How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Real Estate App Like 99acres?

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Real Estate App Like 99acres?

Real estate is a lucrative business in the current market. It is bringing profits for everyone in the industry, from home buyers to realtors.

Mobile technology is changing the working process of the real estate business. It is digitizing the home search process, client contact, plot/flat view, marketing tasks, and various aspects of trading.

Though most of the popular real estate agencies have websites, they are investing in mobile applications to provide more personalized client services. The increase in online search behavior of the customer’s also increasing value for mobile apps. They are the best platform for buying or selling properties online.

We are here to guide you about the features, benefits, and development of the best real estate mobile application like 99acres.

About 99acres Mobile Application

99acres is a prominent real estate online portal in India and recognized as the best mobile app for buying or selling properties. This online property mobile app can meet every need of real estate customers. You can find over nine lakh property listings across 600 cities in the country in a single app.

This online platform connects buyers and sellers smartly. The real estate agents/ property selling brokers can advertise their real estate plots and residential and commercial spaces for rent and sale. It also provides advertisement spaces for clients with banners, home page links, and project pages.

99acres has gained prestigious titles and has become the popular real estate mobile app in the country. The successful journey of this app has inspired many real estate agencies to develop a mobile application.

Cost To Develop A Real Estate App Like 99acresMust-Have Features Of Real Estate Mobile App Like 99acres

Features of a popular real estate app like 99acres for Buyers

  • 3D Property View

3D property view has become the primary feature of any top real estate mobile application. It offers high-resolution 3D images of properties that give a virtual view of the location. This will help buyers to visualize the property before visiting the place and can save time.

  • Map

Map integration in real estate mobile application help users to find property location. It also gives additional details about surroundings like nearby schools, transport facilities, and many others. As the buyers are always conscious about the places they live in, it is required to add this feature to the real estate mobile application.

  • Register or Login

Buyers can register in the 99acres real estate mobile application using their phone number and email address. Users can edit their profiles, notification settings anytime.

  • Shortlist Searches

Users can add their favorite properties from thousands of searches to the shortlist section. This feature helps them to narrow down the search and easy contact with agents.

  • Search Filters

Finding the right property from listings is time consuming and irritable process. Users can use filters like property type, location, prices and customize their search.

  • User Activity Record

As we know, one of the famous real estate apps like the 99acres mobile app has properties from residential flats to commercial spaces. So, providing the search history feature will help the buyers, sellers, or agents quickly access the recent views, searches, and contacted properties.

  • Alerts

Notifications or alerts are the powerful marketing technique of the real estate business. You can send alerts about the fresh or matching properties according to the user’s previous search.

  • Properties profile

We need to provide clear and genuine data about the property listings. Buyers should know the information like property area, cost, location, contact details, and more.

  • Social Media Integration

The users should be allowed to sign in with their social media accounts. It will create convenience and also builds trust. Sellers or agents can share their listings in their social media accounts directly to attract more home buyers.

  • Loan Calculator

This feature will help buyers to calculate the loan or EMI value for the selected property. It will help the homebuyers to figure out whether they can afford the place.

  • Write Review on Locality

Reviews on a location will help the buyers in purchase and sellers to improve their profiles. The ratings are provided based on facilities, commute, safety, and environment.

  • Contact Sellers

Buyers can contact agents or brokers through chat or email for property inquiries. This will create a strong connection between buyers and agents before paying a visit to the site.

Features of Real Estate app for Sellers

  • Profile Creation & Verification

The brokers can create their profiles and advertise by filling the post property form. These will undergo the screening process by the admin before listing them in the mobile application for sellers.

  • Manage or Edit Listings

The real estate mobile app should provide the facility to manage the properties posted for selling. It helps them to edit details, inactivate or delete from the profile.

  • View Responses

Sellers can view the buyer’s responses on their properties. They can also connect with an online message or video call to answer their queries.

