IoT can Transform Small Machine Manufactures!

IoT Can Take Small Machine Manufactures To The Next Level!

Best Ways How IoT can Transform Small Machine Manufactures

This informative article lets you have a better idea about the major applications of IoT in the manufacturing industry and how the Internet of Things can transform your business or How IoT can Transform Small Machine Manufactures.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a modern connecting platform that hosts various disruptive networks, smart sensor-connected devices or applications, and enormous amounts of data gathered from the smart devices securely and efficiently.

Though IoT is being used by many industries, like healthcare, education, transportation, oil/gas/energy/utility sectors, manufacturing is one of the core industries that is using the technology across the value chain of operations.

IoT manufacturing is recording billion-dollar investments every year. For maintaining communication among systems, devices, and applications, monitoring supply-chain, securing IT information systems, monitoring production facilities and resources, remote data accessing, and tracking fleet, the use of IoT in manufacturing industry is increasingly adopted by manufacturers.

The changed scenario in the manufacturing sector has posed tough challenges for small machine manufacturers like the non-availability of qualified resources, tighten safety regulations, and the utmost necessity of equipment upgrades and facility expansions.

Today, from big billion manufacturers to emerging startups, IoT in manufacturing is an efficient way to save cost overheads, ensure automation, and yield higher productivity. Manufacturers of any size, including small, medium, and multi-national companies can stay in connection with machines and automate and monitor the interactions between the devices.

Here is a glimpse of how the internet of things can transform your business or Best 6 Ways How IoT can Transform Small Machine Manufactures –

Top Six Applications and Benefits Of IoT In the Manufacturing Sector


The IoT in the manufacturing industry is a buzz in the market. Along with Augmented reality, Robotics, cloud computing, cyber security, big data, and Artificial intelligence like automation and digital data exchange platforms, IoT is also an emerging technology that is playing a vital role in Industry 4.0.

In this digital age, IoT has become a key for the digital transformation of manufacturing companies and the need for IoT for small and growing manufacturing firms is high to yield higher productivity and remain competitive.

Here are a few best use cases of IoT in manufacturing sector

1. IoT In Manufacturing Sector For Facility Monitoring

The revolutionizing IoT can transform small machine manufacturers and take the level of automation to the sky limit. Deployment of IoT-powered sensor cameras and connected IoT apps, the manufacturers can monitor their production and warehouse facilities at any time from anywhere. Such smart digital monitoring facilities help manufacturers in visualizing what is happening on their premises and stay updated on the work progress of the resources.

2. IoT In Manufacturing Domain For Supply-Chain Management

It is one of the best use cases of IoT in manufacturing industry. IoT-based devices or applications assist manufacturers in tracking and monitoring the entire supply chain and logistics operations 24*7.

From products shifting from the production facility to warehouse and distribution centers, IoT applications will track the process and send notifications & status alerts to the admin. It will increase supply-chain visibility and eliminate the need for manual processes.

3. IoT In Manufacturing Inventory Tracking

The uses of IoT for small and growing manufacturing firms are incredible. Smart Internet-connected IoT solutions and applications help manufacturers in tracking and monitoring inventories and increase visibility into stock management, sales, and distribution operations.

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    4. IoT For Predictive Maintenance Of The Machinery

    Device monitoring, management, and predictive maintenance are a few best use cases of IoT in manufacturing. Machinery or device failures will greatly impact the manufacturing industry’s production.

    According to the researchers, the average cost of machinery downtime of a medium size manufacturing company will be in dollars. The manual identification of device issues, scheduling overhaul services, and making devices work in regular ways, all consume more time and costs.

    Leveraging the capabilities of Machine Learning, deep learning, and predictive analytics, smart IoT solutions will monitor machinery performance and delivers insights into maintenance services. Such auto-prediction of device maintenance before breakdowns will ensure sustained production.

    5. IoT For Remote Equipment Management

    IoT solutions allow manufacturers to remote control and view sensor-equipped devices. With the use of smart machines and mobile software applications, manufacturers can access the device information from remote locations and make faster decisions towards improving the productivity of assets.

    6. IoT in Manufacturing Sector For Detecting Device Failures

    IoT-based applications are best suitable for detecting device failures. IoT can transform small machine manufacturer’s life. Identifying device failures and reducing costs are also one of the advantages of IoT in manufacturing. With small investments in IoT solutions, manufacturers can automate manufacturing operations and reap the benefits of streamlined operations.

    These are only a few top six use cases, applications, and advantages of adopting IoT in the manufacturing sector. Implementation of above listed top six applications and benefits of IoT in manufacturing will promise a bright scope for manufacturers to digitize operations. However, there are infinite uses of IoT in manufacturing that ensure rapid returns and facilitate digital transformation across the end-to-end manufacturing process.

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    How Does IoT Manufacturing Solution Work?

    Here is the work process of IoT solutions.

    • Equipment required:

    Big Data Analytics engine, Mobile application, Cloud-based master controller unit, etc.

    • Real-time tracking:

    With the cloud-based dashboard, the admin can get the complete status of the behavior of the machine.

    • Control unit

    The centralized control unit (mobile app or TV app) gives the ability to control machines and solve issues automatically.

    • Incident prediction:

    Based on machine learning and past incidents, the system can predict possible faults.

    Let’s take a look at the end-to-end operational flow of an IoT manufacturing application.
    • The mobile app acts as a center of IoT operations.
    • Cloud-based Master Controller Unit to control inputs and outputs. Cloud-based analytics to predict potential faults
    • With multiple programming options, the admin can manage multiple machines simultaneously, which requires fewer manual interventions.
    • Capability to understand major outputs and predictions.
    • To interact with the machines, the system can use both Bluetooth Low Energy and Wi-Fi protocols.
    • Facility to handle both operator and service engineer Mode

    How The Internet Of Things Can Transform Your Business?

    What are the benefits of deploying IoT Manufacturing solutions?

    Here are a few key benefits of IoT for small and growing manufacturing firms.

    • Centralized tracking and control of machines in single or dispersed locations
    • The control unit allows to change of configuration parameters and fixes issues
    • As the system can identify voltage and temperature fluctuations, the life span of the machine can be increased
    • Grouping the machines under one production unit and the program is possible with the Unit Level of control
    • The best IoT Solution for Manufacturing will decrease manual works, increase efficiency, and streamline operations
    • Automate and integrate multiple operational tasks
    • Reduce the need for resources, equipment upgrades, facility expansions
    • As IoT can predict possible damages caused by machines, manufacturers can decrease the risk of accidents in the workplace

    Why Is It The Right Time For Manufactures To Adopt IoT?


    Reduced Sensors & Processors Cost

    Heavy cost of equipment maintenance is one of the major obstacles that impact small and medium-sized manufacturers from adopting IoT. The Goldman Sachs report says the cost of sensors has reduced to an average of 60 cents from $1.30 in the duration of past ten years.

    Likewise, the cost of bandwidth and processing has reduced in the range of 40X to 60X. All these factors have made IoT handy for small manufactures.

    Hence, the future of IoT in manufacturing industry is anticipated to create a profitable business value for machine or equipment manufacturers.

    Final Words!

    IoT development is the futuristic decision for manufacturers to accelerate digitization. As we discussed in this article, IoT applications for Manufacturing ensure a superior level of digital connection between systems, applications, and even facilities.

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