How Much It Costs to Develop an On-demand Gas Delivery App?

Cost to Develop an On-demand Gas Delivery App?

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Everything goes with mobile apps these days. For instance, Uber, which is an on-demand app, it serves for doctor, employees, mechanic, food delivery and many such services. An extension for these services, Uber has also introduced on-demand gas delivery mobile app development, which is Uber for gas. It is not surprising that the demand for these apps is on raise.

Not only Uber, but there are also other start-up on-demand gas delivery service apps are on progress. This article provides complete guidance about gas delivery service app.

Business Model For Building An App For Gas Delivery

Code is a vital feature for any app, yet hackers can easily hack it. So, utmost care should be taken for its security. As per statistics, about 11.6 million devices are affected by malicious code.

Whenever, the customer place an order for gas, immediately the gas agencies of gas stations are notified, and the nearest delivery person in that area is given the task of delivering the gas to the customer by taking delivery fee. Not only the individual customers but also this app is in high use even by the catering services and restaurants which are in high demand for gas.

In the case of high requirement, special apps are made available, which is specially meant for bulk orders. Even gas agencies can fulfill such kind of demands by the allocation of gas tanks.

gas delivery appThe Uniqueness of On-Demand Gas Delivery Service Application

The most important feature of this app is that it is a real-time app, where the end-users can place or schedule their orders of gas deliveries. Also, gas being the fuel, is one the basic requirement for human. So, obviously, the demand for gas will be high, this makes it a perfect choice for various startup businesses.

If we look at Uber for X businesses, most of them are confined to the usage, and this on-demand gas delivery is standing different in being a necessity for both commercial and domestic purposes.

For example, WeFuel is one of the famous on-demand gas delivery startups. It began serving in Silicon Valley and done with Seattle-based Booster Fuels.

Features To Focus While Developing a Gas Delivery Service App

Gas delivery service app can be built just like any other delivery app and can be expanded as per the demand of the app.

Features for platform owner

Platform owners have the responsibility of web service, and if you are looking for developing an app which is similar to Uber, then you also need to take care of handling the web service portal.

Features for platform owner

Track registered vendors

Vendors play an important role in delivering the best services. So, using apps like admina’s web service app, one can keep track of the number of vendors registered on the platform. Also, this will help to monitor the gas distribution per vendor and their charges easily.

  • Track the customer registered

The admin has a role to play concerning the customer registrations also. The admin can keep track of various customers who are getting registered on the app for availing services. Admin has also got the power to block any customer on the platform and can also track the history of the customer, how much gas they have ordered and all.

  • Track the riders

Admin should also have a look at the riders who are the actual persons involved in the delivery of the gas. With the help of this feature, admin can easily track where the rider is there and where he is delivering the gas, and also he can be notified about the payment status. If any case, riders are showing poor performance, he can be blocked by the admin.

  • Payment from customers and vendors

The complete transaction details will be there in the mobile application, and admin can view it at any time. Also, he can be aware of the payment received from the customer end and payment dues from vendor end.

This kind of tracking will help the admin to address all the queries relating to the payments.

  • Cancellation fees

For both vendors and customers, admin can charge cancellation fees. Cancellation fee is a charge for those who cancel the order, either customer or vendor. The admin decides the amount. If the cancelled is happening from the customer end, he will be charged in his next booking.

  • Distance Setting

In the app, there is a feature which sets a definite radius from the distance setting. It is the driver who decides which rider to send for delivering the gas. The request for gas will be accepted only if the customer falls in that particular radius.

  • Admin dashboard

Admin has a dashboard which has the capability to view the end-users list, orders list from the customers, delivery professionals for delivering the complete functionality of various stakeholders on board. Admin can remove or add any stakeholder at any time using the control panel in the web app.

  • Analytics and reporting

Regarding the service, the admin or the gas agency will get an insight. Basically, the metrics are decided based on the bookings made, which is shown in the form of reports generated from the mobile app.

Admin can analyze various details like demographic data, number of delivery professionals, the total number of restaurants listed, profit and loss calculations per week, year, etc.,

Features for Rider’s app

This is one such feature which is specially developed for riders. They are the main ones who are involved in executing the service, so they need to a delivery request, after its approval, they require the exact information about the delivery address.

