How Mobile Apps Transform Travel Industry 2023?

30-Sec Summary Of Mobile Apps In Travel Industry

  • Nowadays, Mobile appsare playing an important role in the success of the travel industry. The impact of mobile applications on the travel industry is high. Mobile apps for tourism industry or travel apps help users a lot with planning tours, ticket booking, bookings hotels, route mapping, cab booking, and many more.
  • According to eMarketer’s research report, mobile travel applications have ranked as the 7th most downloaded category of mobile apps and 60% of travelers are using travel apps for planning their upcoming trips.
  • According to the survey of Travelport Survey, the top three critical features find out in their travel applications are the ability to book a vehicle (63%), view the entire trip itinerary in a single stop (64%), and real-time vehicle alerts throughout their travel (65%).

Technology is constantly evolving over the past few years and is revolutionized the tourism and travel industry. The role of mobile apps in travel industry for booking tickets online without the help of travel agencies is a trend in the industry. People are using user-friendly travel booking apps and making their trips more comfortable. It makes it easy for users to plan an exciting holiday trip and book tickets with the help of mobile travel apps (Android/iOS).

Because of this transformation, many travel agencies are approaching top custom mobile app development companies to build their travel applications and catch up with digital trend in the travel industry.

Therefore, mobile or web applications not only enhance the travel experience for any customer but also benefit tourism-based organizations on a large scale. So, it is no wonder that the travel or tourism sector is day-by-day growing enormously with the help of technological transformations.

TripAdvisor, Agoda, Hopper, Kayak, Tripcase, Flightstats, TripIt, and MakeMyTrip, are a few top travel booking apps that are ensuring hassle-free and convenient trip booking services to users anytime from anywhere.

In this blog, we would like to share some of the key points in developing your mobile application to enhance user engagement and profitability in the travel business.

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Travel app development

Now, let us have a look at

The Best Features of Travel App Development to Offer User-friendly Services

  • Geo-Tracking Services

The role of Mobile Apps in the Travel Industry for tracking the location of destinations is gaining momentum. GPS-based location tracking service is one of the most crucial features of travel mobile application development. It helps tourists to find hotels nearby.

GPS tracker functionality would help travelers to explore new areas with ease. Once a tourist arrives at their destination, they can open a travel app, book rooms in a nearby hotel, and check in to a hotel to fresh up and relax for some time.

By using Google Maps SDK for Android and Maps SDK for iOS, top mobile app developers can integrate this fantastic feature.

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  • Hassle-free Booking Services

Though there are many benefits of mobile apps for travel industry, online booking and online travel guides are the two most significant features that add value to the application. Such convenience is one of the key reasons behind the rise in demand for travel apps.

The most important thing that comes to every traveler’s mind is the location where they are going to visit. Everyone looks for a place that is beautiful, pleasant, safe, and affordable.

Hence, top app developers need to include a detailed online booking guide in the mobile app. It helps customers to compare and categorize prices, set reminders, avail offers, and also get access to notifications about hotel discounts and offers.

Make sure that your mobile or web travel application simplifies the booking process for customers. It will play a key role in delivering more personalized services to app users.

Custom filtering feature and search features will make booking faster and ensures an easier process for app users.

  • Trip Advisor

Intelligent AI apps for travel are allowing users to explore the best out of the best trips at affordable fares. Travel apps ask the users to specify the places they want to see for creating the best trip from the input.

You can seek assistance from apps like TripAdvisor and TripHobo. These apps assist users in planning their trips and exploring the hidden beauty in the new place they visit. They enable users to enter the place they would like to visit and shows a route map that will work according to their schedule.

It is not easy to curate the algorithm for all these functions. The best mobile app development agencies can add this feature very intelligently. This advanced feature will make your app the most useful tool for travelers.

  • Weather Forecasting 

With so many tourists booking their flights fast, climate change will bring an unplanned journey. Mobile app development companies need to add an advanced feature that should forecast the weather in real-time for avoiding journey booking in unexpected disasters. By adding this feature, users will get alerts on upcoming weather forecasts.

