How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Job Portal App Like Naukri

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Job Portal App Like Naukri?

Complete Cost Analysis of Developing a Job Portal App Like Naukri?

As I always say, technology has changed the way we live in and has greatly impacted human life both personally and professionally. Yes, it has also affected our job-seeking practices and transformed everything into digital/online from offline. Nowadays, all the hiring process is happening in just fingertips with mobile apps and websites.

The best example of this is the popular job portal application and website called ‘Naukri’ which has been helping job seekers to apply for their suitable position, from anywhere at any time. Fresher and even well-experienced professionals use this job portal application to find preferred jobs.

About Naukri – A Job Portal App: is an employment website or app operating in India and the Middle East. was founded in March 1997, by Sanjeev Bikhchandani, a well known Indian businessman who founded InfoEdge (India) Limited in 1995. As of December 2016, Naukri job searching app has a database of approximately 49.5 million registered employment seekers and added an average of 15,000 resumes per day, while 130,000 resumes per day were revised during the 2013–14 fiscal year.

If you apply for a position on this Naukri portal, a HR will contact you and conduct an interview if your profile got selected. But, the advanced technology era is now eagerly looking for more and more Naukri like job portal apps and websites to simplify the hiring process and to help maximum possible job seekers around the world.

Of course, the landscape of the website and mobile app development field covers all domains across the globe and that’s the reason, businesses are looking for such services to take advantage of the right business entity.

Job searching websites and mobile applications are here to bridge the gap between job seekers and recruiters. However, developing a job portal app like Naukri is not that much easy! Best job portal app development companies in India, the USA and Europe like FuGenx TechnologiesJob portal application development company / Online job portal app development company, should use creativity, put great efforts and integrate useful features with good UI/UX design. earn money in two ways, one is the subscription fee and second is advertising. 90% of the revenue is generated from B-2-B recruiters and the remaining 10% of revenue comes from the job seeker services. InfoEdge continues to be the main source of revenue from

If you are keen to know about the best features and topics like cost to making job searching app like Naukri, basic architecture of the application along with the technology, the process of developing a Naukri clone app development, and the leading Job search portal mobile app development company, you are in the right post.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Mobile App Like Naukri

Before discussing the cost of app like Naukri development, let’s learn why recruiters and job seekers require a website or an app like Naukri.

Benefits of Using Job Portal App, Website like Naukri:

  1. Instant Job opening Alerts
  2. Job Recommendations
  3. Advanced Job Search Facility
  4. Search for jobs with no cost
  5. Reduces Job Marketing Cost
  6. All Browser Compatibility
  7. User-friendly Dashboard
  8. Customized Functions
  9. Multi-language Option Available
  10. Robust Testing to Guarantee Performance

Now, let’s look into the

Basic Features That Affect the Cost of Building a Job Portal App like Naukri

i ) Registration with simple steps: Fresher or Professionals can open website or download and can register with their mobile number/email id/ social media network with a few simple steps.

ii ) Job search: The feature is essential in job searching portal development as job seekers from a wide range of field and job designations and then matches them up with recruiters/companies they need according to their qualification, years of experience and area of expertise.

iii ) Resume Preparation: Job seekers can build resume/CVs using sample resume, templates, and advanced features that help them prepare resumes that catch recruiters’ attention.

iv ) Job application: The Naukri like application enables users to send job application letters and transfer them to the hiring organization of their choice depending on their requirements.

v ) Job posting: Job portal mobile application development process and features are incomplete without job posting feature. Recruiters can post jobs openings on the job portal to fill their company vacancies based on the required qualifications, skills, and capabilities.

vi ) Recruitment: Naukri job app will give access to select suitable candidates from the collection of job applications and proceed with the further interview process.

Vii ) Push notifications: Candidates will get a notification to their email id/phone number from the recruiting agency if their application meets the criteria, and they will be selected for the interview process.


Advance Features that affects the Cost of Making Job Portal App

i ) Access to Employer Profile: It enables recruiters to register and showcase their firm Naukri profiles for job seekers. It also allows users to fill company profiles and collect the required information.

ii ) Data Safety Management: Usually, job portal companies should secure the candidates’ data. It is necessary to implement the latest technology to store and secure data. Job portal protects business integrity with all data related to recruiters, users, uploaded CVs, and company data.

iii ) Countless Job Postings: Naukri clone app offers job postings with limitless. It enables Hrs to find job vacancies indefinitely, allowing them to find any job from any field.

iv ) Non- industry-specific: Job portal like Naukri is a one-stop solution for all the candidates from all streams across the world to apply for a job. It contains job catalogs from every industry that offer lucrative job opportunities for individuals.

Job seekers can find job openings from wide range of fields, including software, hardware, digital marketing, mobile app development, web designing, artificial intelligence, embedded, VLSI, telecom, etc.

v ) Payment Gateways Integration: Integrating secure payment modes are a top priority for any job website like Naukri, such as the job portal development company in the Middle East.

I hope you have come up with an idea about the importance of the basic and advanced features that will help you create your own job search portal application.

How Much Cost to Develop Job Portal App, Website like Naukri

Major Factors That Determine the Naukri like Job Portal Development Cost

Cost to Make Job Portal App like Naukri comes under a number of factors and requirements from users’ perspective. The actual price of Naukri clone app development is based on the following major factors.

1 . App platform: 

The cost of creating job searching app like Naukri is majorly varying on the mobile device chosen to run the app. The development cost of a job portal app or android is less compared to the iPhone app as it takes much time and effort to test many testing methods. You should invest much more if want to develop Naukri similar app on both iOS and Android.

2 . App Complexity: 

Its features and functionality determine the complexity of a mobile application. The cost to develop app like Bayt, Naukri is less if your create a pre-defined backend with common features, basic template and UI components,

If you want to develop a high-level app with top functionality features, such as high-class UI/UX designs, media processing, custom animations, real-time synchronization, database relationship, etc., you should invest more.

3 . App Design: 

Animation, UI design, and Wireframing are the major factors that really affect the cost of job portal application development. Design is a key part of application development as it makes the application eye-catchy and unique. Standard UI and custom are the two common designs for app creating. The customized UI is expensive than standard UI.

4 . App Developers Team and Location:

Mobile app developers’ team also determines how much does it cost to develop job portal app like Naukri. The local app developers will charge less to make a Naukri alternative app than foreign country developers. The mobile app development cost is also depends on the developers’ team size, skill and their experience.

So, How Much Does it Cost to Develop Job Portal App like Naukri?

How much budget is required to create a job portal like naukri?

Estimating the cost of developing a job portal app like Naukri is really a tough task. As aforementioned, it depends on the features and functionality that will be implemented on your application or website. Sometimes, the cost of developing a job-searching app varies on the app developers’ location.

I think no mobile apps development company will estimate price and give you an exact figure without knowing your preferences on app features, design and functionality. So, I will suggest you reach the leading website and app development firm like FuGenx.

FuGenx Technologies has 20+ years of expertise in delivering quality-driven mobility services across the world. We have been crowned with many global technology awards, including the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific & Fast 50 India, for pioneering high-quality products and ideas in the mobile space.

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    FuGenX Technologies is a leading mobile app and game development company in India, delivering quality-driven mobility services across the world. We have been crowned with many global technology awards, including the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific & Fast 50 India, for pioneering high-quality products and ideas in the mobile space.