How Much Does it Cost to Develop an on-demand Boat Renting App like UberBOAT?

How Much Does it Cost to Develop an on-demand Boat Renting App like UberBOAT?

Cost to Develop Boat Ride Booking App like UberBOAT

Whenever we think of booking a taxi, the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is Uber.

Since the inception of Uber, it has changed the entire way of using on-demand services such as ordering food, booking a taxi, and many more.

It is the reason many businesses across the world have started imitating the business structure and coming up with Uber-like apps.

Well, if you think you have missed your cab app development, there is an excellent opportunity before you in the form of an on-demanding boat-renting app like Uber Boats.

Uber Boat launched on Dalmatian Coast in Croatia. Uber Boat is an on-demand service that enables users to hail a ship as a hailing taxi. The Uber Boat service offers speedboats for a maximum of 12 people that were formerly tested in Miami and Istanbul.

Uber Croatia Boats provides services during the summer tourist season. Apart from it, Uber Boats Miami offers different services such as transfer between the port and Island and speedboat rent for full-day or half-day trips.

Currently, you can find various other boating apps like EZ waves, GeyBoat, and Hoba Rides.

The reason to suggest this business to you is; it is still a fresh idea that can fetch you early mover advantages.

The foremost thing you need to check before starting with the on-demand boat app development is to chalk out a plan. The next thing is to arrange the resources and funds that are required to help you get going with the introductory part of the solution.

The next move should be associating with an experienced mobile app development company that can build your project on the mentioned date and time in the budget. Investing in on-demand boat apps will take customer experience to the next level.

uberboat app development costNeed for an on-demand boating app like Uber Boat

Traffic congestion on the roads is a huge problem to be tackled in several countries due to urbanization.

It is better to say thanks to the concept of the on-demand application boat riding called Uber Boating. The ride-sharing giant Uber has proposed a multi-modal stage with a well-organized transport system to serve visitors and commuters better.

Along with the traffic congestion, the other advantage of the on-demand boating app is it will provide comfort and luxury to the users living permanently or temporarily around waterside territories to have a new level of experience for the users.

Another advantage is you can find reliable, affordable, and convenient daily is easy with Uber Boat.

How to book Uber Boat & How it works?

It is better to know Uber Boat booking before you clone the app. Because without knowing its working process, we cannot go further.

Step 1: Download and install the Uber app.

Step 2: Log in to your account if your existing customer or else signup.

Step 3: Set your destination

booking process uberx

After completing the login process, enter your desired destination (Uber Boat locations).

Step4: Confirm your trip

Reach to your pickup location and enjoy your ride.

If you have any issues, you can contact the uber app help.

How to monetize your on-demand boating app like Uber Boat?

There are various methods to monetize an app, but here I am providing you some of the best models to generate revenue.

Let us have a look.

  • Subscriptions

Subscriptions can be a quite useful monetization model. To ease the incorporation of this revenue model apple is paying additional attention and making significant changes in how the app subscription model works.

This format made to boost the app publishers to sell their apps for a periodic fee instead of a one-time cost

  • Commissions

Another way of generating revenue is through commissions. In this type of mobile app, the mobile app developers will take the commission from every trip from both sides (User and Boat owner). The commission is calculated depending on demand and distance.

  • Value add-ons

Value add-ons can be another way to generate revenue for your on-demand boating app like Uber Boat. Apart from the pick-up and drop, you can add additional services such as music, drinks, and many others for some amount that will also provide you revenue.

  • Advertising

Advertising is undoubtedly the most common and easiest to implement, which can be done via a third-party ad network.

According to a search, in 2016, 7 out of 10 free app providers uses advertising as the revenue model.

Different types of ads

  1. In-app video ads
  2. Native ads
  3. Interstitial ads
  4. Banner ads

Points to be remembered while you build your on-demand Uber Boat

  • AI-powered custom In-app chat

Hire Uber developer who is very good at developing AI-based bots can be icing for your on-demand Uber for yachts and boat booking services. These Chatbots allow users to interact with the boat Capitan that they have chosen for their trip.

Using this feature, users can discuss trip details departure location, pick-up time, exact time to reach the place, price of the trip, things to carry, and many more.

After the completion of the discussion of all the details, the Capitan will send the payment request to their customers. If the customer is okay with the details, he can accept the request by tapping on that request button.

