How Can Startups Escape From High Mobile App Development Costs?

How Can Startups Escape From High Mobile App Development Costs?

In this modern age, smartphones are like a bridge between brands and their target customers. Businesses are pitching customers through mobile apps. Hence, the bond between smartphone apps and brands is becoming unbreakable.

If you want food, there are multiple food apps to order food online from mobile. Or, if you want medicines in an emergency? No worries, there are so many best-in-class online medicine delivery apps that facilitate you to order and get medicines at your doorstep in minutes.

Mobile apps are everywhere. For every purpose, we have an app, and people are very comfortable using mobile apps. With such popularity and demand for Android/iOS mobile apps, 90% of businesses across the globe were switched to digital and delivering more personalized services to their customers.

According to Statista, Google Play has nearly 3.48 million apps as of June 2021. The Apple App Store stood as the second-largest mobile app store with having approximately 2.22 million available apps for iOS users. With the addition of hundreds of similar or clone apps each day, the count of available apps in the app stores is increasing at a rapid pace.

Everything is well and good till here. The demand for mobile apps is high, and the opportunities for mobile app developers and brands are also high. But, such competition in the mobile app development industry is like a burden on a startup’s head in terms of hefty app development charges. Yes, the mobile app development cost is a significant constraint for entrepreneurs to go digital.

The first question that crosses in startup’s mind when they have an app idea is how much our mobile app development project will cost? Yes, this question will pop up in their mind. In this article, we would like to discuss 5 major trends that help startups to know how to reduce mobile apps development costs.

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6 Best Ways To Reduce Mobile App Development Cost

Before jump-starting into our topic, I would like to ask readers that what will be the cost of a product that has high demand in the market. Will it increase or decrease?

My answer is “the price will decrease” if the brands have enough stock. Likewise, with having hundreds and thousands of mobile app development companies and high demand for mobile apps, the cost to create apps is not at all expensive.

Generally, the cost of android/iOS application development depends on features, mobile platform, app type, technology stack used, and experience of the mobile app developers like factors. However, startups or even brands can cut app development costs by following the below tricks.

  1. Cross-Platform App Development

Instead of investing in native android apps development or native iOS apps development, the development of cross-platform or hybrid apps helps you reduce costs to some extent. One of the advantages of cross-platform app development is code will be reusable several times on different mobile platforms. So, mobile app developers do not need to write code twice for individual platforms. This strategy will reduce the app development cost.

Approaching FuGenX-like Top Mobile App Development Company, you can get your development at a reasonable price. We are a leading cross-platform or hybrid app development company in creating budget-friendly hybrid apps for you. We use best-in-class development frameworks, like Xamarin and PhoneGap, and try not to exceed your app budget limit or promised app price.

  1. Agile Development Process

An iterative and step-by-step software development methodology helps businesses organize every phase of the app development lifecycle with a clear vision. Agile methodologies break down development projects into smaller modules and make app development easier and faster. So, much less development time and clear-cut process positively affect quality as well as cost metrics.

  1. Constant In-depth Testing

Catching bugs in the final app delivery or while checking quality assurance impacts on final app cost. Handling exceptions or errors at the final stage will put pressure on mobile app developers and also their clients for not getting their projects developed as scheduled. Continuous testing at every phase is the best solution to prevent errors and reduce extra app development costs.

  1. Outsource The Project

Hiring the best mobile app development company or outsourcing the development project is also the best solution for startups. The estimated cost of a mobile application will float around $30,000-$200,000+. This range might go up or down based on the app features, mobile operating system and app type, etc.

Instead of this, outsourcing the entire mobile app development project to the best mobile app development company in Bangalore, India, at a reasonable development deal is a cost-saving strategy. Startups can benefit from outsourcing projects in terms of interaction with skilled app developers and creative UX/UI designers and quick app delivery.

  1. Release MVP In To Market

MVP or Minimum Viable Product is an app development method where a new app is launched with simple features and functionalities to determine the user’s attention.

Later based on the audience feedback, optimize the functionalities or integrate the features that your audience is looking for. Moreover, you can also track the performance, isolate bugs (if any), and improve the functionality and all.

Hence, the MVP strategy will provide a cost-benefit to you as you release a mobile app with basic features.

  1. Build A Strategy For Long-term

Realizing MVP for audience use is a short-term cost-cutting technique. You should build a strategy to avoid extra development costs in the long run. So, focus on app scalability for avoiding app restructuring costs in the future.

Things To Remember For Avoiding High App Development Cost

Well. We have discussed a few tactics to reduce app development costs in the above session. FuGenX, a leading mobile app development services provider, advises startups to follow significant guidelines when implementing cost-saving strategies.

  • Market Research Is Must

Performing research, competitor analysis, target audience analysis, and clone apps analysis help startups build a powerful mobile application with unique features. If you missed this part, your app development efforts and investment will be drained out.

  • Select The Right App Development Firm

The top app development companies will have the capability to create a bug-free and efficient mobile application. When outsourcing your project, hire a mobile app development company with high-level technical knowledge and proven process-driven methodologies for reducing app development costs.

  • Develop App With Basic Features

Do not overload mobile apps with unnecessary features. It will increase the app size and will also increase the development costs. So, we advise you to go for apps with a basic features list, and later you add advanced features if needed.

  • Select The Right Operating System

Both Android apps development and iOS apps development is profitable and appreciable. But, instead of investing in native apps that run on a specific OS, cross-platform app development saves money and time.

  • Value Customer Feedback

Once you release MVP into the market, pay attention to the feedback or reviews given by users. It helps you to analyze the gap and understand what the audience is looking for in the app.

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Wrapping Up

Outsourcing projects, releasing MVP, agile methodologies, hybrid app development, and in-depth testing (performance, security, and usability testing) are a few best and beneficial ways for small app development companies or startups to reduce costs.

FuGenX Technologies, one of the top mobile app development companies in Bangalore, India, has over a decade of experience in creating intelligent and interactive web and mobile apps.

We assist our clients in standing in first-line with confidence in this competitive digital space. Our skilled and professional mobile app developers and designers in Bangalore, India, use cutting-edge digital technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Internet-of-Things (IoT) to create hi-tech mobile apps.

We offer android app development services, iPhone app development services, and enterprise-level software application development services to enterprises and startups. FuGenX also has immense experience in developing highly responsive single-page or multi-page web apps using PHP, Python, NodeJS, and AngularJS like the best frameworks.

Whether it is native iOS or Android app development or a hybrid/cross-platform mobile app development, we have all the required app development infrastructure and skilled resources. Being a trustworthy and leading mobile app development agency in Bangalore, India, we promise to create mobile apps that meet your business objectives.


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