7 Best Finance Mobile Apps for Android and iOS In India

7 Best Finance Mobile Apps for Android and iOS In India

Earning and saving money is a tough task than speeding budget on unnecessary things.  Whether you running your own business or employed in a company, managing money that you earned is important for securing your future.

But, nowadays, instead of saving money, people are very much interested to spend it on shopping. The spending habits of people have been increasing to live a luxurious lifestyle.

In the era of ever-growing overheads of goods and services, it is important for all economic background people to well manage their finance for better money management.

If people cannot do this manually, mobile finance apps or money management apps can do this efficiently. Yes. Budget management mobile apps can keep an eye on your expenses, investments, and incomes. These apps advise the best finance and investment solutions that help people reduce their expenses and get returns on savings over time.

Herein, we have discussed a few best finance apps that help people monitor their income and expenses comfortably from their smartphones.

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Best Android/iPhone Money Management Apps In India

  1. Money View

Money View is one of the best loan apps and money management apps in India. People can easily apply for a loan amount between ₹10,000 to ₹5,00,000 at a flexible tenure period.

The best feature of this on-demand Android personal loan app in India is that it checks candidate eligibility in just minutes and offers a 100% paperless or digital loan application process.

The app also tracks money transactions and provides the best financial advice in real-time. Further, Money View like a popular finance app for Android (India) will send personalized payment reminders to the users and let them escape from hefty overdue charges.

As of 2021, the app has got a 4.4 out of 5-star rating and over 10 million downloads.

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  1. Money Manager Expense & Budget App

Realbyte’s Money Manager Expense & Budget app is a popular Android finance app in India. With over 15 million downloads, the app is popularized as a top money manager app.

It helps users in better financial planning, tracking expenses, managing investments or personal finances, etc.

The app is integrated with custom filters that enable the user to view incomes and expenses separately in a single dashboard. Such an intuitive interface helps people in managing their balances more intelligently.

This on-demand budget management app in India also allows people to check their transactional history daily, weekly, or monthly wise as they desire.

Double-entry bookkeeping, bookmarking, expenses view by category, and calendar integration are a few of the best features of this finance app.

The free version of this popular budget and expense management app is also available for iOS devices.

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    1. Goodbudget

    Here is a famous money manager budget planner app for Android and iOS devices. Goodbudget is one of eth best expense tracker apps in India. It has 1 million active users. The app is rated 4.7 stars out of 5 on the App Store and 4.5/5 on Google Play Store.

    It facilitates people to track their money inflows and outflows in real-time with just simple clicks. It also helps people in well organizing their finances and bill payments on time.

    This personal finance manager provides insightful finance reports to the users and helps them in better planning their home expenses.

    One of the best advantages of this tending finance app is that it allows users to synchronize applications across web and mobile devices seamlessly.

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    1. Bajaj Finserv Experia App

    Bajaj is the biggest finance brand in India. The company is offering all kinds of digital financial services through its mobile app platform. From instant personal loans and investments to wallet transfers and insurance plans, the app is a one-stop destination for all financial needs.

    This popular facilitates users to stay on top of their credit bills, EMIs and recharges. The app can deliver content in nearly 14 Indian languages.

    This popular expense manager is available to download from Google Play Store and iPhone App Store for free.

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    1. Monefy

    Monefy is the best expense tracking apps in India. This personal finance mobile application runs seamlessly on Android and iPhone operating systems. It is a simple, clean, and most useful mobile application for recording all transactions or purchases automatically.

    Monefy’s intuitive and easy-to-understand interfaces allow users to easily track their essential expenses by category. The cool feature of Monefy is that the users can track personal expenses in multi-currencies.

    This best and user-friendly money management app is developed for use on both Android and iOS mobile devices.

    Overall, driven by its intelligent spending tracker tools, data backup, built-in calculator, high-level security with a passcode, Monefy has reached the benchmark of 5 million downloads as of 2021.

    1. Wallet

    It is an ultimate budget expense tracker app for iPhone and Android. It helps people plan their budget and track all expenses in real-time from their smartphones.

    This market-leading personal finance management app is designed to assist people in managing their balances for their financial needs in the future. Hence, this popular finance app India allows you to easily control your expenses and save more money by utilizing the app’s finance tracker and planner features.

    The app sends automatics transaction updates, reminds of budget goals, and provides easy-to-understand expenses charts, multiple currency support, automatic cloud sync, and helpful advice on shopping or any other expenses are a few best features of Wallet-like budget management applications.

    1. Expense Manager

    Expense Manager is one of the leading custom finance tracker app developed with convenient tools. Here are the features and functionalities of Expense Manager-like the best finance apps in India:

    • It is well designed for tracking expenses and incomes
    • Easy to split transactions by category for better understanding
    • Users can track debts, credit bills, and tax
    • Users can view and organize various bills by category
    • Easy to schedule regular payments
    • Calendar availability for viewing expenses and incomes
    • Import and export account activities with simple clicks
    • Charts and graphs for easily understanding expenses
    • The app automatically stores data as backup on Dropbox and Google Drive

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