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10 Great Examples of Location-Based Apps | Best Location Based Apps

About Location-based Social Apps

Geolocation is one of the best technologies in the world today; it is highly developed and integrated into many social applications. As the name suggests, location-based services are associated with the ability to identify mobile users and provide services based on this location.

Not surprisingly, today location-based services are everywhere – from social media networks like Facebook and Tinder, mobile through payment apps like PhonePePaytm, and bus/flight booking platforms like Makemytrip & Airbnb. 

Based on the Global Positioning System (GPS), location-based social apps are used with smart phones allowing users to allow a large number of people find where they are. Location-based services have become parts of rapidly growing industries of this digital world.

According to Markets and Markets, the global market for location-based services will reach $ 40 billion by 2024.

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Key Features of Location-Based Service Applications

Users can identify their location and share it with others (example: location sharing on WhatsApp)

These location-based social networking apps measure the distance between objects (for example: Google Maps locates your nearest cafe, theater, shopping mall, etc.)

Mapping in the application build optimal routes from one place to another (For example: UberOla shows faster routes to destination)

Today, we will be listing out ten great examples of geolocation-based social apps and how they beneficial for society.

So, let’s have a look into the

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List of 10 Best Location-based Mobile Applications

#1 City Hour

City hour is one of the best examples for location based service app and it was developed by Alty.co. It is a mix of the social and business mobile application that allows customers to interact with other business professionals, depending on where they are, where you are and what you have in common.

You can improve your search depending on industries, professions or other criteria you choose. Once you’ve made those connections, the application will calendar everything, so you’re in order.

#2 Glympse

Glympse is very useful for business and personal use. If you want to share your location with your friends, family or coworkers, you can do this in a minute. If you arrive at the destination late or you are violated, your location will be notified.

Don’t worry about security. You have control over who sees and notices your location. Surprisingly, using this social network location-based app, you can also set up location groups so that families can always find out where each other is.

#3 Dark Sky

It is a kind of location based social media application that can be used to check weather conditions and stay alert. Users can choose from a wide variety of notifications – updates of their locations for snow or rain, timely weather forecast, etc.

With map simulations of weather patterns on the applications, it provides clear weather conditions of tourist destinations. One good thing about this weather app is that one can choose from a lot of options and modify those options whenever they want.

what is geofencing
#4 MapMyFitness

It is obviously a fitness app that helps users keep track of physical activity, keep a diet log and connect with a friend to give and receive support and encouragement. The “geolocation” feature of this location-based social networking app is that an individual can choose from optional routes and even find tips to run fitness centers and routes in many cities in the US and around the world.

#5 Happn

Hopn is the best social or dating app that uses real time geographic location. If there are people nearby, they will receive alerts when someone close to you becomes a Hoppen user that you have seen before. If he / she wants to see them again, another encounter will be arranged. Also, if you want to avoid any person they don’t like, you can happily do the same.

Users have the facility to upload their profiles, which other users can view. If they want to make it private with some, users can also block them. This dating app user can block other users, and their real-time location will never go out unless they choose to expose it.

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#6 Hello

I think everyone knows about this real world social networking mobile application. A user can post when his / her life happens and share publicly with selected friends or other users. The app virtually eliminates the need to text or call.

User groups can be formed, and different events occur (or not) with specific groups. This app gives better user experience and all you need is Wi-Fi to enjoy this service. It is one of the most used location-based social media marketing apps.

#7 Curbside:

Now, it is just simple and easy to order your favorite dishes, pick up and eat. Location-based mobile apps can change the way we live, especially we shop. Most of us have been doing this by ordering food from a wide variety of restaurants online.

Taco Bell is the chatbot for such activity. The curbside app has teamed up with several leading retailers such as See’s Candies, Best Buy, CVS Pharmacy, etc.

The geolocation social media factor is: the user places an online order; the retailer packs that order; the retailer is alerted when the user pulls up and a deliver executive gives the order to the customer.

#8 Yik Yak

If you want to travel and find out what restaurants are available in town / city, what’s happening in that area, and what makes this place special, this is the best location-based networking app you should have.

Users can also connect with other social media location users in your location and get the information you need. Users can also sit in your home and talk to yakkers and join in on what situations or events they are talking about.

#9 Air Tasker

This location aware application is a marketplace that connects local businesses and individuals who required tasks with people who are close to those who can do those tasks. Wonderfully, registered “Taskers” are completely covered by 20 million dollars insurance policy.

Here, individuals can post their requirements with no cost; Taskers register their bids; individuals choose the task and pay the company (payment is made until the work is completed satisfactorily).

#10 Waze

How can I conclude without adding ‘Wage’ to our social apps list? Waze is a location-based mapping application that is used by many people around the world. You can get real-time updates on traffic conditions not only from this mobile app, but also from other drivers in the same area. This local social network app informs the user about road accidents, construction sites, sidewalks and more. How cool it is!

Geo fencing perimeterIn addition, if the customer needs to fill gas, this amazing app finds the lowest prices in the route or location area.

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Final Words

With aforementioned information, I hope you got a clear idea about the location-based social applications that are making our lives smarter, easier, and definitely more effective.

If you would like to develop located based mobile applications like above, please reach us with your app ideas.

We will make your ideas into reality in a beautiful way!

FuGenx Technologies is a Deloitte award-winning mobile app development company, specialized in building located based mobile apps in India, and the USA. We develop mobile apps that people love to use and share with others.


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