Wireframes in Mobile App Development

Wireframes in Mobile App Development: Types, Components & Benefits

Wireframes represent specific elements in block diagrams that depict the function of a mobile application or website. These are designed simply without using colors, images, or graphics focusing on the webpage layout.

In general concept, you can consider wireframes as a house blueprint where you can see room structure and wiring but not the interior designs. These are designed

.in the initial stage of the product lifecycle to give a start for developers.

The UX designers of mobile application development companies design these wireframes before the development of modules. Developers can see the placements of page elements, features, conversion area, and navigation of the inner pages. With these schematic structures, the development team can see how a user can benefit from the app features.

mobile-app-development-process-create-wireframeHow to Design a Wireframe?

Designers can draw by hand or use digital wireframe tools to design a perfect prototype. The designs depict how the app elements work with each other and reflect on UI.

One should list out all the elements to add in wireframes according to the user requirements. It is always significant to place the basic elements first and then think about the advanced. So, you can decrease the iterations and save designing time. For instance, if you consider a webpage, the fixed page elements are header, footer, sidebar, and content placement, and you can alter things like a search field, tabs, navigation, image placements, etc to get the best final view of the website.

You don’t need to fill in everything at the initial stage, as sketches undergo many changes before presenting to the team. The final wireframes are reference UI of the application and can be verified with the team members and clients if changes are needed.

We have three key elements that help a designer to create a good wireframe.

  • Clear Cut Picture

Wireframes answer many questions like user accessibility, the layout of the app, and development time. So, as UX designers, one should have clear information about goals to achieve with the mobile or web application.

  • Elements Placement

You must place the buttons, search boxes, and image sizes to ease navigation and increase the user’s interest in the application. All these things can be handled at the wireframe stage and avoid crashes in the development process.

  • Simplicity

Make sure you design a simple wireframe using the algorithm block diagram symbols that provide a visual guide to the team members. You can start laying out the design with styles once you complete all iterations.

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Wireframes In Mobile App DevelopmentTypes of Wireframes

Be it an android app or an iOS app, wireframes are the first steps in the design process. The wireframes are divided into three types depending upon the design closeness to the final product.

  • Low-Fidelity Wireframes

These wireframes are simple designs that contain a rough placement of the major blocks of the mobile application or webpage. It shows the overall structure of the project in the early stage. The best UX/UI designers will easily create and adjust these black and white diagrams as per the client’s needs.

  • Mid-Fidelity Wireframes

Medium fidelity wireframes are easy to understandable wireframes that depict essential features and how they function within the app. At this stage, you can add images, text font sizes and use grey highlights to differentiate the blocks and process flow in the application.

  • High-Fidelity Wireframes

Designers consider these types of wireframes as final designs and documented for the development process. High-Fidelity wireframes contain actual images, logos, and relevant descriptions in the blocks.

We also have a click model wireframe that can show the working navigation of the mobile app by tapping on a button. These models give the idea of user experience before initiating the app development.

What Are Components Of Wireframes?

  • Information Design

We need to prioritize and place the information that facilitates better understanding for end users. It is part of UX, where the elements are arranged to reach user requirements.

  • Navigation Design

Navigation design is the process of creating and implementing elements to allow users to switch between pages. Easy navigation will enhance user experience and improve the quality of the product.

  • Interface Design

It is a user-centric design of elements layout that shows the interaction with mobile app functionalities. This design consists of UI elements like buttons, text fields, checkboxes, and menus.

We can only represent 2-dimensions of a website using these wireframes. There are functionalities like drop-downs, zoom, auto-rotating, and others that are difficult to show using designs. You can use animated wireframes to represent these features to clients.

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Benefits of Wireframe in App Development

Wireframe creation is a mandatory step to save money and development time. It shows the architecture of the website or app before the building phase. Here are a few significant advantages of wireframes in the app development process.


  • App Overview

Designing a wireframe will show a clear app structure and how each page interacts with others. The team involved in the app development process can visualize and understand the app features and their functionalities with ease.

  • Make Changes Easily

Determining flaws at the development stage is very difficult, and the recheck process leads to a loss of time and money. With wireframes, you can easily check for issues and try different approaches to solve them. So, it is advisable to take enough time to design wireframes and avoid any complex changes in future steps.

  • Usability

Designing wireframes will show the layout of features and help to recognize repeated functionality that affects the user interface. It is always easier to add or delete the features of the webpage in wireframes.

  • Focus on User Experience

A well-designed wireframe can take down all the flaws that impact the user experience. A detailed wireframe help UI designers create the best app design and reduce faults in the information hierarchy to navigation design and mitigate the user bounce rate.

  • Make Content Better

Wireframe designs clearly show the content placement sizes on the website. You can determine the length and optimal way to add content that gives the perfect look and readability.

  • Feedback & Iterations

You can address all the elements of the application or website at one time and get the client’s feedback for any changes. We all know wireframes are initial stages, and you can change any number of times for productive output.

  • Save Time and Money

Developers can check and finalize every functionality of the application at the wireframe before jumping into the development process.

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Wireframes are the root of the website or mobile application development process. It helps you place features and organize functionalities and direct the developers in building the mobile application.

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