  • Weather updates

The weather update feature will be like free ice cream after a meal. If you want to give some extra support for the tourists and travelers from other countries.

It helps users to know Weather Updates so that your riders can know about their trip weather conditions so that they can prepare themselves ready.

  • Nautical map integration

Nautical map integration helps both users and boat riders. The nautical map helps the captains to sail through the sea quickly and smoothly.

  • Ride request feature

It is one of the essential elements to include in your on-demand app for renting boats. Ride request feature allow users to book an on-demand boat trip. You can make it as easy as possible for your customers so that they can book with just a few taps.

Features of an on-demand boating app like Uber Boat

We at FuGenX technologies will help you with your idea of having an on-demand boating app like Uber Boat or Ez waves. Our technical team knows precisely what to offer once we have an initial consultation to know about your Uber app ideas and expectations.

An on-demand Uber Boat can mainly have the following stakeholders

  • Customer app
  • Capitan (Boat driver) app
  • Admin app

Basic features

Customer app
  • Signup/Login
  • Add profile
  • Manage profile
  • Select pick-up & drop locations
  • Select Yacht/Boat
  • Select the type of service
  • Fare estimation calculator
  • Offers/discounts/coupons
  • Payment details/confirmations
  • Book a ride
  • View ride details
  • Payment
  • Ratings & Reviews
  • Rides history
  • Push notifications
Capitan (Boat driver) app
  • Signup/Login
  • Create & manage profile
  • Accept/Reject the request
  • Pick-up points & destinations
  • Route optimization
  • View payments
  • Driver delivery reports
  • Passenger heat maps
  • Push notifications
Admin app
  • Admin Login
  • Manage customers
  • Manage drivers
  • Manage payments
  • Manage areas of services
  • Manage charges
  • Manage content
  • Manage offers
  • Manage ratings & reviews
  • Manage push notifications
Additional features

The features we are going to know now will place your Uber marine app on the side of leading marine apps.

Customer’s app
  • Smart wallet
  • Social media integration
  • Split charges
  • Book now & ride later
  • Favorite destinations
Boat drivers
  • Rate & Review customers
  • Online support
  • Forward dispatch
Admin app
  • Technical support
  • Ride history report
  • Earning report
  • Location tracking

Tech stack we use to develop

  • Swift IOS
  • MEAN stack
  • Sketch
  • Android Studio
  • Sass
  • FCM
  • Geo-fence
  • Google Analytics
  • Google API
  • Android
  • AWS
  • Stripe
  • Google webmasters

Factors affecting the cost of an on-demand boat-renting app like Uber Boat

  • App Platform:

Choose which platform you want to opt in the initial stage because it takes a lot of time to develop both platforms.

It is better to go with the one platform that is Android/IOS in the initial stages. If you are successful with one platform, then it’s good to go for the other platform.

  • App Design:

The app needs to have an attractive design to engage users and retain them. The excellent design will cost more, but with the best design practices, we can reduce the cost to a large extent. FuGenX has proven expertise in this.

  • App size:

App size includes the number of functionalities, user database, and features that every app should have. Apps like Uber Boat should be scalable so that it can retain its efficiency even with the increased users.

  • App developers:

The real development cost of Uber marine like apps depends on the developers’ geographic location. Developers’ experience and expertise level even matter most here. Developing an Uber Boat-like app in India is significantly cheaper compared to the US.

  1. Project Manager.
  2. UI/UX designers.
  3. Android developers.
  4. IOS developers.
  5. Backend developers.
  6. 2-3 Quality engineers.

The developer’s price will depend on the geographical location.

Cost of developers based on geographical location
  • India – $10 to $80/hour
  • Australia – $50 to $150/hour
  • Eastern Europe – $20 to $150/hour
  • USA/Canada-based dev teams – $50 to $250/hour
  • Eastern Europe – $20 to $150/hour.

 App development cost: Development time (hours)* Developer price per hour.

Cost to Develop UberBOAT Clone

The total cost to establish an on-demand boat-renting app will vary according to the requirements of the clients.

It is impossible to estimate the precise time and cost to develop an application without knowing its exact requirements.

If you want to know the precise budget of your boat renting app, contact us with your requirements. Our technical team will guide you through the process without charging you anything for the consultation.

  • Final words

I hope you are satisfied and got a clear view regarding the development of the on-demand renting boat app; if you are still stuck with any doubts. Please reach us by filling up our contact us form.

We are happy to serve you.


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