10 Best Mobile App Development Solutions For Brands and Startups

10 Best Mobile App Development Solutions For Brands and Startups

Every enterprise will have different views, vision, objectives, priorities, and strategies, etc. But, the ultimate aim of all businesses in this digital world is to deliver more personalized services to their audience and improve their experiences. Mobile apps help companies deliver better services to customers and make their brand available to the audience when they need it.

But, not every mobile app development idea will satisfy the audience and give the highest returns to companies. With the rapid proliferation of mobile technologies and the overflow of new apps entries into app stores, enterprises have to develop the most advanced applications that deliver unique benefits to the targeted audience.

FuGenXa top mobile app development company in Bangalore, India, is home to Android, iOS, and web apps development. With a standard app design and development approach, we are transparent with clients across application development stages, including requirements gathering, ideation or strategy planning, design, development, testing, launching, and maintenance. Let’s have a look at our portfolio of app development solutions for brands and organizations across diversified industries.

Mobile App Development Solutions That Excel Your Returns 

  1. Education Mobile App Development Solution

E-learning or M-learning or online learning apps are some of the popular mobile app categories in this COVID-19 pandemic. 95% of the education academies, training institutions, and universities across the globe were all shifted to digital platforms to continue their services in this tough coronavirus situation.

M-learning apps for android or iOS are also ensuring convenient and comfortable access to learners. Not only students, the download rate of professional courses learning apps, competitive exams training apps, and language learning applications were also increased in the recent past two years.

The infection might be controlled, but the fear of its impact is still on parents. So, the development of visual-rich content apps for children is an impressive thought to provide fun learning experiences for kids. Hence, e-learning apps development in this pandemic is the right decision for businesses to reach more audiences and earn rapid returns.

How much will it cost for an education mobile app development for Android/iOS?

  1. Healthcare Mobile App Development Solution

Healthcare is the sector that is giving intensified growth opportunities for mobile apps development. Cost-efficient healthcare apps development is allowing service providers to offer video consultations, digital prescriptions, and monitor the health conditions of patients 24*7.

On the other side, healthcare apps benefit patients in many ways. They allow patients to find and book a doctor’s appointment for in-clinic consultation or video consultations, lab tests, get reports online, order and get medicines at doorstep, send reports to physicians, and many more.

Moreover, with an aim to fight against COVID-19, governments and private bodies across the world are increasingly investing in contact tracing and COVID-symptoms tracker apps development. These applications are playing a key role in breaking the infection chain by tracking and updating information to the users regarding positive cases load near to their places.

Hence, if you are a healthcare service provider and looking ahead to go digital, the development of on-demand Doctor-patient Engagement apps, Electronic Health Records maintenance apps, Fitness tracking apps, and medicine delivery apps, is the best choice.

Our mobile app developers in India with vast experience in the design and development of on-demand healthcare applications will create a versatile mHealth app for your business.

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  1. Retail/E-Commerce Mobile App Development Solution

E-commerce is a buzz in the market. E-commerce is a good contributor to the global economy and rapidly going upward ever like before since the outbreak of coronavirus. The shopping behaviors of people have changed. Over 70% of people install e-commerce apps, order needed essentials, and get them all at their doorstep. With the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbots, fingerprint, or digital payment methods, e-commerce is becoming a more convenient digital tools for shopping or purchasing products.

Such convenience of mobile e-commerce applications is driving the growth of e-commerce apps development. This trend is attracting retailers to switch their services online to remain competitive and generate sales.

Talk to android/iPhone application development experts and get the best and trendy mobile e-commerce app development solution at the best price. Being the best retail e-commerce app development company, we deliver you a robust single or multi-vendor application with stunning UI/UX designs.

  1. FinTech Mobile App Development Solutions

FinTech is one of the fastest-growing app development categories worldwide. In this evolving digital era, Fintech app development is a strong pillar for the growth of the financial & banking industries.

FuGenX, the best native mobile app development company in Bangalore, India, offers enterprise-centric Fintech mobile apps development services using the latest digital technologies, such as AI, ML, and NLP.

