Best Mobile App Development Companies In India 2022

Best Mobile App Development Companies In India 2022

In recent times, India has become a focal point for mobile app development. As Smartphone usage has increased tremendously, businesses are investing in mobile app development to enhance their customer experiences and increase sales. In recent times, India has become a focal point for mobile app development companies. Every year new trends are evolving with continuous innovation by the companies.

This market trend is encouraging mobile apps development companies in India to launch curative apps with rich-features. Every enterprise is looking for demanding and creative mobile applications with an eye-catching user interface for ensuring customer satisfaction and personalization.

Nowadays, every enterprise/organization is looking and demanding out of the box & creative mobile applications that provide a modern user experience & user interface.

Everything right, but most of the businesses struggle to develop a quality app at affordable cost, especially in the US and UK. Therefore, they look towards the best mobile application development companies in India that can develop high-quality apps.

On the other hand, evaluating potential mobile app development companies is a tough challenge with thousands of best app developers in India. It has created an increased demand for Indian mobile apps development companies across the world.

Herein, we picked 10+ best mobile apps development companies in India. The companies have a proven track record of successful mobile apps development. Hence, the list of top Indian mobile app developers creates high-quality mobile applications.

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Now, here is the list of top 10+ mobile apps development companies in India that have created value for both startups and global enterprises by delivering high-quality mobile applications. This list is built on in-depth market research and genuine reviews from the clients.

10+ Top Mobile App Development Companies in India:

1. FuGenX Technologies:


FuGenX Technologies is the best mobile app development company in India. The company builds high-performance iPhoneAndroid, and BlackBerry mobile apps. It has developed the best online grocery app for Big Basket. Likewise, FuGenX also developed an e-learning app for the most popular e-learning platform, BYJUs. Besides, Vodafone, Praxair, and Panasonic are also other popular clients of FuGenX.

FuGenx also won Deloitte Technology Awards in 2012, 2013, and 2016 for its top-notch mobile app development services in India. Its vast customer base and industry experience in mobile app development made FuGenx the best mobile application development company in India.

FuGenx ranks as the best Indian game apps development company. The company listed under Fortune 500 companies in 2020.

Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Bangalore. It also has offices in Chantilly, Dallas, Hyderabad, and Ahmedabad.

If you are checking out for mobile app developers near me, then FuGenX is the right choice for you.

FuGenx considered one of the most preferred Indian app companies for mobile app development and game app development. The company is under Fortune 500 companies.


app idea to reality

2. Hyena Information Technologies:

Hyena Information Technologies ( is one of the leading mobile app development services providers in Chantilly (USA) and Bangalore (India).

Since its emergence into the software development industry, the company continues to embrace the latest technologies and create futuristic mobile and web apps for entrepreneurs, mid-sized companies, and multinational organizations. It offers end-to-end web and mobile app development services, ranging from User Experience (UX)/ User Interface (UI) design, prototyping, and app features development to deployment and app maintenance.

Backed with over a decade of experience in software application development, Hyena helps enterprises in unlocking hidden opportunities. The company’s services include native Android mobile apps development services, native iPhone app development services, and cross-platform mobile application development services.

With its transparent and dedicated application development services, Hyena is also recognized as a leading web apps developer in the USA and India. Using AngularJS, NodeJS, Python, and PHP like high-level languages and open-source web frameworks, the company builds error-free web applications at affordable development costs.

Further, the company has expert Artificial Intelligence (AI) app developers and creative UX/UI designers for creating futuristic AI apps with eye-catchy designs. Being the best AI app development company in India and USA, the company is engaged in offering next-level mobile apps with AI features such as AI chatbots development and AI-powered speech recognition tools.

Year of Inception: 1999

Team Size: 250+

Operating Locations: India (Bangalore) and USA (Chantilly and Frisco)

3. Sourcebits:



Sourcebits is a Bangalore based mobile application Development Company in India and the USA, founded in 2006. It is a child company of Globo Group, has delivered more than 500 mobile app development projects. The Sourcebits employees also work from San Francisco, USA.

It is another best mobile application development company in India. It is operating as a subsidiary of Globo Group. With a group of the best mobile app developers, a creative UI/UX designing team, and a dedicated quality testing team, the group has delivered 500+ user-friendly mobile apps for diverse industries.

The company has immense experience in the design and development of mobile apps on iOS and Android platforms. Apart from mobile app development, Sourcebits also offers mobile app development strategy, enterprise mobility solutions, and web design for businesses across industries.

Sourcebit employs more than 200 employees, including dedicated designers, smart developers, software engineers and innovative project managers. The company believes in delivering beautiful and fantastic user experience.

