How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App like Flipcart

How Much Does it Cost to Develop an eCommerce App like Flipkart?


Flipkart is India’s largest e-commerce company, which sells a wide range of products online, including home appliances, mobile phones, books, and fashion products. Though Amazon was the first significant company to initiate e-commerce operations in India, the credit for making e-commerce popular in India goes to Flipkart. This ecommerce company has been an inspiration for hundreds of Indian e-commerce ventures.

Flipkart is India’s largest e-commerce company that sells a wide range of products online, including home appliances, mobile phones, books and fashion products. Although Amazon was the first major company to launch e-commerce operations in India, the credit for the popularity of e-commerce in India goes to Flipkart.

FuGenX is a global technology services company in India / e-commerce app development company India and USA known for its world-class e-commerce mobile app development services. Flipkart has been the inspiration for hundreds of Indian e-commerce ventures. As eCommerce is booming in India, Flipkart has launched a subscription-based service called ‘Flipkart First’ that offer special benefits along with high priority service features.

FuGenX Technologies helps aspiring e-commerce ventures create an app like Flipkart /Amazon with innovative features at an affordable cost.

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How Does Flipkart App Works?

Flipkart application is available for download on various App Stores such as App Store (iOS), Google Play, and Store (Windows Phone). Users, depending on the device they own, can access these app stores and download the app without paying. After downloading, users can sign up, log in and start purchasing goods or products. This eCommerce app has world-class product identifying and filtering features.

Both Cash on Delivery (COD) and online payment options are available to buy the items. It is simple and easy to pay money through online (debit card, credit card, UPI, free charge, etc) as the application supports almost all online payment modes.

The process of creating your own e-Commerce app like Flipkart is not so easy. You need to hire professional developers to Flipkart clone app that is simple, unique and reliable.

Before developing an app like Flipakrt, it’s better to get a quote to know the average cost of creating an e-Commerce mobile app or e-commerce app development cost in india or average cost to develop e-commerce apps or average cost to develop app like flipkart or cost to develop e-commerce application cost to develop e-commerce app like flipkart or cost to develop app like flipkart or online e-commerce app cost E-learning mobile app development cost from mobile app developer.

In general, the best mobile app development companies in India, USA, UAE, etc. calculate the actual e-commerce app development cost based on the number of simple and sophisticated features that to be integrated in the Flipkart alternative app.

Here are some of the key features of Online shopping application like Flipkart that affect the app development cost. Let’s have a look:


Key Features of Flipkart ecommerce Application:


flipcart-iconSimple interface with easy to the search option

flipcart-iconThe menu consists of all product categories and sub categories available in the store

flipcart-iconNotification section to check the recent push notifications that the user has received about the latest offers, and order status etc.

flipcart-iconMy Cart, which is in the immediate right to notification section, allows users to view products and proceed to buy products that they added to the cart earlier

flipcart-iconImage search to make the buying process easier

flipcart-iconSecure payment options and convenient order tracking

flipcart-iconPing, and Invite and Earn options to offer coupons for users

flipcart-iconRegister/login, wish list, help center, and legal information sections

Major Factors that Decide the Cost of Flipkart/Amazon-like App


Flipkart like app belongs to the database app category, and its cost is relatively higher than a non database app or simple app. Below shown are the important factors that estimate the e-commerce app cost to develop an application like Flipkart.

cost to make an app like Flipcart

App Platform (Android, iOS (iPhone), or Windows):

Though Android apps are cheaper at the app store than iOS apps, surprisingly Flipkart like app development cost for Android is relatively higher, which depends on various factors, such as Android emulators are slower than iOS’s.

Android apps require to be tested against more devices compared to iOS. But with the best development team and development practices, the cost can be reduced. FuGenX – mobile app development company in Bangalore,  has proven expertise in this. The cost to develop an e-commerce mobile app is high when you create app for both android and iOS platforms.

App Design:

Good design is a significant factor in the success of Flipkart like the app. The cost to build a Mobile App for E-Commerce is high when you create engaging and great design, as it requires the use of advanced technologies and more time of UI/UX designers.

App size:

App size means the total number of features, and functionalities e-Commerce App such as Flipkart can have. The more the features and functionalities, the more would cost. The cost can be reduced by giving importance to only core features in version 1 of the app.

App developers:

E-commerce app development cost also depends on the developers’ geographic location, experience and expertise level. India, especially e-commerce app development companies in Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai are the most preferred companies for  in e-commerce app developmentIndia.

Testing and Deployment costs:

To make sure everything runs smoothly, your mobile application like Flipkart has to go through many tests to ensure its stability and usability. You do not have to worry about testing and deployment if your application is very small with a small number of users, but it’s completely another matter for applications that provide a large user base with performance management and advanced analytics requirements.

At this stage, your mobile application development team should spend at least 40 hours testing and running your application and a total of 500 hours for large applications with very complex logic.

Updates & maintenance:

Your ecommerce app needs constant updates and maintenance for high functionality and stability. Therefore, including your application’s long-term fee is often considered a playbook move and it fails to be considered a recipe for failure.

It is hard to say how much it costs to update and maintain an app like Flipkart. However, in general, mobile application development companies allocate 20% of the total development expenditure budget for maintenance each year – and do not consolidate feature updates.

Mobile wallet:

Mobile wallet is a hassle-free way to make payment. Integrating a mobile wallet into the main app avoids frequent interruptions in the processing of online shopping payments. So your wallet takes the customer experience to the next level.

Note: Flipkart, like the app can also be developed as a web application. Its cost varies from mobile application (native application). The cross-platform app is another trending app development option. If you want to provide a great user experience, the native app is the best choice.

Features and Functionalities that Decide the Cost of Flipkart/Amazon like App


The cost to develop Flipkart like app or any e-commerce app is estimated on the following basic and advanced features along with the factors mentioned above.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An eCommerce App Like Flipkart?

How much does the Flipkart app cost?

You might have this question in your mind when you plan for Flipkart clone app development. Well, the development cost of Flipkart-like the largest Indian online shopping app depends on Design & Size, Technology Stack, Features & Functionalities, App developer’s hourly rate, and maintenance & support Services, etc.

Taking all these factors into consideration, the cost of Flipkart clone app development will range from $25,000-$50,000 with basic features on a single platform.

However, the cost of a marketplace or e-commerce app like Flipkart with the most advanced features, such as multi-payment options, multi-language compatibility, and in-app AI customer assistance chatbot might be around $75,000+. Like these, various factors will determine the e-commerce app cost.

How much FuGenX charges to build an e-commerce app like Flipkart/Amazon?

To get an instant quote for Flipkart like app or to know average/exact cost to make an ecommerce mobile app like Flipkart/Amazon, please reach us at Get a Quote.

FuGenX Technologies is a leading mobile app development company and mobile game development company in Bangalore, India, delivering quality driven mobility services across the world.

We have been crowned with many global technology awards, including the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific & Fast 50 India, for pioneering high-quality products and ideas in the mobile space.

FuGenX Technologies is a leading mobile app and game development company in India, delivering quality-driven mobility services across the world. We have been crowned with many global technology awards, including the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific & Fast 50 India, for pioneering high-quality products and ideas in the mobile space.