Key Role Played By Chatbot in Real Estate BFSI & Insurance Industry

 Before, getting into the various applications of chatbots in various industries, firstly let us know about the chatbots. In the software language, bot means an automated task. Chatbots means all the various platforms where chat is made possible. With the help of chatbots, we can make the conversation either through audio or textual. Such kind of chatbots are becoming more and more common these days. Chatbots are in use in lot many industries. Now, let us have a look into the various uses of chatbots in different industries.

Advantages of using Chatbots in real estate

Technology is becoming Omni. Almost in all the industries, we do see the usage of technology in some way or the other. The best example for this statement can be cite at the usage of chatbots in real estate arena. Talking about few advantages,

  • Making Conversation with the customer

As soon as the customer visits any real estate website, if they are being bought into conversation, the customer feel connected. This is something like, when some guest visit our home and we receive them with some welcoming words, they feel pleased.

  • Helps in enquiring the details

One of the best things about these chatbots is that the customer’s queries are answered in a simple fashion. The various questions which the customer has can be answered by these automated chatbots thereby enabling the customer to have a better navigation on the website.

  • Helps in giving out quick responses

Immediately, after the customers visit on the website, he or she might have some questions to ask. With the help of these chatbots, all the questions of the customers are answered in no time. The customer need to wait for getting the response.

Advantages of Chatbots in Financial services

Chatbots for mobile apps are playing a vital role in financial services too. Out of the various advantages offered by the chatbots in financial services, let us look into few

  • Ease in managing the customers

There might lot many customers visiting to the particular website, it would be difficult for a person to attend all the customers immediately. But the help of the chatbots, this is made quiet easier. Handling lot many customers is made so easy. The customer can just visit the website and ask any of their query, and get answered in no time. This will also help in reducing the man power for running the business, thereby reducing the cost of maintenance of staff.

Advantages of Chatbots in Financial services

  • Being Available all through the day

With the help of chatbots, the queries of the customers are met within no time and also at all times. At any time the customer can visit the particular website and get the required data.

  • Customer’s satisfaction with personal attention

With the help of the chatbots, the customer can get the personal assistance. The customer can avail either the audio assistance or the textual assistance based on their choice. In either of the way, the customer gets the best support from the chatbots. When all the queries of the customer are met and getting the information they require in no time, the customer will have the cent percent satisfaction for visiting the particular website.

Advantages of Chatbots in Banking

Just like in any other industry, chatbots also plays a vital role in banking sector also. There are various advantages associated with the usage of chatbots in banking industry. Few are as follows

  • Getting protected against frauds

With respect to banking sector, safety is of top notch. There might be lot many frauds in the market. If they are not navigated correctly or if the transaction is not carried out safely, there might be a chance of getting cheated. In order to all such, chatbots are one of the safe methods to get the required information. These chat bots will provide information which the customer need either through audio or textual. All the various commands given out by the chatbots help in reducing of risk of getting cheated.

  • Easy to know and easy to use

With the help of this chatbots, the customer can visit the bank website and get all the details for the past transactions easily and safely.

Advantages of chatbots in Insurance firms

Like in any other industry, chatbots also various advantages in insurance industry too, which are as follows


  • Chatbots are best substitutes for agents

All the queries which can be cleared with an insurance agent, can be answered through the chatbots. This makes a great substitution for insurance agents, where in the customer and/or agent need to visit each other personally and make the conversation for exchanging the details.

  • Ease in availing the information regarding the insurance

With the help of chatbots, one can get the required information with the help of few steps. One need not visit the particular firm for getting the required data.

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