Node.js VS Python: Which Backend Technology Should You Choose?

Node.js VS Python: Which Backend Technology Should You Choose?

combination of supportive front-end and back-end technologies can make the app development process easy. In particular, the backend technology of any mobile application development depends upon the project specifications. We need to choose the right technology stack for better mobile application performance and scalability.

What is Backend Technology?

The backend technology handles the functionalities of connecting the web to the database and manages user connections. It receives requests from the clients and sends appropriate data back to the client. The backend technology consists of writing code of API, creating libraries, and data storage architecture. So, we can say that backend technology is the backbone of any mobile application deployment and success.

Though we have plenty of technologies, Node.js and Python have a special place among the app developers.

What is Node.js

is a server-side technology that uses a JavaScript runtime environment released in the year 2009. The backend app developers use JavaScript to write code. We can use the same programming language for front-end and back-end development. The ability to edit multiple modules parallelly makes Node.js perfect for real-time mobile app development.

What is Python?python

Python is the oldest back-end programming language with an abundance of in-built tools and libraries. The simplicity of code language helps the programmers to write clear coding lines for projects. The coding language supports multiple programming paradigms. Developers can use code modules instead of long coding lines, which are interchangeable. This feature of Python makes it a functional programming language.

python-vs-node-jsNode.js vs Python: Which Backend Technology Should You Choose?

The idea of developing a new mobile application will help you to make space in the market. We need to make thoughtful choices in every step of mobile application development as that affects the success rate of the application. The choice of technologies in app-building has a crucial role in building the application. Even though there are many options for back-end technology today, we will discuss about Node.js and Python languages. Spending a lit bit of time reading this article will give you complete information.


The mobile applications you develop should be able to handle any number of clients without any crashes. The developer should also be able to add new features and resolve issues in the future. So, to make this possible, you need to use backend technology that has high scalability.


Node. Js:

Node.js is the best backend technology for building high scalable complex applications. The event-driven model and non-blocking I/O enable the server to process requests flawlessly. Node.js supports microservices that are very scalable and run processes dynamically. You can easily add extra modules for existing nodes horizontally and resources vertically for scaling. It makes the development process more flexible.


Python is not effective in handling multi-threads which is a drawback. We can not run threads simultaneously because the technology is built on Global Interpreter Lock (GIL). The coding language of Python is not suitable for large-scale applications. So, Python lags behind Node.js when you consider scalability.


The architecture of programming languages defines the rules of creating modules and relating them. We need to have an effective architecture to make the development process easy. Let us see the difference between Node.js and Python backend technologies.


Node. Js:

This server-side architecture of Node.js uses Single Thread Event Loops that handle multiple requests from the clients. A single thread is sufficient to handle blocking incoming requests instead of creating multiple threads. It also requires fewer resources and memory as the requests are processed one at a time. All these benefits make Node.js faster and responsive than other server development technologies.


The Python architecture has no inbuilt asynchronous programming to support input-output functionality. We can not run other unblocking requests when a blocking request is still in process. It requires special modules to enable this feature which is not available in most python frameworks. So, the event-driven architecture in Node.js is more effective than the python backend technology.


We need to have a user-friendly syntax that can make the mobile development process flexible.

Node. Js:

The syntax of the Node.js programming language is similar to the browser JavaScript. If you have JavaScript knowledge previously, then writing backend code for your application using Node.js is an easy task.


The developers need to write only a few lines of code to design the module compared with Node.js. Python syntax is easy to remember as the language is similar to English. Clients with minimum knowledge of any programming language can understand the code.


The libraries are a collection of modules that contain functions of particular features. You can integrate these functions directly and only write code for new features. It will make the coding process easy for the developers. These libraries show the power of the programming languages.

Node. Js:

The NPM (Node Package Manager ) contains libraries and packages in the Node.js technology. It is one of the largest open-source libraries in the world. You can easily pull in packages of existing code, and these are configurable for a wide range of use cases.


The default package installer of Python is pip which is Python Package Index(PyPI). It has 220 thousand packages for different categories like image processing, data science, calculation, and more to choose from according to needs. Though Python has several libraries, the documentation makes deployment easy and a favorite among developers.


The performance and speed of the programming languages will affect the response time of the client’s requests.

Node. Js:

The program execution outside the web browser will make your mobile application a better performer. It allows you to use the TCP sockets feature, which is not valid to use in the browser. We also know that Node.js has event-driven non-blocking architecture that processes requests fast.


The single thread architecture in python language makes the responsive process slow. It is a considerable drawback for the application to get data from the server. So, when you compare Node.js vs python for performance and speed, Node.js takes the upper hand.


The programming language should handle many devices that access web applications.

Node. Js:

Node.js can handle websites and web applications on different devices. It is because we can use JavaScript in both the frontend and backend development processes. The cross-platform functionality makes the app developers prefer Node.js for mobile application development.


Python is preferable for IoT solutions, cloud-based, and AI solutions. The cross-platform features help you to run the same desktop app in Linux, Windows, and Mac. In this Python and Node.js stand at the same level.



It can define as the accessibility for developers to add new features to the mobile application and modify according to the user’s requirements.


Node.js has more extensibility with frameworks, customization, and integration with various tools. A new framework or tool is introduced in the Node.js technology regularly.

  • Frontend Development Framework- Babel
  • Unit-Based Testing- Jasmine
  • Project Management Framework-
  • Module Binding- Webpack


The huge number of frameworks in Python is the reason for a high rate of extensibility.

  • Web Development- Flask
  • Backend Development Framework-Django
  • Automated Testing- Robot


It is one of the factors where Node.js and Python have the same score. Both backend technologies are popular and have a large community. So, whenever you are facing a difficulty, there is always some out to help you.


Despite being a new technology in the field, Node.js has amazing followers forming a wide community. As a developing company, you can find many talented app developers across the world to hire.


It is the oldest programming language and has a larger community than others. The overall development of language is because of the active participation of the developers.

Error Handling:

Programming languages with good error handling methods will reduce the pressure on the developers. The feasibility of programming language in finding the errors makes the technology more favorable for app developers.


The Node.js technology uses error object, try-catch exceptions, call stack techniques to handle the errors.


You can find three types of errors in the python programming language, which are syntax errors, logic errors, and exceptions. The process of finding and rectifying these bugs is not time-consuming in Python, unlike other backend technologies.


App Categories:

The different architectures of Node.js and python will make these backend technologies perfect for dedicated categories of mobile applications.


The event-based architecture of Node.js makes it the best choice for mobile app development for IoT solutions, messaging applications, chatbots for websites, streaming app, and real-time collaboration services. This technology can handle frequent client requests with fast response.


You can use this technology for developing apps based on image processing, machine learning systems, 3D games, data analysis, voice and face recognition. So, you can choose the backend technology for your mobile app development depending upon the usage of the application.

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Every backend technology has its pros and cons in building a mobile application. One should decide the technologies based upon the functionalities of mobile applications.

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