How Much Does it Cost to Develop Health Insurance Apps?

How Much Does it Cost to Develop Health Insurance Apps?

Nowadays, mobile handsets and mobile apps imbibed in our daily lives, and they are changing the way we live. Mobile apps are convenient, and they are impacting so many businesses in the country as well as the world.

Health and fitness goals are the foremost things one needs to take care of it. These days everyone is making a perfect plan for life as well as health.

So most of the people choosing health plans with the help of health insurance plan to get the health benefits.

In the olden days, if we need any health insurance, we need to reach more offices/companies to get a single policy. After that, people started to get guarantees with the help of Desktops.

Again, people shifted from desktop to mobile apps. So most of the people now using mobile apps for every purpose same in the case of health insurance.

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So it’s time for the health insurance companies to shift from desktops to mobile insurance apps.

Now, most of the industries started to develop their mobile apps, but some verticals are lagging. Among such industries, health insurance is the first one.

If you are the owner of a health/medical/life insurance company, have a plan to develop your medical insurance app?

In the market, we have so many health care insurances companies which are collaborating with the top mobile app development companies to get the best insurance app for easy reaching to the customers. Mobile apps benefit insurance companies by giving more traction to the company.

In this article, you are going to know how to develop health insurance mobile app? How much does it cost?


  • Market Overview:

Health insurance is mandatory for everyone; it may be government or private insurance. Currently, the worth of the private health industry is €1.6 trillion, and it is going to reach €2.6 trillion by 2025, according to the McKinsey.

The above image is showing you the revenue of the top health insurance providers around the world as of 2017. Now you can estimate the feature of the insurance company mobile apps.

The industry is very vast, and it is going to expand enormously in the feature, even though this sector is not able to adopt the latest technologies which are inherited by various domains/sectors.

According to the IBISWorld Pty Ltd report currently in the USA only there are 7000 insurance companies, with the revenue of $938 Billion. It is according to FY 2018.

Oscar health insurance app is the first mobile app in the health insurance industry in the USA. It released its Android/IOS version in the year 2012.

Reasons to have a Mobile App for the Health Insurance Industry:

You may be thinking, what is the need for mobile apps for insurance companies is? When we have websites for the top health insurance companies in the USA.

  1. Boon for health insurance companies.
  2. The companies can reach up to the state farms to villages.
  3. Communication between customer and company will boost.
  4. Insurance companies can increase its sales & revenue.
  5. It helps to find what companies have the best health insurance by comparing with the other insurance apps.
  6. The mobile app will help companies to sell more insurance products life, auto, and many more.
  7. The companies will verify users whether they are eligible for the services or not.

Key Features of Health Insurance Apps:

When you make your mind to create a mobile app for health insurance, you need to focus on the features. Because whenever a customer looks for an app, he will look out for Features.

  • Registration:

It is the first feature your app must comprise. You can log in with the help of phone number or Google account.

The registration process completes by using two-factor authentication. If you want your app more advanced, you can add a bio-metric verification process.

Estimated time: 50-53 hours.

  • In-app calling:

This feature will help the user to contact the company through the app when the user needs assistance regarding the insurance policy.

The in-app calling will increase the bond between the insurance company and the customer/user.

While you develop health insurance app like mobile patrol, make sure you should have this feature.

Estimated time: 2-5 hours.

  • Live chat:

It is the feature every mobile app must include in their respective apps. If you check the most significant health insurance companies in the USA, 9 out of 10 will have this feature.

Live chat features make work simple for insurance employee. It helps to handle multiple users at a time, which saves time and energy.

Estimated time: 50-60 hours

  • Document sharing and access:

User can save their documents and data in the app. User can save, access, and share the documents with the health insurance companies, even though he is in a remote place to avail the health insurance.

While you develop a mobile app, make sure you provide proper safety and security to the personal information of the user.

This feature is adopting by the best health insurance companies in the USA/India.

Estimated time: 1-5 hours

  • Policy purchases and renewals:

In the 20th century, purchases through mobile apps increased expeditiously. This feature gives the flexibility to the users to purchase health insurance policies when they get free time.

The company sales will increase with the immediate purchase of policies. It makes a user select the policy plan through the mobile and pays to it through cashless methods such as Net banking, Credit/debit card, and mobile wallets.

As you are existing customers to some insurance company, then you can renew directly through the app in a single tap.

Estimated time: 6-10 hours. 

  • Location-based service:

It is another feature which every health insurance company should include while they develop their mobile apps.

If you need location-based service in your app, you must have maps. It helps the user to locate nearby hospitals which are accepting that particular health insurance policy.

Apart from that, this feature will help when a person meets with accidents. It alerts nearby hospitals by sending your location.

Estimated time: 8-10 hours.

  • Reminders:

Push notifications are crucial for every mobile app. This feature will help you the insurance companies to send reminders about various things such as information about the new policies, renewal dates, the process of the Policy, and other unique offers.

Even the Largest health insurance companies in the USA are inheriting this feature in their mobile apps.

Estimated time: 11-15 hours.

These are the features one must keep in mind while developing the mobile app for your health insurance company.

Cost to Develop Health Insurance Mobile App:

The first thing that comes in mind of companies/enterprises before the development of an app is how much does it cost to develop? or Cost to develop health insurance apps or Health insurance app development cost or cost to make health insurance app or cost to build health insurance mobile app or average cost to develop health insurance apps or Development cost of health insurance apps in India.

The cost of an app will depend on the features you choose, the complexity of the elements, and the hourly cost of mobile app Development Company/ mobile developer you opt.

  • Developer’s geolocation:

The app developer geolocation also matters because developers from the USA charge more when compared with the Indian developers.

  1. India Developers cost: $10-80/hour
  2. Eastern Europe Developer cost: $30-150/hour
  3. USA developer cost: $50-250/hour.
  4. UK developer cost: $60-70/hour
  5. Australia developer cost: $100-110/hour. 
  • App team:

The team you choose and the experience of the group also affect the cost of an app. For developing a mobile app for health insurance, we need:

  1. Project Manager.
  2. Requirement analyst.
  3. Web developers.
  4. QA engineers.
  5. Mobile app developers (IOS and Android)
  6. UI/UX designers.
  • App Design:

To create a simple design, it will cost you were less, but when you are going for the advanced configurations for the app, the mobile development companies will charge you more.

  • App Platform:

While developing a mobile app, the mobile app development companies will not consider whether it is a top healthcare insurance providers or a small scale. They will design & develop based on features and the platform you choose.

The cost depends on the value of the developer multiplied by the number of hours required to develop.

To develop a mobile app for the best companies for health insurance, it will cost around $10,000 to $20,000 for one platform. If you want to add sophisticated features, then it will cost you some more.

If you need to develop for other platforms, you need to pay excess $25,000.

I hope you are satisfied with the information provided by us if you are still struggling in decision making, please contact us.

Our team of professionals will help you. Feel free to contact us.

You can also avail a free quote to estimate the cost to develop your app.



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