IoT can Transform Small Machine Manufactures!

IoT can Take Small Machine Manufactures to the Next Level!

The changed scenario in manufacturing sector has posed tough challenges for small machine manufactures like non-availability of qualified resource, tighten safety regulations, utmost necessity of equipment upgrades and facility expansions.

Today from big billion manufacturers to emerging startups, IoT is an efficient way to bring cost savings, efficiencies, and higher productivity yields to in-house manufacturing process. When it comes to small machine manufactures, custom-built IoT Platform can enable them to leverage the power of Internet of Things. IoT Platform allows to connect devices to internet, gather and analyse data and respond to various scenarios.

Manufacturers of any small/medium machines like cutting machines, printing, coffee machines, shredders, inverters, motors and generators can harness custom-built IOT Platform to automate the interactions between the devices.


How it works?

Equipment required:

Big Data Analytics engine, Mobile application, and Cloud based master controller unit, etc.

Real-time tracking:

With the cloud-based dashboard, the admin can get the complete status of the machines behaviour.

Control unit

The centralized control unit (mobile app or TV app) gives ability to control machines and solve the issues automatically

Incident prediction:

Based on machine learning and past incidents, the system can predict possible faults.


  • Mobile app acts as a centre of IoT operations
  • Cloud based Master Controller Unit to control inputs and outputs. Cloud based analytics to predict potential faults
  • With multiple programming options, the admin can manage multiple machines simultaneously, which requires less manual interventions
  • Capability to understand major outputs and predications
  • To interact with the machines, the system can use both Bluetooth Low Energy and Wi-Fi protocols
  • Facility to handle both operator and service engineer Mode


  • Centralized tracking and control of machines in single or dispersed locations
  • Control unit allows to change configuration parameters and fix issues
  • As the system can identify voltage and temperature fluctuations, the life span of the machine can be increased
  • Grouping the machines under one production unit and program is possible with the Unit Level control
  • Decrease manual works, increases efficiency and streamline operations
  • Automate and integrate multiple operational tasks
  • Reduce the need of heavy resources, equipment upgrades, facility expansions
  • As IoT is able to predict possible damages caused by machines, manufacturers can decrease risk of accidents in the workplace

Why it is right time for manufactures to adopt IoT?


Reduced sensors and processors cost:

Heavy cost of equipment was one of the major obstacles that held back small manufacturers from adopting IoT. As Goldman Sachs report says the cost of sensors has reduced to an average of 60 cents from $1.30 in the duration of past ten years. Likewise, the cost of bandwidth and processing has reduced in the range of 40X to 60X. All these factors have made IoT handy for small manufactures.

IoT has a great capability to take machine manufacturing operations to a greater height. Compared to other manufacturing sectors, machine manufactures can yield a greater as well as much needed benefit from IoT to transform their operations.

Want to build your own IoT Platform to Transform your Manufacturing Process?

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