Best JavaScript Frameworks Used For Mobile App Development

Best JavaScript Frameworks Used For Mobile App Development

JavaScript and its frameworks are taking the world of mobile app development since for a few years. It is one of the most popular and most-used programming languages for developing applications on Android and iOS platforms.

The use of JavaScript for mobile apps development is a thoughtful approach for application developers. According to the global market research reports, nearly 70% of app developers use JavaScript frameworks for building quick responsive and front and backend of mobile and web applications.

Leveraging the simplicity of JavaScript syntax, the mobile app development companies are using it for coding apps and creating easy-to-understand and interactive User Interfaces (UI).

Driven by this popularity of JavaScript for mobile apps development, today, there are N-number of frameworks available in the market to use and build apps on mobile and web OS.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the best JavaScript frameworks to help startups or aspirants to create sophisticated mobile apps with user-friendly features and UI. You can also find here which JavaScript frameworks would be best for front-end development and which technologies and tools suit for back-end development.

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javascript-illustrationPopular JavaScript Frameworks For Native/Hybrid Mobile App Development

If you are all set to kick start the mobile app development completely from the scrape level, you might be in confusion to pick the suitable framework to make your app efficient, robust, attractive, interactive, and cost-ineffective.

Our expert mobile app development in India, with their deep proven professional, and practical experience in Android app development and iOS app development, have listed the best technology stack for creating apps. They include:

Most Used JavaScript Frameworks For Front-end Development

  1. ReactJS

React JS is an open-source and declarative JavaScript framework. Modest design and ease of code usability are making it the most widely used framework for app development.

It is mostly preferred to manage the view layer in the Model-View-Controller pattern. App developers can design, develop, and implement eye-catchy user interfaces and seamlessly control the code logic.

The use of React JS for front-end mobile app development is beneficial and saves developers time since UI components can be reusable.

Another cool feature of using React JS is that it can automatically render data and load the updated data directly on application pages. This feature of React JS library makes it a perfect framework for content-focused apps development.

Further, this trending JavaScript framework is very compatible with JQuery, Superagent, and AJAX APIs. Here are the best examples of React JS powered mobile apps:

  • Facebook
  • Netflix
  • Dropbox
  • Airbnb


  1. jQuery

jQuery is a fast and short JavaScript library created by John Resig in 2006. jQuery is the most popular, most used, and preferred JavaScript library for front-end development. It ensures fast development. It features lightweight code and easily navigates developers to HTML document, and handle app elements.

Most app developers now use the jQuery framework for scripting client-side pages development. One of the best advantages of using jQuery for app development is its operating system compatibility. Driven by its lightweight code nature, you can seamlessly code front-end and create interactive mobile apps on Android, iOS, Windows, and Blackberries operating systems.

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  1. Vue.JS

Vue.JS is also a popular JavaScript framework used for building robust and user-friendly front-end of mobile and web applications. It is a developer-friendly framework and is best suitable for developing apps with 40KB-50KB in size.

This progressive framework provides easy-to-understand and use documentation and allows developers to build creative UIs faster and easier.

Further, the use of Vue.JS in mobile app development allows developers to compile and execute applications on various devices.

An impressive Ecosystem and a vast community of developers make Vue the best framework for startups. Such community support helps in solving coding-related queries in a matter of minutes.

Teleo (team collaboration app), Leafplayer (music streaming app), and Listarific (app for organizing daily tasks) are a few best mobile apps that used Vue.Js for their front-end development.

  1. AngularJS

AngularJS is another popular JavaScript framework that is best for creating single-page and dynamic web and mobile applications. It is a high-performance and efficient framework for developing apps securely on desired platforms. This open-source structured framework is developed and supported by Google’s developers and thus it is best for Android App Development.

Since it is an extension of HTML, application developers can install individual app modules and do not need to insert a link to the AngularJS library in the HTML file.

The other best advantage of using AngularJS framework’s latest version called Angular 2+ offers developers flexible component-based development infrastructure.

Which websites or apps used the AngularJS framework in their development process?

  • Google
  • Forbes
  • PayPal
  • com
  • Adobe Fonts


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Most Used JavaScript Frameworks For Back-end Development

  1. Node.JS

Node.JS is a famous and well-known JavaScript framework for backend development. This robust framework is used for developing server-side elements.

If you are well aware of Java, you can simply code backend using Node.js since threading, package, loops, and entire architecture are quietly similar to this high-level programming language.

Mobile app developers can access various built-in or pre-defined libraries with ease for deriving desired functions and other features of Node.Js. It can code data-based applications and execute them on distributed devices.

  1. Mateor

Mateor is a trending JavaScript UI framework for backend application development. It is a full-stack JavaScript framework comprised of huge libraries and packages. It allows developers to code faster with rich-featured and launches the app in just a few days. It will save developers time and reduce mobile app development costs.

Since this framework is suitable for web app development, it allows mobile app developers to easily transform your existing web applications into profitable mobile apps.


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Its flexibility, code robustness, and portability make the Mateor framework the best for native and cross-platform mobile apps development for iOS and Android.

The best thing and one of the unique features of this developer-friendly UI framework are that you can use Mateor for both front-end and back-end development.

  1. Express JS

 This backend-development framework ensures Easy configuration and app customization. Originally, it is a web app development framework for Node.js. But, its modest features make cellular app development easy and fast.

Since Express.js needs JavaScript, developers can seamlessly build web applications, web apps, mobile apps, and API without minimal struggles.

One of the cool features of using Express.Js is developers can easily integrate template engines such as Vash, EJS and swiftly maintain a flow between code and content.

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Based on mobile app development type and your client app requirements, select the best and right UI framework and make the applications efficient and flawless. FuGenX, the best mobile app development company in India, has a full-stack development team that can build native and hybrid mobile apps with advanced features and functionalities.

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