  • Manage Payments

The real estate mobile app should provide all online payment gateways for the sellers/ agents. So, there is no need to take the support of third-party apps to manage payments.

  • Plans for listing properties

Explore different plans available for owners, builders, and dealers. They provide facilities like buyer’s reach, validity, tags for your properties.

  • Customer Service

Agencies can provide 24*7 customer support through mobile apps. You can also add FAQ questions about each feature which will save users time and effort.

Why Do We Need Real Estate Mobile Apps Like 99acres?

The benefits of having a mobile app for your real estate business:

  • Strong Customer Bond

Strong customer relationship is a key to the success of the real estate business. The mobile application builds an interaction channel between real estate agencies and buyers seamlessly.

  • Increase Market Value

We know many people these days are using mobile applications to sell or buy a property. Real estate agencies can reach numerous users by listing their properties in the app.

  • Brand Identity

Businesses can create brand identity by posting their properties in real estate mobile apps. Service offerings through mobile apps will also increase the client base.

  • Fast Sales Process

The mobile application will speed up the process of sales. The virtual property tours, digitalized documents, fixed price rates will save plenty of time.

  • Target Customers

The sellers/agents can know details of customer’s property searches with respective locations and preferences. This helps real estate businesses to send sale-driven alerts about price downs and new properties.

Most Sought-after Technologies For Building Real Estate Mobile Applications

The emerging technology of artificial intelligence and virtual reality is entering every industry to offer amazing benefits for users. Let us see how these will help to improve the real estate mobile applications.

  • AI Chatbots

Developers can implement AI chatbots in real estate websites and mobile applications. This will help businesses to provide more accurate customer service for users.

  • VR for Property Viewing

Virtual Reality (VR) will provide a medium for the sellers to show the properties in 3D view and give a true picture.

  • IoT Technology

IoT technology can improve productivity, streamline processes and improve customer engagement. The agents or buyers can also lock or unlock the properties from their mobile phones or tablets for buyer’s visits.

  • CRM Solutions

Integrating CRM solutions in the real estate apps will help to handle the leads effectively and gain conversion rates. You can manage the user’s data effectively and send alerts of deals to convert them to customers.

  • AI Analytics

The AI analysis will favor both the admin and users of the mobile application. It helps admin to make quick decisions to streamline operations. Buyers or agents can evaluate the revenue benefits of buying a property with real-time analysis.

Required Technology Stack to Develop Real Estate App like 99acres

We need a powerful tech stack to develop a full-fledged clone app like 99acres. Below is the list of technologies used for real estate mobile application development.

  • Programming Language: Java or Kotlin (Android), Swift or Objective C (iOS)
  • Cloud Storage: Amazon S3, Google Cloud
  • Notifications: Twilio, Nexmo
  • Database: MongoDB, CouchDB
  • Facebook SDK, Gmail API: Integrate Facebook and Gmail sign-in
  • Google Maps API: location and navigation

You can replace or add other technologies according to the functionalities of the mobile application.

FuGenX, the best mobile app development company in Bangalore, India, has adequate resources to develop a best-in-class real estate mobile app for your business.

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Cost to Development Trending Real Estate App Like 99acres

The development cost of mobile applications is affected by many factors. The mobile app platform, features, and design have a direct effect on the development time and budget. It may vary depending upon the app developer’s location and team size.

The average estimated cost to develop a real estate mobile application is $20,000-$60,000.

Get partnered with a leading mobile application development company, FuGenX, for getting your app developed. Our proven experience in developing Android and iOS mobile apps makes us build a unique application for your real-estate business. 


Real estate businesses can sell or rent spaces without hassle with mobile applications. These applications also users to check and buy homes with all the desired features they love to live happily in it.

FuGenX is a top mobile app development company in Bangalore, India. We develop real estate mobile apps that are beneficial for brokers and consumers.

In this COVID-19 pandemic, you can’t reach the customer directly, but mobile apps can do that. Let’s talk and get a free consultation to know the cost of real state app development.




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