violates the rules and regulations.

Let’s meet the best mobile app development company for creating flawless Android and iOS apps at an affordable budget.

#3. Go For Native Apps Development: We are not against cross-platform app development. But, we advise native app development (either Android or iOS app development) will be easily featured on Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

In particular, high-quality native iPhone apps will be quickly accepted and featured on the Apple app store. Apple has a belief that native iOS apps provide high-level performance on iPhone devices. So, native apps development is the right choice to be listed on top in the app stores.

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    #4. Give Accessibility:  Mobile app developers should develop an app that ensures high accessibility to all audiences. For instance, without the integration of voice recognition technologies, your app cannot be accessed by people with blind or illiterates. They cannot access the app’s features and functionalities to the fullest.

    Hence, integrate voice recognition technologies to easily interpret and recognize the user’s voice. Microphone integration will enable users to process the user voice commands and respond appropriately with the desired information.

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     Further, give your audience the flexibility to access the content as per their needs. For instance, a few people will like to use the app in light mode, and a few more feel comfortable with dark mode. So, the flexibility to toggle light and dark mode is another way to grab the user’s attention and increase app retention rates.

    Mobile app developers can also use pre-built app-accessibility features such as VoiceOver, adjustable font size and color theme (light or dark mode), interface transparency, etc.

    #5. Make Use Of Apple or Google APIs: If you develop native apps or hybrid apps using Proprietary APIs of Google or Apple, your app will be deployed easily on stores and appreciated soon.

    For instance, if you are developing native android apps, then your app should support communication with other Google services such as Search, Gmail, Translate, or Google Maps. This strategy would help mobile application development companies or organizations build apps that get featured on app stores.

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      #6. Regular Updates are Mandatory: It is one of the best strategies to get your app featured on the app store with ease. Regular updates to the app under the user requirements and OS upgradation is key task that app developers should not focus on.

      The editors of Google Play Store and Apple App Store always pick the recently updated apps to list on wallpaper. So, keep your application up-to-date and fix bugs, if any, and let your app get positive feedback and reviews.


      #7. Enhance Page View: The product page of the application will give all necessary information related to the app’s features, functionalities, and services. Android/iPhone app developers should be very particular about this page.

      The products page will allow enterprises to draw the attention of the users in the first few minutes. This curated and brief of app functionality will decide the download rate of your app.

      iOS and Android app developers can augment the product page view by integrating attractive images and short videos for better engaging visitors. It will also improve the chances of your app getting featured on the app store.

      #8. App Availability To Global Customers: Location-specific apps face challenges in delivering service to global customers and getting listed on the first page in the stores. Because Google Play Store and Apple App Store give high priority to apps that support multi-languages and deliver services global wide.

      So, focus on an app that ensures high availability and facilitates users to convert languages for a better local feel. Mobile app development companies can advance app localization using the best ASO (App Store Optimization) tools.

      #9. Use Eye-pleasant Graphics: Starting from the app logo or icon to all interfaces should be designed in an engaging and easy-to-use way. Such simple app designs reflect the functionality of the application and its performance.

      #10. Focus to Get high App Rating: Mobile apps with 4 or 4.5-star ratings will draw the attention of more audiences. Users will like to download and install apps that have 4.5+ star ratings. Because, until and unless the app delivers extremely high-level services, gaining such a rating is impossible.

      Hence, user positive feedback related to application features, functionalities, performance, responsiveness, and ratings will let your app be appreciated by the app stores and listed on the first page.

      These are all the best strategies to give a big success to your application in the app stores.

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