Our Fintech solutions help banks increase their customer retention, reduce operational and maintenance costs, deliver best-in-class digital services to customers. Our banking and finance application development solutions help banks and finance companies give access to safe and secure banking services online and increase loyalty.

Here are the customizable features of the Fintech application that we integrate into your novel finance application.

  • Multi-factor authentication for high security
  • Balance checking and account management
  • Instant money transfer and viewing transaction history
  • QR code scanning facility using the camera for hassle-free payments
  • Credit bill payments and score checking facility
  • Alerts and notifications on every activity
  • In-app budget management tool
  • AI-powered chatbot integration for in-app support
  • Geolocation enablement to find the nearest ATMs
  • Integrations of third party payment gateways

Interesting right? So, click here and get the cost of mobile app development for Fintech right away.

  1. Service Delivery Mobile App Development Solution

On-demand services mobile app development solution is completely a unique thought and ensures the best results to the companies. In this digital era, convenience is the king and has utmost importance. Users are looking ahead to get things done in minutes with a single click on their mobiles.

On-demand or service delivery apps for iOS and Android development will be a fresh thought at this moment. This kind of service delivery apps revolutionizes the way businesses interact with their customers. Postmates, Task Rabbit, Ola Cabs, Doordash, Uber, and Rover are the best example of a few popular on-demand service apps.

If you are planning to invest in on-demand service applications, never compromise on quality, reliability, and hygiene in the delivery process, but build an app that ensures faster and easier access to services and products.

FuGenX- one of the top mobile app development companies in Bangalore, India, has a team of skilled on-demand service delivery apps developers who creates results-rich app development solutions that meet the desired needs of the targeted audience of organizations.

  1. Multi-vendor Marketplace Mobile App Development Solution

Multi-vendor marketplace apps will be designed with the concept of “invest once but get returns for a lifetime”. Yes. Marketplace applications with customized filters and thousands of products drive conversion rates, improve user experiences, and increase profits.

Amazon, eBay, Mercado Libre, and Rakuten are the three top online marketplace apps in the world. These e-commerce platforms offer a broad range of products categories and allow users to select and order items on their choice and need.

Since the impact of COVID-19 is still live in the market, the development of e-Commerce or marketplace apps for android or iPhone will be the right choice in this pandemic. The opportunities are great and let brands and entrepreneurs expand their value into the international markets.

If you plan to develop apps like Amazon/Etsy, don’t’ forget to add the below feature into your new application.

Must-have features of the Marketplace App for Users

  • User registration and login
  • Product categories
  • Search and customized filters
  • Wishlist and checkouts
  • Notifications and alerts
  • Coupons and codes
  • Reviews and ratings
  • User profile management
  • Track delivery status
  • Order history tracking etc.

Must-have features of the Marketplace App for vendors or retailers

  • Registration and login
  • Inventory tracking
  • Order management
  • Delivery tracking
  • Discounts and deals
  • Reports analytics
  • Access to user reviews and ratings
  • Profile management

These are the must-have features of e-commerce or multi-vendor marketplace application. FuGenX- a leading native mobile application development company, build a features-rich marketplace app for a single platform at around $25,000 to $80,000. However, the range of estimated app development costs might vary based on the requirements and app features.

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  1. Hospital Management Mobile App Development Solution

Hospital Management Software development is also the right decision in this movement. Nowadays, hospital management apps development is a modern strategy of healthcare service providers to improve productivity and enhance service quality. Hospital management systems reduce the scope of errors, store data on the cloud for better access and security, well organize workforce across all departments, ease invoice creation and payment process, and many more.

Hence, the development of enterprise-specific hospital management software applications with a set of useful features helps service providers to modernize their end-to-end workflows and well-engage their clients. These applications assist hospitals in many ways, including collecting and strong patient health data, monitoring workforce management details, and overall ensuring paperless operations.

If you run a hospital and looking forward to digitizing the entire management process, then hospital management application development is a good step for you. Being, the best software and mobile apps developers in Bangalore, India, we have vast proven experience in creating hospital management apps with the below features.

