How Is Voice Recognition Technology Useful For Restaurant Industry?

How Is Voice Recognition Technology Useful For Restaurant Industry?

Technology advancements are making human lives convenient and simple. In particular, voice recognition technology is creating miracles across various industries, including the restaurant sector.

As we are all aware that there are millions of mobile applications are available for ordering food online and getting it delivered to doorsteps. 90% of restaurants across the world have already switched their business online and invested heavily in online food ordering and delivery apps.

Since 95 out of 100 people are using smartphones, restaurants have made their business available online to customers by offering mobile app services. Further, to deliver seamless app experiences and ensure hassle-free food ordering services, the food companies are developing apps by integrating advanced speech recognition.

There are manifold benefits and reasons behind the use of AI-enabled voice recognition technology in restaurant app development. In this article, we would like to explain a few advantages of using voice recognition technology in the restaurant industry.

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Let’s get started. 

What Is Voice Recognition Technology?

 Speech recognition or voice recognition technology is a part of the most advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. The technology has the power to receive and understand human voice commands or languages with higher accuracy.

Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa are the two best examples of AI and voice recognition technologies. These intelligent applications will interpret user commands and perform the tasks that are assigned by users with 100% accuracy.

For instance, if the user asks the voice–enabled Siri app to check email or weather reports, the AI application will instantly respond to their queries. It is the power of advanced AI and speech recognition technologies. 

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How Does Speech Recognition Technology Works?

There are mainly three stages in the speech recognition software working process.

Stage-1: The software activates, listens, interpret the oral commands given by the humans

Stage-2: Transcribes the audio, search for desired question from the database fed to the software, and matches the keywords

Stage-3: Finally, converts the derived text to speech and responds to the users.

The entire process will be done in an eye blinking time. Yes. Voice interpretations, analysis, and response will be done in a matter of minutes. This is where the voice recognition technology is attracting #mobile app development companies, businesses, and even users.

Faster, easier, convenient, personalized, and localization everything is an added benefit if you add voice technology to your business app. Let’s move on to how this cutting edge technology is giving wide opportunities for online or offline restaurant businesses.

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Benefits Of Speech/Voice Recognition Feature In Mobile or Desktop Restaurant Apps 

How Restaurant Industry Can Utilize Voice Recognition Technology?

With the rise of AI use across various industries, voice recognition technology too gained prominence. For decoding human voices and responding to them instantly, companies are implementing voice software in applications and devices.

Burger King, Walmart, Dominoes, and Pizza like giant food service providers and retailers are paired with Siri and Alexa as popular voice-enabled apps and allow users to order their food and essentials on the go using their voice.

However, many online food delivery apps like Swiggy, Zomato, and Uber Eats have integrated voice-enabled functionality for improving user access and providing hassle-free services.

Here are other advantages of integrating voice technology in software applications:

  • Restaurants can streamline operations
  • AI-based voice recognition mobile apps enrich user experiences
  • Optimized productivity and profitable business results are assured
  • AI-powered voice conversations will optimize and improve personalization
  • Voice-enabled apps for Android and iOS saves time
  • High speed and accuracy
  • Faster and easier features accessibility
  • Makes the application more interactive and collaborative
  • Incredible operational efficiency
  • Instant virtual responses
  • Brand reliability and credibility
  • Finally, satisfied customers

Voice recognition technology will remove all the burden of typing the names of restaurants or food items. Let’s dive deep into the best benefits of implementing voice technology in restaurant applications.

  1. Higher App Accessibility

How can you make your restaurant application accessible to people who don’t even know to search for restaurants?

Implementation of voice recognition technology will take your applications to new heights in this digital world. It allows users to speak in their languages and order products easier and faster. This virtual process will allow restaurants or food service companies to personalize their customer’s experiences.

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  1. Great Convenience

Restaurants can deliver great convenience to their customers. Whether it is online or offline, voice-driven apps will help customers in ordering food and saying their taste preferences in a hassle-free manner.

  1. Voice-enabled In-app Personal Chatbots

In-app AI chatbot has become a trend in the mobile app development industry. Unlike calling sales or customer support executives, AI-powered voice-controlled virtual assistants will facilitate customers to get instant digital responses.

AI chatbots will also be widely used for online marketing. AI, along with Machine Learning (ML), will derive results-driven insights into customers’ order information automatically. These insights will be used for sending personalized offers and increasing brand loyalty.

  1. Multi-language Assistance

The use of voice recognition technology in restaurant apps will let your brand offer services in multiple languages. This feature will enable your app users to speak in local languages and personalize their experiences.

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Voice Recognition Technology Useful For Restaurant Industry
  1. Promises Customer Satisfaction

Achieving customer satisfaction is a challenge for any business. Voice-recognition technology apps will achieve this seamlessly. If your app is saving time and allowing your audience to order in faster ways, then your app will be popularized and featured soon in this clone apps world.

So, start blending AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies in apps, meet your customer desires and deliver high-satisfied services online.

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  1. Achieve Optimized Sales

The restaurant industry can use voice recognition technology to observe quick growth in sales. Voice recognition technology will help restaurants seamlessly connect with end-users and scale up their digital services.

So, users can simply unlock their devices, open restaurant apps, click on the microphone, and start ordering as per their preferences. Overall, sales and app experiences can be improved with advanced voice recognition features.

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    The Future Of Voice Technology In Mobile Apps

    As we discussed above, voice recognition technology offers huge opportunities for restaurants for maintaining better interaction with their customers. However, voice technology has already taken this digital world to the next level.

    According to Statista, the voice recognition market is expected to generate approximately $27 billion in the next coming three years. Android and iPhone apps will start being created with the capabilities of natural language processing technology.

    One of the first and core reasons behind the increasing adoption and implementation of voice technology is the quick accessibility, convenience, and personalized experiences that it offers. In this digital age, convenience and quick service delivery are the most essential things that companies have to focus on to remain competitive.

    Restaurants and other businesses switching to the design and development of voice interfaces are also molding their phase to offer seamless user experiences. So, in the near term future, users do not need to type at all, they can simply give a voice and get orders delivered home with ease.

    Not only for restaurants, but the demand for voice recognition technology integration in route mapping or location tracking apps development, e-commerce apps development, and cab booking apps development is also high. This will illuminate a bright future for voice recognition-based mobile application development in the coming future.

    Finally, being the best software development company, we can say confidently that the future of voice technology integration in mobile apps will be promising. It will become a hottest trend in the custom mobile app development industry. 

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    The voice-recognition integrated restaurant apps will have a greater scope in the future. Restaurants can promise flawless digital experiences to their users by implementing voice-enabled virtual services. You can interact personally with your app users. You can always make the brand available at their fingertips.

    From taking user orders and processing to delivery, AI apps for restaurant offers a bundle of advanced functionalities. Brand recognition leads to optimization, and sales conversions everything in just one click away.

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