Develop OCR Scanner Mobile Application – Expert Guide & Features

How to Develop OCR Scanning Mobile App – Guide & Features

“In this article, we are going to know in brief about the development of the OCR scanner mobile app and its cost involved in it.”

OCR scanner stands for an optical character recognition scanner. It can convert your scanned documents from your phone camera into plain text. Generally, the machinery that can scan the documents that needed to be saved as soft copies cannot be ported.

Scanner mobile app development became more comfortable with training software and tools. OCR scanner app developer will help you to come out of tight situations when you lose or forget your essential business or property documents.

You can find many free OCR scanner applications that are helpful to convert bills, warranty cards, and crucial documents to text format, and these can be saved & printed in word format. You can convert hard copy books or records into digital form and then reproduce them into your desired format.

Scanner App development company converts image files and documents into word format easily to print or read at any place with the help of mobile, laptop, or tablet.

Optical character recognition means converting images and words into characters instantly. You can save, store, edit, process, or translate the documents or files whenever you need using the OCR scanner mobile application.

Need of OCR technology in business development

A business needs regular updation of documents. This process becomes more comfortable when you have a scanner mobile app developer with you since it works as an OCR scanner and helps to process and save essential documents without much typing or other risks.

Some scanners convert speech to text into word format or text format easily. OCR is the best and affordable way to convert physical documents into digital documents (Scan to text) since many mobile applications support this functionality through IOS and Android applications.


Document-format-conversionCost to develop the best scanner app for Android & IOS may differ, but the features will be worth the price. There are numerous benefits with these applications, the laptops, tablets can be easily integrated with the workflow, and the manual process will be reduced to maximum levels with these OCR scanner mobile applications. Signing the documents will be more comfortable with these apps as well. You can sign the documents instantly using these apps without the need to send hard copies of documents in a mail or through physical means of transport. It saves a lot of time and effort.

Advantages of using OCR

As more and more businesses are developing, mobile apps for the smooth flow of their business, having scanning apps on mobile devices, have become an essential aspect.

According to the research, the global imaging market will expand up to 155 Billion with a compound annual growth rate of 15%. Most of the business started using because of its advantages.

  • Enhancement of productivity

As an OCR is less paper-centric, it increases staff morale and makes the work environment suppler.

  • Cost-effective

OCR app helps in improving how your business operates with low-cost processing that enables business owners to manage their utility easily.

  • Improves customer service

Using OCR apps (Photo scanning software/Microsoft office lens) improves customer service to users.

To provide solutions to the customer, customer service agents can easily access the information using OCR technology.

  • Time-saving

When you compare with the traditional methods, OCR apps will decrease the manual processing of tasks. Accessing a digital file is easy and time-saving compared to the physical document.

Important features of a good OCR app

Generally, there are two users of this kind of scanner mobile application.

 ● A user who creates, manages, shares, and converts the files.

 ● Admin or the back-end user who controls the users and features of the mobile OCR application.

User panel

  • Register

The users need to register using this feature by discoursing their email id and other details. They can use their social networking accounts for this purpose also.

  • Login

After registration, they can log in to the application using this section.

  • Document format conversion

The users can convert the format of documents into image, text, or pdf using this section. They can scan the document using a phone or tablet or laptop using this feature.

  • Manage profile

After the registration process, the user becomes a member of the app, and he will be able to manage his account information and password.

  • Multiple format documents

Users can save their documents in various formats using this feature.

  • Multipage document support

This feature allow users to scan multiple pages at the same time and convert them.

  • Conversion of documents into text

This feature of the OCR app allow users to convert any format of the document into text using a document scanner app/image scanner/book scanner app/receipt scanner app. After the conversion process, the user can manage the text.

  • Real-time file detection

You must include this feature in your OCR app development. After a user scans the document using Photo scanning software, the OCR app will be able to detect it in real-time and performs the action based on the user activity.

  • Covert into multiple languages

OCR apps enable users to convert the document into their preferred language to be displayed in the output file. The OCR apps will provide a list of languages from which the user can pick up.

  • Usage of filters

After completing scanning and uploading, the user can apply the filters to the document, such as colors, brightness, and effects.

  • Multiple output formats

After upload, editing, and chosen language, he needs to select the output format in which he needs the file, such as excel, word, and text.

  • Save & manage documents

Users can save converted files in the app, and he can carry various actions (Edit/View/delete/download) on the saved documents.

  •  Document sharing

If you want your app to be fruitful, you should add this feature to your OCR app. It allow users to share the scanned document using other users.


It helps the users to know the latest information via alerts and announcements about the app and admin activities.

Admin features

  • Login

The login feature supports the admin to login to the app

  • Dashboard

Using this feature, the admin able to manage and monitor users, prominent languages used, documents, most-used formats, and document conversion.

  • Language management

Using this feature, the admin manages the language of the document that will be decided by the user at the time of conversion.

  • User management

This feature gives access to the admin to manage all user-related information who is associated with the app.

  • View conversion

It permits the admin to view & manage file conversion. In this feature, each record offers information of converted documents along with the users

  • Sharing management

The sharing management feature helps the admin to control who can share the necessary information and content in the application.

  • Analytics & Reporting

Real-time reports of the functioning of the application, conversion of documents, and most used formats and files can be known using real-time analytics features.

  • Notifications

Admin receives everything related to user actions.

Top 4 OCR mobile scanner applications

If you go through the app stores, you can find many OCR mobile software free and paid, such as Scanbot, Scan me, and many more. Among all, we are providing you with the top four OCR applications.

  • PDF Scanner app

It is one of the best OCR software. This type of free scanner app supports the conversion of text files into pdf files.

The PDF scanner app is accessible only in the Android phones. This Android scanner app supports multiple page documents scanning.

  • Online OCR

Online OCR application is easy to use, and an essential thing about this OCR reader application is it supported by 46 languages

Using this free OCR app, a user can select and upload a file with a maximum size of 5MB. If you want to upload more than 5MB, then you must be a Scanner pro member.

If you are a registered user, you have access to convert multi-page Excel, PDF, and RTF documents and files of the sizes up to 100MB.

  • Omnipage Standard 18

Omnipage Standard 18 is best suitable for professionals who do not mind spending extra dollars. You can find many best receipt scanners/best receipt apps for managing the businesses.

It is not the most lavish OCR mobile app compared to other apps in the market.

This best scanner application got a reputation as a Gold award winner.

It has a great feature-list with the ability to recreate PDF or paper documents to word-searchable text files and electronic files. The great thing about this app is each new file created will exactly match with color, layout, and font of the original document.

  • Google Docs

It is one of the best free OCR software you can try if you are familiar with the Google Docs earlier. It is one of the best Android scanner app in the list. This application supports the individual processing of files and images. The scanning and download of PNG, gif, and jpg files will be the same as the original using this scanner. It supports scanning of documents in the mobile camera or tablet into Google Drive using the original layout. This one supports many languages like Zulu and Yiddish.



Scanner app development cost varies according to the requirements of users.

The single platform application with basic features might cost from $5000 to $7000 with the help of a reputed and experienced Scanner App Development Company.

It is the approximate cost to develop the OCR app; if you want the exact price of the app, and then contact us.

Our technical crew will help you out with the pricing and other information related to the app.

If you still have any myths in your mind regarding the development of the OCR scanner app for Android/ best scanner app for iPhone, please reach us by filling up the contact us form.

Our business analyst will reach you out and clear your queries with a zero consultation fee.



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