It develops mobile apps on all major mobile platforms, including IOS and Android. Sourcebits specialize in mobile app development, mobile strategy, enterprise mobility, web design, and UI/UX design, for all sizes of businesses and from all industries.

Year of Inception: 2006
Operating Locations: India, the United States

4. OpenXcell:


OpenXcell is one of the top app development companies in India. OpenXcell founded in 2008, headquartered at Ahmedabad, India, and with offices in the USA (California & New York). OpenXcell has 200+ employees working in both India and USA offices.

With the increasing use of mobile apps, global app development companies are in a gainful race. OpenXcell is one of the leading mobile apps developers in India.

It is one of the leading mobile and web application development companies in India. With a team of iOS or Android app developers and designers, the company develops best-in-class iPad, iPhone, Android, and web-based apps for enterprises and brands.

It offers mobile app developmentgame development, Blockchain technology, web &e-commerce development, and software development services.

Year of inception: 2008
Operating Locations: India (Ahmedabad) and USA (California, New York)

5. QBurst:


QBurst is one of the top mobile application development service providers in India. It offers CRM, mobile & web app development, Big Data & analytics, testing, and cloud-based solutions.

The company has delivered many successful customer-centric native and cross-platform apps to game-changing B2B apps.

QBurst has branches in the USA, Australia, UAE, Singapore, UK, Japan, and India. It consists of 1200+ employees covering skilled web & app developers, designers, quality support specialists, UX designers, project management experts, and enterprise analysts.

The services offered by the QBurst are CRM, mobile & web app development, Big Data & analytics, testing, and cloud-based solutions. They have delivered many successful projects that are from native to cross-platform and user-friendly consumer apps to game changing B2B apps.

QBurst is very good at integrating advanced features & technologies based on the business requirements that work well for small to large-scale enterprises.

The company’s client base includes Burberry, Acis, and Airtel.

Year of Inception: 2004
Operating Locations: USA, Australia, UAE, Singapore, UK, Japan, and India.

6. AppInventiv



AppInventiv is a leading mobile app development company in India. It offers results-driven mobile app development services and solutions for enterprises. The company is engaged in the design and development of customizable iOS, Android, and web applications.

Since its commencement, it has delivered 1000+ applications globally that have set the benchmark to competitors in the mobile app development industry with creative and innovative services.

We provide cross-platform mobile app development, native mobile app development, web app development, Chatbot development, Wearable app development, and many more.

Year of inception: 2015
Team Size: 500+
Operating locations: Noida, India, United States, Australia, UK, France, UAE

7. Konstant Infosolutions

Konstant Infosolutions is one of the leading Android & iPhone/iOS app development companies in India. It offers various services such as web app development, mobile & wearables app development, e-commerce development, cloud computing, and IoT services.

It creates revenue-generating mobile apps featuring advanced technologies at reasonable price quotes.

Konstant Infosolutions founded in 2003, headquartered at Jaipur, India. This company mainly focuses on providing client-centric innovative web & mobile apps that help to transform your business.

It is one of the leading Android & iPhone app Development Company in India offering various services such as web app development, mobile & wearables app development, e-commerce development, cloud computing, and IOT (Internet of things). Konstant Info-solutions offer services to multiple vectors across various industries.

Year of Inception: 2003
Team Size: 180+
Operating Locations: India (Jaipur) and USA (California, NYC, and Florida)

8. Hyperlink Infosystems

hyperlinkHyperlink Infosystems is a top mobile apps development company in India. Since its inception, it continues to build profitable mobile apps for its clients. The mobile apps developed by Hyperlink Infosystems meet the specific requirements of clients and extend brand names quickly.

With 9+ years of industry practice in mobile app development, the company has acquired hands-on experience to develop Android, iOS, and web apps. As of now, the company developed 3000+ apps and 1400+ websites.

Hyperlink Infosystem also offers various custom application development and management, website development, mobile game development, AR-VR development, and many more.

As of now, the company developed 3000+ apps and 1400+ websites with the help of 200+ dedicated app designers & developers. The app developer team at Hyperlink Info systems is proficient at including other innovative technologies in the application.

As the company is having 9+ years of experience in mobile app development, the company has complete exposure in developing every type of app for multiple platforms such as Android, IOS, and Windows. The company worked with 1200+ business that includes startups, enterprises, small & medium scale business, and Agencies.

The company is very much known for developing the most innovative & lovable mobile and web apps. Hyperlink Infosystem offers various custom services such as mobile app development, website development, mobile game development, AR-VR development, and many more.

Year of inception: 2011
Team Size: 200+
Operating Locations: Ahmedabad, India, the USA, UK, Dubai, UAE, and Australia.

9. Macappstudio:


Macappstudio is one of the well-known custom web & mobile app development companies in India. The company desires to develop outstanding applications that enhance user personalization and experiences. It offers end-to-end app development services with international standards.

