Top 25 Programming Languages for Mobile Application Development

25 Best Programming Languages for Mobile Apps & Top Mobile App Development Tools & Frameworks

Mobile applications are great assets to improve the market value of your business. They ensure easy interaction and improved customer service. Hence, mobile apps development benefits businesses in reaching customers and increasing sales and revenues.

It’s a fact that the increasing usage of apps in daily life has increased the demand for mobile application development. You can find apps for education, bill payments, messaging, health, e-commerce, and more.

The foremost step in the development of mobile apps is choosing the right technologies and tools. The right programming languages for mobile app development for Android and iOS depend upon the platform, type, and application complexity.

Herein, we compiled a list of the top 20 technologies that are mostly used for mobile apps development.

20 Best Programming Languages For Mobile Apps Development

programming languageWe will now discuss the top 20 programming languages for mobile app development for Android and iOS platforms. Let’s start!



JavaScript is a powerful language that can incorporate in both user and server-side coding. It is flexible to use multiple plug-ins and code snippets to create the modules.

The programming language supports cross-platform coding that avoids the writing of different codes for separate platforms. This feature makes JavaScript a universal language. JavaScript language is best for hybrid and web-based apps development.



It is the best alternative for JavaScript. The comprehensive syntax of Kotlin makes it easy to use programming language for app developers. It supports all IDE’s packages that combine developer tools to a single GUI.

Developers can share the native code and data across multiple platforms. It is an ideal choice for apps development on both Android and iOS operating systems.


obj-cObjective C:

Objective C is one of the best programming languages for iOS apps development. The third-party frameworks and easy connection of private API make the development process simple.

The drawback of Objective-C over Swift is that it cannot support the latest features and requires extended coding.




Swift is faster, readable, and easy-maintained than other coding languages. It is mostly used for iOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS apps development.

Swift has dynamic libraries, and it ensures less error-prone and efficient memory management. This open-source language has gained a large supportive community and plenty of third-party tools.



Python is the most popular programming language for mobile app development for Android and iOS. It is used as the backend technology. Its simple syntax, libraries, and toolkits make it a high-level and interpreted programming language.

The user-friendly data structures, performance, numerous third-party modules make python a favorite technology for app developers. Python is used to develop cross-platform mobile applications for Android, iOS, and Windows.


PHP is an open-source programming language that needs database access to compile. The smooth integration and easy-to-learn features make PHP perfect for beginners.

You can develop e-commerce and content-heavy applications using PHP. It helps to write code lines for server-side scripting, command-line, and coding applications. It has a built-in security feature that protects that makes it a more trustworthy language. PHP works seamlessly with popular databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL Server.


html5HTML 5:

The development of web-based applications needs HTML5. It is a markup language that uses tags to present the content on the webpage. Popular web apps like Google Docs and Google Drive use this markup language. Easy and clean coding is the advantage for the app developers from HTML 5.




The role of SQL language in mobile development is to update and retrieve data from the database. It is a quick and reliable way of communicating with the database. SQL prevents the need to write heavy code for data access control, manipulation, and data query.





Java is the preferred language for Android mobile app development. It is an object-oriented programming language that can run in a browser or virtual machine. The reusability and portability of the code make Java a platform-independent language. Java is easy to handle because of the vast documented libraries, tools, and community support.




It is a powerful language for developing gaming apps for Android, iOS, and Windows platforms. It has in-built libraries and compliers to script and run the code. It is the ultimate choice of app developers because of the block-structured programming language and high execution speed.




C# is fast, quick to deploy, and easy to use. It is majorly helpful in cross-platform and web apps development. Using this object-oriented programming language, one can develop gaming applications, education, enterprise, and software like AutoCAD, Office 365, and Visual Studio.



Ruby is one of the best programming languages used to develop cross-platform and native apps for iOS and Android. The language is cost-effective, easy to manage, and flexible. It is the most used coding language by startups because of the low development time.





Rust is the trending programming language for developers who crave speed and stability. It is a multi-paradigm language developed by Mozilla in the year 2010. The syntax of the language is the same as C++ but offers more safety and performance.





Lua is the best choice to improve the response time and portability of the application. This simple programming language is used for developing embedded applications. The simple syntax makes it very easy to learn and script for the developers. You can build a range of applications from gaming to the web using Lua.




ActionScript built for interacting with flash apps like videos and small interactive modules in the web pages. It is an object-oriented programming language used for website development and software targeting the Adobe Flash Player platform. It is a suitable language for database applications and basic robotics.




Scala is a multi-paradigm programming language that helps developers to write compressed code. It is one of the newest programming languages developed to address the defects in the Java language.

We can pull the huge documented libraries from Java easily and vice versa. It is ideal for video transcoding, data processing, real-time information processing, and communication.



jQuery is used in web development and primarily for front-end development. It is HTML 5 based client interface system designed for responsive websites and apps. The features like fast deployment, cost-effective, light framework, uniform UI/UX make it a favorite framework over others.




It is an easy and quick way to develop mobile applications from scratch. There is no need to write code for the modules. You can drag and drop or customize from available pre-built templates.

BuildFire is very helpful for entrepreneurs to build mobile apps at an affordable cost. It uses commands and frameworks like HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript to unify the development for all platforms.


QML is a user interface markup language with multi-paradigm programming. The scripting combination of QML and Javascript will reduce up to 60% of code lines. It is easy to learn, extensible, and flexible language.





It is developed for kids to put the media documents together in creative ways. It allows them to add new elements like storytelling, games, and animation. Scratch help in learning high-level languages like Python and Java.

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These are the most popular programming languages available for mobile application development. Identify your needs, application types, and choose the best language for app development.

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