Significant Features for Hospital Management Software Application:

  • Multi-language support
  • Patient and staff Login module
  • Dashboard view for Hospital Management
  • Doctor Appointments management
  • Medical Reminder & alerts
  • Sample Collection and Reports storage on cloud
  • Integration of virtual assistant for in-app chat support
  • Prescriptions invoice and digital billing
  • Check availability of Beds and medicines, etc.
  • Alerts to physicians on Emergency
  1. Travel/Trip Planning Mobile App Development Solution

Booking travel tickets and hotels to stay in is challenging for everyone when we plan to go on a vacation trip or business tour. But, travel apps remove the stress out and make the travel journey painless. TripIt, Google Trip, Sygic Travel Trip Planner, and Roadtrippers are a few best examples of travel or trip planning apps.

The demand for travel apps or trip planners is increasing worldwide. Just like a travel agent, intelligent trip planners help travelers or users to manage all tasks from ticket booking and finding places to accommodate to planning return journeys at the best prices.

Here are the features that should not be ignorable while travel booking or trip planning apps development for android or iPhone:

  • In-App journey booking with calendar integration
  • In-App Payments
  • Integrated Translation Facility
  • GPS tracking for finding nearby food courts
  • Currency conversion facility
  • Weather forecast
  • Review and Recommendation
  1. Food Order and Delivery Mobile App Development Solution

Food delivery app development comes under the on-demand service apps category. With the advancements in this mobile world, every business is going digital, and the Foodservice industry is not an exception.

Food delivery apps are one of the best and crazy innovations of mobile technology. They allow users to select rich and delicious dishes that satisfy their taste buds at reasonable prices and get them within 30 minutes at their doorstep. Such convenience of trending food ordering apps is increasing their download rate year over year.

According to Statista, Swiggy, Zomato, and Uber Eats are the three most popular food delivery applications in India and acquire over 60% of the market share in the online food delivery industry. So, cloning such famous online food ordering and delivery apps will ensure profitable results for service providers.

Here are the features you should not forget to add while food apps development.

  • Easy login process
  • Search with restaurant, cuisine, or dishes
  • Deals and Offers zone
  • Ratings and reviews
  • Restaurants with menus
  • Customized filters
  • Exclusive discounts and cashback on orders
  • Real-Time GPS Tracking
  • Hassle-free and flexible multi-payment integrations
  • View cart and place order, etc. 

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  1. Entertainment Mobile App Development Solution

Mobile apps are like friends to brighten up moody times. Entertainment is a refreshing and rejuvenating concept for people. Unlike going to parks and playing games, people are opening apps to stream live funny videos, movies, and podcasts that they love. Mobile gaming apps like Candy Crush Saga, Pokémon, learning puzzle games for kids have also come under this app category.

Further, Photo editing and sharing apps, music streaming apps, and Content aggregation apps also come under entertainment apps. Apart from gaming applications, the best online video and music streaming apps like YouTube, Netflix, and Hotstar for Android, and iPhone are in demand in the market. If you invest in such a type of highly downloaded apps development, you will be benefited.

If you are looking to hire entertainment mobile game apps developers in India or USA, we are the best partner for you. FuGenX- a top mobile apps development company, is ranked as the best Video Streaming Application Development Company in Bangalore, India. We also provide reliable app development services to clients across the USA, UAE, and other markets.

Our media & entertainment mobility solutions are created to integrate the best features that the media & entertainment industry looks for. Here are a few notable features that are an entertainment mobile app requires to get high downloads and get success in the app stores.

  • Quick and fast audio or video streaming
  • Content update in real-time
  • Availability of content in native languages
  • Social media integration for quick sharing
  • Push notifications regarding content that the users love to watch or listen
  • GPS enablement for better services and deliver local content
  • In-app purchases or premium subscriptions
  • Reminders on subscription payments, if any
  • Offline mode to watch videos on the go even in the poor network connection

Know the cost to develop the apps like

cost of development parking finder app cost to develop an on-demand electrician app

Get in Touch to know how much we quote for an online video streaming app development project?


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