With highly skilled mobile app developers, designers, and testers, the company has delivered 150+ applications till yet. It creates various mobile apps for iPad, iPhone/iOS, Android, Windows, and many more with less development time.

It also has offices in the USA and Singapore. The company has delivered 150+ projects and 120+ apps since its inception. Macappstudio has a strong team of experienced and skilled professionals, which is an excellent advantage for the clients on cost, scale, and Geography.

The company developers are proficient in developing apps for iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows, and many more. The company mainly focuses on creating simple apps that touch people’s lives.

Year of Inception: 2012
Operating Locations: Chennai, India, the USA, and Singapore

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10. Hidden Brains:

hidden-brainsHidden Brains is the next leading Indian mobile app developer offering customizable mobile & web applications. The company is committed to providing a range of enterprises with high-end mobility solutions that ensure rapid returns. With over 15+ years of, it has successfully delivered 800+ apps for clients across 97 countries.

The company also has its offices in the USA, UK, Europe, and Australia. The company is committed to serving clients with high-end solutions across various market verticals with international ventures.

As we are in the industry for a long time, we have successfully delivered projects for clients across various specificities to build, world-class solutions by ensuring its long-term growth.Within a short period, the company has delivered 5000+ web, 800+ apps across 97 countries

Year of Inception: 2003
Team Size: 400+
Operating Locations: India, USA, UK, Europe, and Australia

11. IndiaNIC Infotech

indianicIndiaNIC Infotech is one of the top mobile application development companies in India. It helps brands create robust, scalable, and impactful mobile applications to remain competitive in this digital world.   

By leveraging the power of emerging and advanced technologies, the company is developing innovative web & mobile applications. It also offers best-in-class enterprise-centric automation and digital solutions using IoT for businesses to speed up digital transformation across their processes.

The company also got expertise in web development, digital marketing, UI/UX, Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud consulting services, and mobile gaming applications.

IndiaNIC Infotech offers various services mobile app development, web development, Design, IoT (Internet of things), and many more with the help of 250+ developers and designers.

Year of Inception: 1998
Team Size: 250+
Operating Locations: India, USA, and Australia


12) Octal IT Solution

Octal IT Solution is one of the leading Android app development companies in India. The company also builds easy-to-use and high-quality iOS apps for its clients around the globe.

With a team of talented and professional developers who create the best mobile apps, Octal has delivered 1300+ mobile and web apps for 500+ clients.

The company also experts in software consulting services, including SaaS, CRM, Cloud consulting, BI, and middleware consulting services.

Year of Inception: 2007
Team Size: 150+
Operating Locations: India and the USA

13) Techugo

Being one of the best app developers in India, Techugo develops and offers user-friendly mobile applications. The company creates a clear roadmap before commencing the development of mobile or web applications.

It also made a mark in developed countries like the USA and Dubai as the best Android and iOS apps developers with its commitment and dedication. The company chooses a modern approach with industry-leading tools, technologies, and strategies for developing a full-fledged mobile application.

Till now, Techugo has successfully developed over 475+ mobile apps that have downloaded over 22 million users from the best app store.

Year of Inception: 2015
Team Size: 160+
Operating Locations: Canada, USA, India, and Dubai.

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14) 7EDGE

7EDGE is also the best customizable mobile apps development agency in India. The company creates mobile and web apps using trending technologies such as Java, native Android, Angular Node, iOS, AWS, and Ruby on Rails.

The mobile apps development services of 7EDGE help companies to provide more personalized services to their honored customers. It also assists companies in embracing their digital transformation journey through strategic consulting services.

Over the past decade, the company has been associated with over 500 clients, including start-ups, middle-size, and large-size companies, and delivered futuristic web and mobile apps.

Year of Inception: 2010
Operating Locations: Bangalore, India

15) RipenApps

RipenApps is the best Indian mobile app developer offering next-level application development services and solutions for businesses.

RipenApps develop iOS, Android, and web apps for enterprises to double their ROI and popularize brand value. With the power of the latest technologies like the Internet-of-Things, the company is developing intelligent mobile apps that make your business ready for tomorrow.

It also offers hybrid app development services, web development services, and UI/UX designing services. Since its inception to till to date, RipenApps has delivered 500+ applications.

Year of Inception: 2015
Team Size: 150+
Operating Locations: India, USA, Australia, Canada, UK, and UAE

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We hope that this list article helps you choose the right mobile app developer for your dream project. Whether your search is for the Best Android App Development Companies in India or top iPhone/iOS app development companies in India, it might ends here.

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If you are expecting to work with reliable and top mobile app developers in India, you can reach us at or fill-up our form.

FuGenx assures you to offer top-notch services at the most attractive rate.


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