Flutter Vs Swift- Which is Best for iOS App Development?

Flutter Vs Swift – Which is Best for iOS App Development?

Every day new mobile application launches in the Apple app store. They might be developed using various programming languages. Among them, Flutter and Swift always support developers in building mobile apps on iOS platforms.

If you are planning to develop native applications, then Swift programming language is a perfect choice. With, Flutter you can write one source code that works for all platforms. So you need to check the requirements of an app to choose suitable technology for developing the mobile application.

FuGenX is here to explain the considerable difference to choose between swift and Flutter for developing your applications.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is an open-source SDK launched by Google for cross-platform mobile apps development. It has gained popularity in the community from its initial release in 2017. The customizable widgets make the coding process simple to develop user-friendly applications. It uses the Dart programming language for scripting the code. Developers can create two versions of applications for various platforms using the same codebase.

What is Swift?

Swift is a powerful programming language to build mobile applications for iOS, Mac, Apple TV, and Apple Watch. It has adapted core concepts of Objective-C and upgraded with advanced features that make iOS app development easy and fun. You can easily add new modules and test run immediately before building the complete application.

Comparison of Flutter Vs Swift

The growing demand for hybrid app development is the primary reason behind the comparison of Flutter and Swift. Every technology has its pros and cons, but the main goal of developers is to build best-in-class mobile apps that meet user needs. Here are a few key factors that help you choose the best language for iOS app development.

  • Speed of Coding

Writing scripts for complex iOS applications is a time-consuming process. Developers need to choose the best one that can decrease the time and app development cost.


Swift programming language is built for fast coding of iOS mobile apps and is 2.6 times faster than Objective-C. You can measure the developing time using the Xcode command line. It approximately takes 13.334 seconds for a clean build.


You can use the same Xcode command line to determine the development time. Flutter takes comparatively more build time than Swift, but it is fast once you clear the initial code lines.

  • Reloading Features

Developers should be capable of making changes in modules and test them in the simulator. They should be able to view the effects of changes in the application. This feature allows faster development and evaluation of code.


To make changes in one module of mobile app development with Swift requires changes in button names, data, and accessibility. Developers need to ensure that simulator reflects the changes after the code run.


Flutter cross-platform mobile application took kit has a hot reload feature that updates changes within seconds and rebuilds the widget tree. So, you can quickly see the effects of code change in real-time.

  • Mobile App Testing

We need to test mobile application for possible bugs for ensuring its performance before releasing into the market.


Swift has an XCTest framework for the native iOS mobile application that has a testing process for UI, performance, and integration. Apple regularly updates these testing tools as part of the iOS app development package. Developers need to deal with drawbacks of the grouping of tests, snapshot tests, and data-driven testing.


We have Flutter Driver to run app tests from the UI level to the functional and module testing level. The widget testing help developers write bugs free codes from the beginning. It has a fast documentation process of cross-platform mobile applications that assist development at every stage.

  • Integration

The integration speeds up the process of analyzing, building, testing, and archiving the iOS mobile applications.


Apple has developed an Xcode server with a set of tools that help for the integration of native iOS and macOS apps. This platform performs effectively but lacks scalability.


Flutter uses Nevercode, code magic CI/CD for continuous integration of the programming code for building better apps faster. It has automatic setup and configuration and supports Android and iOS platforms.

  • Onboarding

Developers should choose the best IDE for the programming language that can decrease the coding time.


Swift has a native Xcode integrated development environment (IDE) that provides all tools required to develop native iOS apps. You need to install this in your macOS and start scripting.


Flutter onboarding is a bit complicated compared to Swift. Developers need to install IntelliJ IDEA or Android Studio on their devices.

  • Profiling

Profiling of application provides analysis of memory occupancy, resources, CPU, and other performance factors.


Developers can profile the native application in the Xcode integrated development environment. They can measure the profiling parameters using various templates available.


The IDE is responsible for the app profiling process of Flutter. You can also use the command line for this purpose. It takes around 149 seconds to complete the process using the command line.

  • Community

Having a supportive community outside will help you to solve any issues that occur while developing the application.


Swift is the native iOS programming language and has a great number of followers. Whenever you fall back in the app development process, you can find help to resolve the problem.


The flutter developers can gather around in Google groups or forums to discuss issues of SDK usage, performance, or coding the application.

  • Learning Curve

If a programming language is easy to learn then there is no need to invest more time and budget in hiring. You can collaborate with the existing developers in building the application.


Swift has an easy syntax and requires fewer tools to start the development process. You can have a good grip on the language within few weeks if you have previous programming experience.


Flutter being the core framework for iOS app development, it is worth learning the language. It uses Dart programming language, which is a simple object-oriented programming language like Java.

  • Accessibility

Mobile applications for any industry should have easy accessibility for the users that make you popular during your initial stages. A perfect mobile app development kit can create an app with this feature.


Swift has an in-built UI accessibility kit for adding the features effortlessly. It makes the development process easy and faster.


Developers should depend on external resources for adding accessibility. They can use Xcode for developing iOS mobile applications.

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After going through all considerable factors, Swift stands as the viable option to build iOS mobile applications. Flutter has more scope to evolve and the advantage of using the same source code for different platforms. Developers can expect Flutter more accessible while Swift is continuously upgrading itself to develop adaptive and productive mobile applications.

FuGenX is the leading mobile application development company in India. We build mobile apps for the iOS platform using Flutter, Swift, Kotlin programming languages. Contact us to develop user-friendly mobile applications and reach targeted audiences.


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