Top travel apps like AccuWeather is the best app that displays weather reports for all locations across the world. Hence, users can check cloud architecture models, humidity, wind speed, and many other essential factors before planning trips.

  • Reviews and Ratings

As we are living in a highly saturated digitalized market, we should not ignore the prominence of customers’ ratings and reviews. Nowadays, travelers are keen to read about the tourist destination they wanted to visit.

Hence, your app should have reviews about different places. So that users can see reviews and ratings when making a final decision to visit a place. Also, you should include a section that allows travelers to post their travel experiences after returning from the tour.

It helps to create awareness about the place and as well improves the services of cafes, hotels, and other businesses. Every travel app developer needs to incorporate these features and software into their products, rather than enabling people to download additional apps from iOS or Google Play app store.

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How are Mobile Applications Transforming the Travel Industry?

Here are the key reasons behind the rise in demand for travel apps and why travel apps are becoming so popular. You can also get a clear view of why you need to have mobile apps for the travel sector.

  • Due to the increasing usage of smartphones, many people across the world are using travel apps that offer a convenient solution to fulfill all their travel needs.
  • One of the core benefits of mobile apps for travel industry is travel agencies can attract more travelers and increase sales.
  • Using mobile apps for tourism industry, travelers can enjoy discounts, promotional discounts, seasonal discounts, and cost-effective packages.
  • Mobile apps in the travel industry are improving the experience of travelers by offering various facilities including online ticketing, destination information, navigating food stores and local attractions, hotel booking, sharing reviews and images about the tourist place, etc.
  • Instant booking in late minutes is possible with travel apps. It is one of the key reasons behind a rise in demand for travel apps.
  • Travel agencies have been enhancing their presence in the competitive travel industry through mobile apps. This sector is following the SoLoMo trend to connect their customers with social, media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. and local platforms have proven that they can optimize the RoI they expect.
  • mobile applicationis a fantastic way to connect with customers before, during and after their tour. A travel company will understand its customers in a better way by analyzing their interests, expectations, needs, and budget and through their browsing history on the app.
  • With the latest mobile travel apps, travelers can go paper-free. Travel brochures, tickets, hotel booking papers soft copies, invoices, etc., also control the paperwork. It also helps customers and travel agencies to store all their data securely.

If you have a question like how are mobile applications transforming the travel industry in your mind. We hope that the above sections gave all the answers that you need. As discussed, the role of mobile apps in the travel industry is inestimable. They can help users in all aspects that they are supposed to get from a travel agency.

Hence, driven by increasing usage, the impact of mobile apps in travel industry in the years ahead would be high and ensure a glorious future for the travel industry.

 How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Travel App?

The cost of an online ticket booking app or TripAdvisor-like apps cannot be estimated as they need to integrate with a few sets of intelligent and real-time tracking features. Being a top travel app development company, we estimate that the cost to create a travel app with basic features would be around $20,000 to as high as $45,000.

However, it is an estimated cost of travel booking app development. Based on the features list, app type, tools & UI frameworks, design, and the developer’s location the cost of your new travel application for Android and iOS might reach $80,000 to $150,000.

Also know the cost to develop the apps like


cost to develop an app like Instagram cost to develop a redbus like app


Final Thoughts On The Role Of Mobile Apps In The Travel Industry

The need for mobile apps in travel industry or mobile apps for tourism industry is extremely high in this digital world.

Yes, there is an absolute need for more and more mobile apps that facilitate online booking in simple steps and puts a full stop to agency visits and travel guides. Traditional processes were all being transformed using Android and iOS mobile apps. In many ways, the impact of Mobile Apps in travel industry would be high.

Today, the travel sector is undoubtedly a multi-billion dollar industry, many thanks to the ever-increasing travel mobile app development companies that provide better, faster, and more reliable services to customers.

At FuGenx Technologies, we have an expert team of mobile application developers who have worked with over 1200+ leading brands across the world.

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