  • Trip Information

The rider will be provided with the information about the end customer address to deliver the gas cylinders, quantity required and the mode of payment. This will help the user to find the route for his destination easily.

  • Navigation

Some of the riders are equipped with a GPS system, so for those, this feature can be installed. This feature serves very useful in getting navigated from the rider’s end to end customer’s end easily. This feature also helps the rider to be aware of the estimated time for delivery.

  • Route optimization

This is an integrated feature which helps the rider in finding the best possible route for reaching the destination quickly and safely. This features helps to avoid traffic jams from fuel station and makes the delivery as fast as possible. If the route is blocked, even then it helps the user to find the effective routes.

  • Contact user

This on-demand gas delivery service app has an inbuilt feature of calling. In any case, if the rider is stuck somewhere and is unable to find out the location correct, he can call the customer and can get the necessary assistance. With the help of a single tap, rider can call the customer.

  • Start or End trip

As soon as the customer request is accepted, the rider gets all the necessary information of the ride and his trip starts. His entire journey towards the end user interface location is counted. He gets an OTP with the help of which the admin can calculate the total distance travelled, and he is paid accordingly.

Features for the customer app

The customer app is the main source of income for the on-demand gas delivery startup business. Hence, satisfying the customer and making their experience great is important.

  • Integration of social media

Ease should be the main feature to be included. Social media is one of the most common thing these days. So almost all the people are having some of the other social media account, so using this one can sign up or log in which the user can do in no time.

  • Calling driver/ restaurant

Once the request is confirmed, the customer will be provided with the details of the rider. In case, if the customer did not receive the gas cylinder on time, then he can call the gas distribution to know the status.

  • Mode of Payment

The payment options should be made available in multiple modes. Depending upon their convenience, customers can choose their mode of payment- credit card, debit card, COD, etc. Also, the user can make the payment offline where the rider is sent to collect the payment.

  • Push Notifications

On-demand gas service tracking need to be known to the customers, which is happens with the push notifications. Even the delivery updates are provided to the user via push notifications.

  • Schedule delivery

The booking of the gas can be made in two ways, one is for instant booking, and the other is for scheduling the booking. While scheduling, the customer is given the option of choosing the time and day of delivery along with all the necessary details.

  • Real- time availability

Real-time system serves very useful for customers who want to book instantly. The availability can be checked with the help of online reservation system in real time and then the customer can place order

Important Things to Consider While Developing an On-Demand Gas Delivery Mobile App

There are so many things to be considered before developing an on-demand gas delivery mobile app, and for developing a branded Uber like an app, it would require a lot of research to identify the elements to be included, some of them include:

  • UI/UX designs
  • Customer convenience
  • 24X7x365 helpline

Simplified Process for Developing A Gas Delivery App

Know the target audience, research on the respective niche, chooses the right technology and use the appropriate platform, know the popular devices used by target audiences to develop the app in that platform, focus on UI and UX designs, leverage promotions, referrals, and discounts.

USP for business and assigning the features accordingly serves to be the best for developing a gas delivery app or on-demand fuel delivery app. The various steps involved in the development process can be summarized as follows.

Cost Of Building an Uber for Gas Delivery Mobile Application

The development cost for a gas delivery app depends mainly on the following factors, for both Android and iOS

  • The rider app
  • The customer app
  • The web app

Each of the above three has its own uniqueness and importance. An experienced developer finds the most appropriate features to be included in the app and in case, if you are not an experienced developer, approaching a professional help is advisable. Then on-demand gas delivery app development cost or fuel delivery app development cost depends on the developers you choose for developing the app.

Some of the developers may charge less cost of a gas delivery mobile app. but their timely delivery of the service cannot be assured. So, before hiring a professional developer, check twice about their work reputation.

How Much Fugenx Costs To Develop Gas Delivery Like An App?

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FuGenX Technologies is a leading mobile app and game development company in India, delivering quality-driven mobility services across the world. We have been crowned with many global technology awards, including the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific & Fast 50 India, for pioneering high-quality products and ideas in the mobile space.