8 Best Voice Recording Apps for Android in India

8 Best Voice Recording Apps for Android in India

Smartphones have the in-built capability to take voice notes, but it is not always possible to record crystal clear voices in situations with high noise in the surroundings. The chances of getting interrupted by calls, SMSs, or other notifications are possibly high.

Voice recording apps for Android are proven to be helpful to individuals or professionals in many ways. They assist students in recording record lectures, musicians in taping tunes, a journalist in taking interviews, and employees in recording professional meetings. Likewise, the benefits of voice recording apps are enormous in this modern age.

There are many voice recording apps available for Android and iPhone mobile devices for download and installation. Google Play Store and Apple App Store have thousands of voice or call recording clone apps. Among thousands of available mobile apps, a few call or voice recording apps are free, and some are premium versions.

If you are looking ahead to an Android App Development Company to build a collaborative and interactive voice recording app, this article will help you out. Based on the app features, functionalities, performance, download statistics, and user feedback, our mobile app development team has compiled five on-demand voice recorder apps for Android.

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  1. Rev Voice Recorder

Rev.com, Inc is offering an ultimate and outstanding audio and voice recording app for Android users. It is one of the best voice recording apps for Android. It is used for multiple purposes, such as recording lectures, meetings, and dictation. The best thing about this popular Android voice recording app is that it offers voice-to-text transcription with 99% of accuracy.

Its simple and easy-to-understand user interface and high audio quality, one-step process for transcribing voice to text, cloud services, and download and records sharing features are all increasing the popularity of this voice recording application in India.

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  1. ASR Voice Recorder

ASR Voice Recorder is one of the most popular voice recorder apps in India. With a 4.5 star rating and five million downloads, ASR Voice Recorder is marked as one of the biggest voice recording apps for Android. It is offered by Google Commerce Ltd.

Driven by its unique and user-friendly features, the app is crowned with the best voice recording app on the Google Play Store. From recording professional meetings and lectures to interviews and music, the ASR Android voice recorder is the best android app.

It can record audio in various formats such as MP3, AMR, WAV, FLAC, OGG, FLAC, and M4A. The app’s flexibility offers users to add notes while listening or recording the voice.

Further, this trending Android voice recorder supports cloud services. So, users can upload or download files from/to Dropbox and Google Drive for later use.

Likewise, its playback speed controller, pause and discard recording button, skip silence mode, customizable volume, Bluetooth and microphone compatibility, multilingual support, etc., are additional user-specific features.

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    1. Automatic Call Recorder

    Automatic Call Recorder is another famous audio recording app available for Android in India. It is a great mobile app for Android users. Auto-recording and auto-delete (old recording) are the two most convenient and user-friendly features of this app.

    Such features and functionalities help users in automatically recording all incoming and outgoing calls. The auto-delete feature lets users save memory in their phones by erasing unnecessary and old recordings periodically.

    Further, integration of Google Drive™ and Dropbox features ensures the users to easily synchronize the recording with the cloud. This is an added benefit to users for saving a few important recordings and accessing the data from anywhere, on-device, and at any time.

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    1. Samsung Voice Recorder

    Samsung Voice Recorder is one of the most-used and most downloaded mobile voice recorder apps in India. Since its launch, it has been downloaded by nearly one billion times.

    It is featured with awesome playback, pause, and editing features. Microphones integration and simple interface make it a more user-friendly voice recording app. The app’s speech recognition capabilities allow users to convert voice to easy-to-read text with simple clicks.

    Customized filters and options while recording voice optimizes quality and ensures high user experiences. This Android voice recording app also featured Skip muted, play speed, Repeat mode, and quick sharing options.

    If you are looking ahead to developing voice recording applications on Android Operating System, create a clone of the Samsung Voice Recorder app. We are here to guide you through the app development process of Samsung Voice Recorder.

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    1. Dolby On

    Dolby On is a powerful recording app for Android that ensures incredible sound quality. It let user’s record high-quality audio without any external noises. Equipped with premium voice-recognition technologies, this app allows users to record sounds, podcasts, voice memos, and lyrics with crystal-clear sound quality.

    Further, the app also featured different boosts and filters that help users in recording voices with superior qualities. Its audio-editor tools assist your audience in crafting recordings without any hassle.

    Moreover, its built-in noise reduction and de-essing techniques eliminate or completely remove the external sounds and let users record high-quality audio.

    Like other android voice recorders, it also allows users to share voice or music recordings from Soundcloud, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter-like popular social media platforms. All these user-friendly features made Dolby On the best free voice recorder app for Android.

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    1. RMC: Android Call Recorder

    It is the best call recorder app for Android which allows users to record incoming and outgoing calls with crystal clear sound quality. The app has acquired 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store yet.

    It features automatic/manual call recording, customized search bar with filters, edit/rename recording files, enables/disable notifications, multi-audio format support, cloud synchronization for easy backup and restores, etc.

    This automatic call recorder app for android lets users share recordings from their android devices to online chatting apps like WhatsApp in simple clicks.

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    1. Cube Call Recorder

    As of October 2021, Cube call recorder has reported over 10 million downloads from Google Play Store. Besides normal phone calls, the app is best for recording various voice calls such as Skype calls, WhatsApp calls, or calls made through Facebook messenger. It is one of the best advantages of this trending Android call recording app.

    The app also ensures high security to all recordings. Until and unless the user enters the security pin, he cannot access and listen to the recorded data.

    The development of the Cube Call Recorder-like app in 2022 would assist businesses in generating profitable results in this competitive digital sphere.

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    1. Easy Voice Recorder

    This trending and on-demand voice recorder app for Android has reported 50,000,000+ installs at the end of 2021. On top of it, this application has got a 4.7 out of 5-star rating.

    Meetings, interviews, and lectures everything can be downloaded by tapping gently on the mobile screen. The flexibility of high-quality audio recording in various formats is providing convenient functionalities and improves user experiences.

    One of the unique and advanced features of this smart voice recorder is that the users can record voice from smartwatches. Its compatibility with wearable OS lets users record from their smartwatches. Flexibility to toggle from light and dark themes is an added benefit with this trending Android voice recorder.


    Wrapping Up

     Android is the best smartphone operating system to target a broad audience base. Android apps development ensures lucrative ways for organizations or startups in this digital age.

    Investing in voice recording apps Android development is the perfect decision since the demand and downloads of such apps on the Google Play Store are increasing at a rapid pace.

    Hire the best Android application development company and get your app developed soon with no bugs.

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