Top 15 Tips To Improve Mobile App Conversion Rate

Top 15 Tips To Improve App Conversion Rate

Your mobile app has crossed the number of billion installs!

Your mobile application or mobile app has reached the targeted benchmark of million downloads!

Your mobile app has generated your million-dollar business this year!

Sales conversions through your Android or iOS apps have touched the sky limit during the year!

What an amazing experience you feel if you listen to a statement like the above.

It sounds great when you hear that your application was featured on Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Am I right?

Of Course Yes!

Every business, if they invested in mobile app development, will hopefully look for a massive number of downloads and value-added conversion rate.

But achieving the million downloads benchmark, in this messed clone app world is somewhat challenging for mobile app developers. Though you create an app with outstanding features and functionalities, achieving the million mark is a quite complex task. So, in this digital space, it is necessary to create unique and out-of-the-box mobile software applications to be competitive and beat the clone apps.

Let me tell you one more thing the number of available apps in the Google Play Store and iOS app store is increasing day by day. Nearly, 3,700 apps will be added to the Google Play Store in a day. Accordingly, one of the most popular mobile app downloads stores, the Apple App Store has 2.22 million iOS apps yet. Thousands of new iOS apps across different categories were being added every single day.

If this is the case, I have a question for you?
How you will make your mobile app competitive and successful in this era?

This article will be your best answer to the above question.

Being the best mobile app development company in Bangalore, India, FuGenX’s mobile app development experts have curated a list of the best tips for making your mobile app competitive and reaching a million installs without any hassle.

15 Tips To Boost Your Mobile App Conversion Rate

The mobile app conversion rate is nothing but how successful your app is installed and how quickly it made your users purchase a service or product. If your app users switch from free services to paid versions, then you have achieved their satisfaction level and revenue-driven conversions as well.

Here are the 15 best proven strategies that optimize your app conversion rate.

  1. Faster and Easier App Download and Installation Process

An easy-to-download and easy-to-install mobile app will have higher chances of improving app conversions. Develop an application with a perfect size that allows your users to download it faster and access the app functionalities.

  1. Simple and Easy-to-Use App Design

Here is the other best strategy to improve traffic, downloads, users, and finally, conversions with ease. How fast your app interacts with the users in the first few seconds will matter a lot. The design of app registration pages and log-in forms should be as simple as possible.

We mean to say that your app’s sign-up or login page should ask for less information and let the user use app features within minutes.

  1. Go For Cross-Platform or Hybrid App Development

Yes. Being expert app developers, we don’t want to state Cross-platform application development is far better than Native app development. But, what we would like to say is cross-platform development will allow your brand to reach Android and iOS users simultaneously and leads to generating profitable business results.

  1. Develop Multipurpose Apps

Uber and Ola are the best examples of multipurpose app development. These applications are developed for meeting the desired travel and food delivery needs of users. They can be used for booking cabs online and are also best suitable for online food ordering and delivery services.

Hence, the development of multipurpose apps is the best strategy to generate revenues from two different business divisions through a single platform.

  1. Offer Bugs-free and Crash-Free App

How your app does improve user experiences and satisfaction levels?  It is possible if your app runs fast and smoothly on user devices without reporting fictional bugs and sudden crashes. The internal bugs and app crashes will impulse your app users towards app installations.

For instance, weak network connections in verifying user credentials or security leaks might lead to either bugs or crashes. But, if you implement the best testing strategies and debugging processes, you can create an outstanding mobile application.

Since app installations play a key role in increasing app conversions, excite your audience with a pretty interactive and collaborative bug-free mobile application.

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  1. Make Sure High-Speed Features Accessibility

Mobile app development companies In India or organizations need to make sure of application load time. If your app is taking too much time to navigate the users into inner content or in-app sales content, the chances of lead abandonments are high. Hence, the pages’ navigation speed or load time should be as minimum as 2 seconds.

  1. Address Solutions For Unique Customer Requirements

Your application should address unique solutions for the unique requirements of your users. If your app doesn’t offer your audience the services or products they are expecting from your brand, the app uninstallation rate will be higher. It will hamper your active user count and conversions as well.

So, either you invest in native android app development or native iPhone app development, add features and functionalities that are specific to your business niche. This strategy will help you better engage your app users, offer desired services, and generate more in-app purchases.

  1. Segment Users & Run Customized In-App Campaigns

User segmentation is the best app monetization strategy for improving conversions and creating overwhelming sales results. If you meet the expectations of your audience and their desired needs, it will be easy to get featured on app stores.

Based on the app browsing, purchases, or anything, segment your audience, run customized and more personalized campaigns, and offer them the most relevant updates on products or services. This strategy will help you increase the rate of app unlocks and also augments conversions.

  1. Optimizing In-app Browsing Experience

Provide the best in-app browsing experience to your audience for achieving improved app conversions. Facilitate your app users to surf throughout the app and access every feature and functionality in easier and faster ways.

If the response speed of your application is slow, it will impact on mobile conversion rate. Hence, create and offer user-friendly mobile applications that respond to user clicks instantly in seconds for retaining users and boosting conversions.

  1. Never Compromise With App Localization

App localization is the core functionality of a mobile application to translate the existing language into the user requested languages. If you target global users, then you must make your application accessible to different regions. Until and unless you pay attention to the app localization, you cannot properly run in-app regional marketing or deliver personalized recommendations to users.

Mobile app developers in Bangalore, India with best practices in building top-notch native apps, localize the content and features as per the needs and interests of users across the world.

  1. Optimize App Content For Quick Search In App Stores

Content optimization, content management, and content arrangement are essential things that help your users find your application easily on app stores. Use appropriate keywords in the title and app’s description. Remember one thing, until and unless your audience downloads the application on their devices, you cannot convert them into leads.

Moreover, elevate features on images that should completely display the actual functionalities of your application to users. This strategy will help you define your application in a simple image and attract them to install it on devices.

  1. Focus On Retargeting Potential Users

Integration of the Push Notifications feature will help app developers (Bangalore) in many ways. A personalized push notification will assist companies in delivering personalized services to a targeted audience. Developing an app with a push notifications feature will also help companies to retarget customers seamlessly over digital platforms.

E-commerce or marketplace apps are the best examples that remind the users about the products stored in either cart or wishlist. This strategy will allow users to unlock the application, make purchases, and optimizes sales.

  1. Uses CTAs and Run In-app Promotional Ads

CTA means Call To Action. The name itself represents calling users to act. Integration of CTA buttons will smoothly redirect your app users to the targeted sales pages. Hence, CTAs will encourage and attract your audience to click on buttons and contributes to increased app conversion rates.

The best mobile app development company in Bangalore, India, will help you add user-attracting CTAs in perfect spaces in the UI.

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    1. Read User Reviews and Update App Features

    User reviews and ratings are also the best weapons for companies to know the performance progress of their applications. It will also assist mobile application developers in India to update the app features and functionalities as per the user’s desires.

    Moreover, app updates as per the recent versions of Google Play Store and Android App Store, the developers can often update the app’s current version to make them compatible.

    1. Do Frequent App Performance Analysis

    Yes. Performance analysis of your application regularly will play a vital role in realizing impressive mobile app conversion rates. Implement app monetization strategies and track eth sales flow too often.



    Optimized mobile app conversion rate is the ultimate goal of businesses that invest in mobile apps. If you analyze what factors are affecting your mobile app conversions, it’s easy for you to overcome and keep it on the digital race. You can easily optimize your application performance and conversion rates if you consider the above list of tips.

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